bonneyq edit


6″ Pregnant Juvia with a little baby commissioned by BonneyQ and made by me.

Pregnant, pig-tailed Juvia is actually based off of an amazing edit @bonneyq made ages ago. When she commissioned the plushie version, she wanted a little baby to go with her.  Even though we never ended up getting actual married and kids Gruvia in the manga, there’s always fan content to fill the void. ^-^ Now, we can imagine this is what eventually happened after Gray declared Juvia as his. ^_~

Thanks again, Thalita, and I hope you enjoy Juvia and her little “Burrito” lol! ^^

“Oh… Nice! Dad! Look at all this snow! We are gonna train, right?” The boy asks, excited.

Gray chuckles and put a hand on his son’s dark hair. “Ur, we are on a vacation. I promised your mother we would do no training.”

“Awwww! Not fair! Mom!” Ur looks up to his mom, his eyes as blue as hers and sees her smiling kindly at him.

“Sorry, Ur-chan. Family vacation time.”

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