bonnie and sophie


Attack on Sophie Lancaster and Robert Maltby, August 2007

In the early hours of 11 August, Sophie Lancaster and Robert Maltby were attacked by a number of teenage boys, while walking through a park in Lancashire. 

Robert was knocked unconscious, and Sophie was kicked, stomped on, jumped on, and viciously beaten. After the attack, Police said that they were both beaten so badly that they could not tell the genders of the victims. Both Sophie and Robert were hospitalised as a result of the attack. Robert’s injuries left him in a coma with bleeding on the brain, which he gradually recovered from, but was left with lasting brain damage. Sophie’s injuries were much worse, however, and was in a coma indefinitely. Her family switched off her life support on 24 August, after doctors confirmed that she would never regain consciousness. 

5 teenage boys were arrested in connection with the attack, but only 2 were charged with murder. Brendan Harris and Ryan Herbert were sentenced to life imprisonment, for the murder of Sophie Lancaster. The other 3 boys were sentenced to several years jail time, for grievous bodily harm with intent.


“The goal is to survive”

He will come back.  He always does.  We have existed in fear, shadows trapped in this world because of his darkness.  Enough is enough.  Next time, we’ll be ready.  We have a place for him.

Inspired by the new teaser for Five Nights at Freddy’s 3 and Rebornica’s AU!  I couldn’t help thinking that the dialogue came from the missing children, and from there spawned a headcanon…

What if the children fought back?  They’ve existed for so long, angry and terrified of the Purple Guy’s spirit, unable to move on to their final rest, but what if they had enough?  Could they have trapped their murderer in a scrapped suit found buried in the Parts and Service room?  Would they have been able to move on then, content that he would be suffering their fate?

And then, thirty years later… long after the dust has settled and the former Fazbear employees have continued their lives… a new attraction opens, and the only animatronic that’s somehow managed to hold together awakens…

(Please keep in mind that this is only a headcanon!  We only know SOME of the story thus far.  Even so, I couldn’t help letting this ideya fly!  Hope you all enjoy it!)