bonne nui

Baby Girl

Pairing: Hamilsquad x reader

Prompt: Part 2 to Baby

TW: None

Word Count: 1635


You awoke at the sound of crying that came over the monitor, yawning and lightly shaking Lafayette’s shoulder where he was resting beside you. You were pregnant. Again. For the third time. About six months along, you were already big. You huffed a bit when your husband didn’t wake up, but you were also trying not to wake any of the others who were still fast asleep at the early hour.

“Laf…Laf, it’s your turn…” You whined, shaking him until you heard the huff and the muttered ‘I’m up, I’m up’ In french from your side.

“Yes, yes…I’m on my way, mon petit…” He slipped around Alexander, on his other side, and eased from the bed. You smiled, and relaxed back into the bed, safe in the knowledge that Laf would take care of the babies.

The youngest two, both were Alex’s, were Angelica, and Lillian. It was Angelica who was currently crying, and who had woken her sister with her cries for a parent. The nursery was a soft butter yellow color, which was warm, even in the dim light of the night light by the window.

“Hush now, mon petit, papa is here…” He yawned, gently picking up Angie and chuckling to himself as she ceased her crying almost immediately. “Just like your father, hm?” He gently hushed the little one, patting her back, and rocking her gently. When she was calmed, she fell asleep again almost immediately, but that still left Lillian, who was now quietly chewing on her fingers, and waiting to be cuddled as her sister had been.

Smart baby.

Laf picked her up next, and wrapped her in her mint green baby blanket, holding her close and resuming the humming he had done for Angie only moments before. Lafayette smiled at his daughter, gently rubbing her back until she started drifting off again, and soon joined her sister, in the crib beside her.

“Night night.” He whispered, quietly closing the door behind him, and making his way back to bed. He had to tiptoe past Henriette’s room…he loved his daughter…but she was very, very excited to be a big sister, and had yet to grasp time, and he didn’t need her awake at two in the morning, trying to play big sister. He slipped back into their bedroom, and wrapped himself back in the warmth of his spouses. Maybe they could get a few more hours in…


“Daddy! Daddy! Daddy! Daddy!” A few hours meant waking up at six a.m. to a rambunctious three year old bouncing on your bed, and yelling at the top of her lungs. Daddy, in this case, was Hercules, who was turning over to look at Henriette, in all of her curly haired glory, demanding that the father in question be awake right now.

“Mmn…yeah, baby? What’s up?” He yawned, sitting up and pulling her into his arms. The sun was rising now, and he tried to rub the sleep from his eyes enough to hear her.

“Hungry!!” She exclaimed, bouncing to make her curls do the same. Hercules laughed a bit and scooped her under his arm.

“Alllright, alright! Breakfast time! Here we go!” He swung their daughter around, making her laugh and giggle, and kick her little legs excitedly. All of her other parents watched, very quietly, with small smiles on their lips. She was so adorable…

“Okay, baby, what do you want for breakfast today?” Herc plopped Henri down on the counter beside him, crossing his arms a bit and bending down to look her in the eye. She put a hand to her chubby cheek in thought, looking up at the ceiling, because that’s what she’s seen the grownups do.

“Bueberries!!” She finally decided, Hercules laughing to himself as he went to the fridge and pulled them out. While he was making her breakfast, he turned on some music, letting her wiggle in her little spot with what he assumed was dancing. He gave her nose a peck before sweeping her up with one arm, holding her plate with the other, and plopped her down at their kitchen table to eat. Just about that time, John came downstairs, one twin in each arm. He was about to go for his morning run, hair already pulled back, and wearing his tennis shoes and tank top. He buckled the little ones into their high chairs and beamed as he saw Henri at the table, eagerly telling Herc about something she had done at preschool yesterday.

“There’s my baby girl!” He beamed, making her hop down and run to give him a good morning hug. “Did Daddy make you breakfast?” He asked, watching her nod her head and lick at her fingers, where she’d gotten them sticky with blueberries and banana.

“Okay, well Other Daddy is going to feed the twins, and then go for a run, okay?” she nodded happily, and went back to eating, and humming about her teacher, a close friend of theirs, Miss Peggy.

