bonk eye

tf2 mercs play would you rather

spy:would you rather, know take the risk and date the pyro no matter what gender or pour bonk in your eye

scout: we already know what engie would do


engineer: you can go to hell scout

demo: wha? 

*medic, heavy and soldier were laughing*

sniper: i told ya this was a bad idea

Raising Stakes 18 / 23

Part One / Part Two / Part Three / Part Four / Part Five / Part Six / Part Seven / Part Eight / Part Nine / Part Ten / Part Eleven / Part Twelve / Part Thirteen / Part Fourteen / Part Fifteen / Part Sixteen / Part Seventeen / Part Eighteen / Part Nineteen / Part Twenty / Part Twenty-One / Part Twenty-Two / Part Twenty-Three

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Rico had a warehouse, down on the docks where it was easier to smuggle illegal cargo on and off of freighters and where, late at night, there wasn’t anybody around to hear the odd scream. Stan’s feet fell easily into the same old pattern, following Juancarlo down narrow alleys and narrower streets while his mind wandered, circling around and over various plans. 

It was almost a surprise when he looked up and saw they’d come to the warehouse.

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This is my silly noodle Cleo! She says hi, and that she wishes she could get treaties like the stickyfrogs do!
(Her warm tree also says hi, and he thinks the stickyblog is the best thing in the whole world!)

Hi Cleo! (And Cleo’s warm tree!) 😊🐸😊

Bonk says thank you for coming to visit! She sees you are wearing your Nostrils of Investigation! She also likes your gorgeous eyes! 😊

Bonk sends you both a big Bonk kissie and a Pobblebonk wave! 🐸

the grass on the other side

summary: another beginning to a bigger story.

pairing: vhope (v/jhope), yoonmin (suga/jimin), namjinkook (rap monster/jin/jungkook)

[they met] [they washed] [they promised] [pets met] [a surgery] [flowers] [ring ring] [a back-story]


The meeting is arranged at Hoseok’s home – all the owners agree that it’s unreasonable to have it in an apartment, and out in the open just sounds like a terrible idea. Hoseok’s mother, the angel that she is, even offers to cook dinner for all seven of them. Seokjin graciously declines, saying that he’d be more than happy to provide for the teens while she takes a day for herself.

“Kiss-up,” accuses Jungkook, as his owner pulls out of the parking lot of their apartment.

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