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Will you do one where the reader is friends with the twins and she asks one of them to the yule ball? :) ps i love your writing you're the best

I finally managed to finish one! This is quite long lol, you can leave out some parts if you want, but I hope you like it anyway! x Thank you for requesting, your patience and the nice words, have fun reading x

„Hey“ you smiled as you sat down next to George, whereupon he looked at you for a moment before smirking at his brother. “Hey, (Y/N)” he then said rather playfully and slightly moved to the side, “How’re you?” – “Good, but have you seen people going absolutely bonkers over the Yule Ball? Everywhere I go people are whispering and giggling and I think it’s rather stressful” Both Fred and George chuckled as you took a piece of bread from the table. The Great Hall was packed with people for dinner, but today, they all seemed to be looking around a bit more often, and there was a general wave of murmuring surrounding you. “Yes, we have. But honestly, what did you expect?” Fred was now focusing on his food, although he did seem to give you a long glimpse at first. “Well, I didn’t expect people to make such a big deal out of it. It’s not like it’s still several weeks away…” – “Believe me or not, (Y/N), but some people do put a lot of priority in finding someone to spend the evening with. Personally, I wouldn’t want to go alone as well, although I honestly doubtthat’ll happen” George smirked, whereas you just rolled your eyes. “Of course, George. I feel the same, but I just don’t get why people are being so hasty about it-“ – “Does that mean you already have someone to go with? I mean, since you seem to be so calm about it” Fred suddenly threw in, although looking rather curious than reproachful. His sudden question had caused you to blush slightly, but you refocused quickly and simply decided to return the question. “No, it’s merely my opinion. How about you?” – “No, don’t have a date either. Will work on that, though” he winked. There was a rather awkward silence between the both of you since you just smiled at each other, probably leaving a lot of things unsaid. Thus, you focused on your food again and tried to conceal the fact that suddenly, you had gotten a lot more interested in the Yule Ball.

There were only a few weeks left until the event, and slowly, you thought it would be about the right time to ask someone out. Sometimes, you felt as if you had actually been too calm about it, for you feared that everyone had someone to go with already. Especially when they started doing dance lessons with you to prepare you for the ball, you felt rather nervous; but when a few students, including you, decided to meet up in a quiet hallway one evening, something rather surprising was waiting for you. It had become quite popular to sneak out frequently for the older students, and it really was something you enjoyed, even though you were risking a good amount of detention each time. You were leaning on to a column, your arms crossed due to the cold that evening, and smiled at what your friends had to say; more and more students from different houses came to join the meeting spot, as it seemed, and when two identical redheads headed toward you with a smirk, you straightened up slightly. “Oi, heard Filch on the second floor. You lot better watch out, then, he doesn’t seem to be in a good mood” Fred said, but people were just chuckling and asking the twins to join them, “Well, that’s news, brother” George replied sarcastically before joining some Gryffindors, seemingly trying to tell them about some of their products they were currently working on. You smiled at Fred when his glimpse caught yours for a moment, whereupon you focused on some friends of yours again, though, but not without overhearing a conversation between Fred and Seamus Finnigan. “So got a date for the Yule Ball already, mate?” – “No” Fred replied rather darkly, “But there’s still plenty of time left, I’ll ask someone this week” – “That’s what they all say. And who is that someone?” – “Frankly, that shouldn’t be bugging you too much, should it? I’ll tell you soon enough” Seamus seemed to be quite offended by Fred’s answer, not only because of his manner, but also because Fred didn’t bother to ask Seamus about his date. He went away and frowned, whereas Fred didn’t show any sign of remorse; he looked rather annoyed with something, as it seemed. You had watched him for quite a while, and seeing him standing alone made you move toward him all of a sudden – with a smile, you greeted him and crossed your arms once again. “Are you cold? Blimey, you do know that they make sure the hallways are warmer in winter, right?” – “Doesn’t feel like it, to be honest. Maybe you just have a different meaning of “warm”, then” – “Perhaps, (Y/N), perhaps” Fred smirked lightly, his eyes once again meeting yours, “Well, the Common Room’s warm, right? We could go there, if you want. I’m thinking it’s more amusing than this anyway” – “Yes, you’re right, Fred. It was getting rather dull, I guess. Thanks for coming with me” you replied, sounding rather shy toward the end of your sentence, whereas Fred just smirked once again. “No need to thank me, really. It’s a pleasure, actually. Off we go, then” With these words, you followed him along the corridor in direction of the Common Room.

The staircases were almost empty when you walked up to the Common Room; only your quiet giggling sometimes echoed in the building. Fred really seemed to enjoy your company, and when both of you remained silent for a moment, you blushed, for a rather blunt question escaped your mouth. “Would you like to go to the ball with me?” Fred raised his eyebrows in return, but then he grinned at your blushing, “Seriously?” – To you, it didn’t make any sense trying to come up with something else since you had asked something you actually desired, and there was no deny that you were really eager to go with him. “Yes, seriously, Fred. I’d really love to go with you… You’re just really good company” Fred seemed to be stunned for a second, but then he nodded. “Yes, sounds brilliant. Really, I’d be very glad to go with you- Merlin’s beard” he said, looking quite confused, but you felt goosebumps on your arms when he had agreed. You chuckled nervously, trying to figure out what exactly he was trying to say. “What is it?” you asked, but it came out quite worrying. “Nothing, I’m just quite impressed you asked me. Could’ve placed bets on you having a date already, I mean- it’s just brilliant” – “You think so? Well, I would’ve asked you much sooner, but I thought you had someone as well” – “No, I was not sure about whom I should ask, to be honest. I know it’s not what you’d expect of me, but-“ – “Perhaps you were too shy” you threw in teasingly, whereupon he frowned and watched you walk in front of him with a grin on your face. “Shy?” he repeated menacingly, now keeping up with your speed – you obviously had found a way to tease him, and thus you just walked on and nodded. “Indeed. Fred Weasley was too shy to ask someone, isn’t that utterly brilliant?” – “Shut it, (Y/N), or I’ll take back the “yes”. Besides, at least I’m honest enough to admit that I was clueless” – He was now passing you, his head held high, whereupon you chuckled. You reached the entrance to the Common Room with the fat lady greeting you as always, and after Fred had given her the password, the both of you made yourselves comfortable in front of the fireplace.

