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Will be finished soon

Any feedback plz?


There ya go. Intro by awkward-adept


So I have commissions open, for now I will be just collecting money for myself, so it will be easier for me to pay tuition fees (yeah, I’m going to private college)

If you want to order something

First of all you need to tell me what do you want, a character, a landscape, a pokemon… it’s up to you. Then you need to choose what kind of art you want, a portrait, waist up or a full chara. Next, you choose a technique - markers or watercolours for traditional, or digital. If you just want sketch, you just say sketch. Prices are for one character, but if you want more then one - let me know. Basically I’m drawing on A5\A4 papers, but if you want something bigger just say. If you want a drawing send you home, you just need to tell me where, so I can calculate the shipping for you.

As for payment, you pay me after I show you the sketch of work (just outline, no colours) so you can check if you like the progress. I think it’s fair, because it sometimes take me long time to do the outline\sketch, but when it’s done - colours will appear soon after.

Prices (for one character)


  • one simple sketch 3$ 
  •  sketchpage 5$


Traditional art:


  • portrait: 6$
  • waistup: 7$
  • fullbody: 8$
  • + background extra 2$


(if you really want, I can also use coffee as medium)

Digital art:

  • portrait: 7$
  • waistup: 8$ 
  • fullbody: 9$
  • +background extra 2$


Payment: PayPal or bank transfer

Feel free to ask about anything, you can order via askbox or (more sure) via mail suddenlynen [at] (Origin\Steam counts too XD")

Current commission list I have to make:

  1. Retailavenger85 - Shenko (full chara, digital) - 18$
  2. Ravi - Harry Potter (around 4 part, waste up, coffee) - 7$
  3. Weissekralle - Kralle in battle suit (waste up, digital) - 8$
  4. Itsmellslikerainbowsandunicorns - Batarian Gharvug (digital, waste up) - 8$