He got out two jars of the baby food they used, putting one on each highchair, and grabbing two spoons, just as Alex was coming down the stairs, wide awake, but still in pajamas. His bare feet padded on the tile, and he gave John a kiss, while he swiped one of the baby food cans to help feed Angie.

“Want Momma to braid your hair for school today?” Alex asked Henri as she finished her breakfast, and Herc cleared the plate. He swore he could see stars in her eyes.

“Yeah!!” Which led to her running upstairs and jumping up and down on the bed again, until you got up, got her dressed, and braided her hair.

Their little morning routines ran smoothly, though it certainly wasn’t clockwork.


While John was out for a run, Alex took the babies to daycare, and Henri to preschool, on his way to work. You would pick them up around five, since Alex’s work usually ran later. The evenings were chaotic. There was no way around it. Henri always came home with boundless energy. Alex would sit down with her, and help her with her homework, even though for preschool. It was never more than a very simple math problem, maybe two. She was done in five minutes at the most.

After that, she would play with Papa while you and Daddy made dinner, while John and Alex watched the twins. This line up rotated. Tomorrow herc would entertain Henri until dinner, while you and Alex cooked, and John and Laf watched the twins. You had a chart and everything, it was pretty official.

At the dinner table, You and Laf fed the twins this time. The Adults were enjoying lasagna, while Henri was munching on dinosaur shaped chicken nuggets, and cut up pieces of hotdog. She didn’t like lasagna much.

After Dinner, it was bath time! Ohh…man did you all hate bathtime…

Alex was the one trying to bathe her tonight, which lead to Henri running naked through the house, cheeing ‘NAKED BABY!’ Like she was a superhero, and Alex trying to catch her. She wormed her way out almost every time. But finally!! After ten minutes of her hiding, running, and squealing, he caught her.

“AHA! Gotcha!”

“Noooo!! Let me gooo!!” She kicked, but she was laughing. It was all Alex could do to get her upstairs, and into the bath in one piece. Luckily, you didn’t have any bath duty tonight. That was left To Lafayette and John, who were gently bathing two pretty complacent, happy babies, in little wash tubs in the sink.

Alex took a few pictures of Henri on his phone, where her curls were sudsed up and pulled up on her head and she’d made herself a hat out of her bubble bath. Laf, on the other hand, took a picture when Lillian hit Angie in the face while she was babbling.

Then came Bedtime, and again, it was a task getting Henri to lie down, but after promising a story from Alex (He always told the best stories), She agreed to curl up in bed, in her violet pajamas, and pick out the book she wanted.

Tonight, she wanted Oliver and Company, which was a big book with lots of pictures that she really liked.

Fifteen minutes later, Alex bid her goodnight, checked the closet for monsters, just like she asked, and wished her good night.

“Bonne nuit, ma petit.” Alex prompted, and she sleepily responded with

“Bonne nui-nuit, papa…” She yawned, and turned over, hugging her teddy bear that Hercules had made her for her first birthday, and began falling asleep.


In the other room, you were putting Angie down, while John was doing the same for Lillian behind you. You watched her deep brown eyes look up at you, slowly getting more and more sleepy. She most definitely Alex’s kid. No doubt about it. You gently smoothed the tufts of black hair, growing in thick on the top of her head, and watched as her eyes drifted closed.

Definitely Alex’s kid.

Soon, the both of you were creeping from the room, leaving the noise music box playing until they were completely asleep. You came into the living room, where Lafayette had a glass of wine waiting for each of you, along with a gentle kiss to the cheek. You smiled, and accepted yours, plopping down on the couch and curling to Alex’s side, with Herc’s arm wrapped around your shoulders, and Laf sitting on the floor in front of you as you turned on a movie to watch for the evening. John picked Jurassic Park, inspired by Henri’s chicken nuggets.

Only to turn around when a tiny voice asked from the bottom of the stairs

“Can I have a glass of water?”


See how cute this is?? All of the dads being dads??? This is the best.

Love, Rosalie