bonnie and sophie

No but does anyone else remember when Bonnie Bennett had the most glorious interactions with Kai Parker and they kept making eyes at each other and they had so much chemistry it was literally awkward and they were stuck together in 1994 and Kai opened up to Bonnie about his family because he was totally crushing on her but then he stabbed her and left her to die but then he got a conscience and Bonnie came back from the Prison World traumatised and Kai needed to see her because he couldn’t stop thinking about her and then he apologised for hurting her and he was the only one who understood what she’d gone through in 1994 but then Bonnie tricked him to coming to Lily’s Prison World and she stabbed him and left him to die even though he helped them and I literally cried but there was still a glimmer of hope that the ship would sail because TVD is supposed to be a show about redemption and forgiveness against all odds and we were promised a Bonnie love interest in season 6 and Chris Wood and Kat Graham shipped Bonkai so much that they were literally gunning for it at conventions but Julie Plague ruined all of Kai’s beautiful development and killed him because I think about this a lot