-The day of the Yule Ball-

There was some sort of sweet scent that filled your senses as you walked down the stairs to the Great Hall, but you stopped for a second to admire the beautiful decoration the staff had put up: there were candles of golden shimmer floating around while the entrance was garnished with silver silk. It truly was a festive occasion, and as you walked on, watching your step on the stairs, you suddenly spotted someone bowing down in front of you. “May I?” Fred Weasley asked, looking utterly amused with himself as he offered you his hand, whereupon you just raised your eyebrows. People around you were chuckling at Fred’s little performance, and as you silently took his hand and smirked, some watched you walking down the stairs together. “Thank you, Frederick. I wouldn’t have made it without your help” you said playfully. It was only now that you could have a look at him properly; it seemed as if both of you were quite stunned by the other’s appearance, so you just remained silent. “You are very welcome, (Y/N). I really do appreciate good manners”, he smirked at you once again before he seemed to admire your choice of clothing, “You look absolutely stunning, really” What was remarkable was his tone of voice as he complimented you; it sounded honest and trusting, and you couldn’t help but blush slightly at his words in return. “Thank you very much, Fred. I was just going to say the same, I think I can get used to seeing you all elegant” – “Does that mean that me turning up in a robe to our classes would appeal to you? Certainly something I’ll consider doing, then” – “Just wait until we’re having a bit of a business, (Y/N)” George suddenly threw in. He had appeared from behind, seemingly overhearing your conversation and now giggling slightly as he saw his twin brother raising his eyebrows at him. “Chances are you’ll get to see him in a nice robe every day!” – “Well, Georgie’s obviously not telling any lies, (Y/N)” Fred said, smirking as his brother winked at the two of you, whereupon you rolled your eyes and squeezed Fred’s hand slightly. There was something in his eyes that told you he would be witty with you, and thus you decided to be quite playful with him in return. “Well, I’ll think about what I said. Maybe I do prefer you in a sweater or your uniform, Fred” – “Good thing I’m flexible. I mean, I can customize to your wishes. I could wear a suit, a sweater, a shirt, Dumbledore’s robes-“ – You chuckled at him, whereas he continued devotedly, “my Quidditch gear… more fashionable stuff…nothing”- “FRED!” you bellowed. A chuckle, seemingly from George, was audible behind you when Fred winked at you teasingly as ever whereas you crossed your arms. “You’ll need to make up for this, Fred” you mumbled, unable to suppress a smirk yourself – you drew nearer and nearer to him; for a second, it looked like he was rather surprised, but you stopped a few inches away from his face. “What about we just go inside?” – “Alright, (Y/N)” Fred replied, although sounding slightly startled.

Fred had made sure to be with you as much as possible tonight, and you truly did appreciate the attention he gave you. He had danced with you a lot; your feet hurt from all the moving and walking around the Great Hall, but it was worth it for you had never believed that the Yule Ball would be this entertaining and generally a very nice event. After he got you and George some drinks, you noticed him staring at you quite a lot; eversince you had danced you felt like another boundary was passed. Thus, you were quite fond of the thought of taking things a step further, and to your fortune, Fred seemed to feel the same about it. When his eyes met yours, he raised his eyebrows and asked you to come outside, even grabbing your hand to do so. You agreed and followed him, your glass still in your other hand – he would certainly know where to go, for he he was quite fond of silent, unobtrusive corners. When you passed a dimmed hallway, Fred stopped before looking at you. After giving him a playful nod, he slightly pushed you toward the wall and came nearer, but just as his lips were about to touch yours, you hesitated and looked on your right. Professor Snape was standing next to you, motionless as ever, looking at Fred’s hands sliding over your waist now. “Having fun, Weasley?”, he said quietly, slightly raising his eyebrows. “Certainly, yes, professor” Fred replied flatly, but he couldn’t keep a grin off his face. Snape gave him a glare. “I’ve heard Professor Flitwick caught you and your brother sneaking in some fireworks before. If it were up to me, you would be banned from this event already, but since my colleagues seem to be of a different opinion, I might as well give you a simple warning: Should I catch you trying to disobey any set rules tonight, you can forget about your” – he gave you a sharp glimpse – “mellow happenings with Miss|Mister (Y/L/N). I’m not afraid to confer detention today, Weasley. I’d suggest you two make your way somewhere… less public” he said coldly, looking at you for a split second, convinced that his message was clear, and continued guarding the hallway. “Poor Snape, he seems to be all bored. Couldn’t think of a better thing to do than punishing students today, could he?” Fred whispered as you made your way down the hallway. “Yes, I think he’s rather bitter about it. But the good thing is” – You softly grabbed his hand now – “He didn’t say that sneaking out is against the rules. So we’re free to go wherever we want” – “As long as it’s not public, of course” Fred had turned to you, and suddenly, you leaned forward and kissed him rather fiercely. “Faster than I thought it would happen, but I’m not going to complain” he said, slightly licking his lips, and when he cupped your face and pushed you against the wall again, you sighed while silently thanking yourself for having asked him out.