bonnaroo photography


Bonnaroo changed me. It wasn’t the music or the drugs. It was the people. The atmosphere. Everyone there is so lovely, so welcoming. So kind. You could be standing in line, the heat from the sun blaring down your back and sweat running down your face and someone will look you in the eye and tell you, “You are beautiful.” Walking around the farm felt like a dream. Everything is so colorful and full of life. Bonnaroo itself is an oxymoron. The people come to find an escape, but end up freeing themselves as soon as they reach the famous arch. It’s a place were dreams live, and fear dies. Laughter plays higher than the music. Nakedness is embraced, and those who fight it are clothed in uniqueness. Everyone is welcome, and everyone calls it home. ♥

My Morning Jacket​ // Bonnaroo 2015

“You can walk around this huge magical place where you can see almost any type of music that you could ever dream of seeing.” - Jim James​

Prepare thyself for the 15th year of ‘Roo with a look back at the greatest performances in the festival’s history. We hope to celebrate the magic with you in 2016. ‪#‎roomagic‬