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“Months after Damon and Enzo mysteriously vanished from the Armory vault, Stefan tirelessly pushes forward with their search, while Bonnie struggles holding onto hope that they will be found. Meanwhile, a dangerous encounter with an unexpected visitor leaves Caroline and Alaric fearing that someone – or something – may be targeting their family. Finally, after following some mysterious clues, Stefan realises that whatever has a hold of his brother may have a more damaging grip over him than he could have ever imagined.“


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Favorite Bonkai moment? Show it with a gif?

This is a difficult question but the 6x04 chest sequence and I mean starting from this:

Because what? I remember watching it like but like is this supposed to happen? Why is this so charged? Why is there so much sexual tension? Even how they navigate each other in the first gif, Kai has a slyness about the way he walks toward Bonnie, he sidles up next to her and Bonnie moves closer to him as he makes his way to her and then in the second gif, the way Kai passes his eyes over her face, that look, like boy what are you thinking right now? And then cut to Bonnie who’s face is like, well what you’re thinking I’m thinking too and Kai has that grin and Damon has to call out to them so his presence can be remembered I was like WHAT IS HAPPENING?

And then when she does touch his chest:

Bonnie, fam, I’ve seen you look at villains:

I’m not seeing that when you’re sliding your hand up Kai’s chest. Like there’s a very clear charge between the two of them and 6x04 really showed me that and I was like … so this needs to happen, TVD. This needs to happen NOW. And it was the scene that got youtubers acting insane and the scene that youtubers convinced me I should write fanfic and go on tumblr for, so it’s a scene that started a lot of things for me :)


Bonenzo Rewatch Week: Day 6

Favorite Badass Duo Moment: Bonnie flirting with Enzo to make Lily jealous.

The struggles of being a black fangirl

Queen Guinevere fans: Spent years defending Gwen from fans who said that a black woman being in a medieval fantasy show was unrealistic, despite the show featuring magic, wizards and dragons.

Martha Jones fans: Dealt with continual racists and sexist attacks from Rose Tyler fans who felt that Martha was trying to replace Rose.

Bonnie Bennett fans: Dealt with years of racist attacks and Delena fans demanding that the writers kill off her character, despite her playing a major role in the books.

Iris West fans: Constantly fighting against people who want Iris to be written out of the show or killed off, despite her being the female lead and the wife and mother of Barry Allen’s children in the comics.

Michonne fans: Constantly defending Michonne from fans who openly refer to her as unattractive and not a proper love interest for Rick Grimes (aka not white)

Abbie Mills fans: Spent the last 3 years fighting for Abbie to stop being sidelined and disrespected by the writers, only for the writers to kill her off and turn her into a sacrificial negro.

Finn fans: Constantly dealing with Reylo fans arguing that Finn is not a proper love interest for Rey, but somehow, a genocidal father-killing maniac, who also made a not-so-veiled rape threat to her, magically is.

T’Challa fans: Currently dealing with Bucky and Natasha fans who are pushing for them to play a major role in the new Black Panther movie. Oh, and let us not forget the Natasha/T’Challa shippers who are actively advocating for Nat to become the new queen of Wakanda. Because having a white Russian assassin who used to work for Hydra being the queen of an African nation isn’t creepy or racist. Nope, not at all.


You’ve been so many things, Bonnie. A witch, a human, a ghost, a corpse, an anchor to the afterlife, and now the woman who’s gonna kill me. And every time, you come back stronger. Do you know how incredible that is, Bonnie? Do you know much I envy you? […] And if you kill me right now, it’s not your fault. I did this to us. But please, forgive me….before you do what you have to.


the vampire diaries appreciation week
day 7 📖  free choice — tvd + species (insp)

Fans accusing black female characters of stealing storylines from white female characters is COMMON.
  • In The Vampire Diaries, fans accused shippers of stealing Elena Gilbert’s love story by shipping Bonnie Bennett with Damon Salvatore.
  • In The Walking Dead, fans have accused the writers of stealing storylines from Andrea and giving them to Michonne by making her Rick’s main love interest.
  • In Doctor Who, fans accused Martha Jones of trying to replace Rose Tyler.
  • And now in The Flash, fans are accusing the writers of stealing lines and plot points from Caitlin Snow and giving them to Iris West.

All of these women have received backlash from white fangirls who resent seeing black female characters given more screentime over their white favz. When a black woman is introduced into the narrative, white fangirls don’t welcome them as feminist heroes, they see them as a threat to the position of their white fave. Which is odd considering how poorly most black female characters are treated by the writers. 

Fans will complain about how useless and irrelevant these black female characters are, but when the writers finally do something interesting with them, they riot. Instead of celebrating the fact that these characters are FINALLY getting screentime and more interesting storylines, all they see is a black woman stealing what would naturally go to a white woman. 

Not everything black female characters do is an attempt to steal from or “one up” a white female character. Black women can exist on their own and have their own struggles, romances and friendships. Iris West is not trying to be like Caitlin Snow, Michonne is not stealing Rick from Andrea, Martha Jones is not trying to replace Rose Tyler and Bonnie Bennett is not trying to replace Elena Gilbert. 


Oh, nothing to see here. Just a long list of black characters that have been abused, ignored, sidelined, mistreated, whitewashed, erased or had their importance reduced by both the writers and the fandom. Feel free to add anyone I missed!

  • Abbie Mills (Sleepy Hollow)
  • Annalise Keating (How to Get Away with Murder)
  • Blaise Zabini (Harry Potter series)
  • Bonnie Bennett (The Vampire Diaries)
  • Braeden (Teen Wolf)
  • Dualla (Battlestar Galactica)
  • Finn (Star Wars)
  • Guinevere (BBC’s Merlin)
  • Iris West (The Flash)
  • Kendra Young (Buffy the Vampire Slayer)
  • Lacey Porter (Twisted)
  • Luke Cage (Jessica Jones)
  • Martha Jones (Doctor Who)
  • Michonne (The Walking Dead)
  • Morgan James (The Walking Dead)
  • Poussey Washington (Orange is the New Black)
  • Rhodey (Marvel Cinematic Universe)
  • Rue (The Hunger Games)
  • Sam Wilson (Marvel Cinematic Universe)
  • Sasha Williams (The Waling Dead)
  • Tara Thorton (True Blood)
  • Tyreese Williams (The Walking Dead)
  • Tulip O’Hare (Preacher)
  • T’Challa (Marvel Cinematic Universe)
  • Uhura (Star Trek)