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Real life Pirates (and Governor) that feature in both Black Sails and Assassins Creed black Flag.

Other real Pirates that feature in AC are Bartholomew Roberts, Stede Bonnet and Mary Read.
Ms Read next please @blacksailsstarz!


New video on Black Sails! And first since my special Christmas video on ALL the characters :)

Difficult to honor all the characters in a small video of 3 minutes. So I privileged the characters I prefer while trying not to put Charles and Eleanor too far ahead. This music is I think just perfect for Black Sails, but the lyrics corresponds enormously to Flint and Eleanor in particular I find, so Eleanor is still present. 

“Hold on until the feelin’ is so strong until the ground that you walk on
Is where you stand.
This dream, it heals and it haunts me, It’s tempted and taught me who I am.

This town ain’t yours
And this town ain’t mine.
We all come here with a light in our eyes
Some will burn out.
Some will burn bright.
Some learn to fly.
Some will run for their lives.
In this town.

Strangers, we’re nothin’ but strangers
Putting our hearts in danger
For the song we sing.
I’ve seen the devil inside me
But I won’t let him guide me
Or take my wings.”


“In a world without gold, we might have been heroes!”
Pictures made by me :)

musicforthosewholisten ,Pirate gang united!

First time in years I attempt to paint a background so…nevermind that xD

Opposites attract/badass couples:
  • •Libra/Aries: Bonnie & Clyde
  • •Scorpio/Taurus: Korie Robertson & Willie Robertson (Duck Dynasty)
  • •Sagittarius/Gemini: Joe DiMaggio & Marilyn Monroe
  • •Capricorn/Cancer: Zayn Malik & Perrie Edwards
  • •Aquarius/Leo: Bobby Brown & Whitney Houston
  • •Pisces/Virgo: Benji Madden & Cameron Diaz