So as I mentioned before, I heard from Bonjoviconfessions earlier today. For those of you who remember her she made Anonymous Confession Posts for people. Some used it for good and some for evil… Either way, she went to a lot of work for other people and the gift she got in return was a lot of negativity, bitching and whining.  Below I am going to post what she had to say about it all and whether you agree or disagree maybe take a moment just to think about it.

I know I have been accused of not practicing what I preach and maybe I have spoke out now and then when I could have kept my mouth closed. When I should have just turned a blind eye to some comment I didn’t like or a post that I found to be annoying. But, I’m pretty sure I’ve tried to spread more love than misery and if we all make that our goal maybe we will never lose another great blogger like “BonJoviConfessions.”

I then returned her message and inquired if I had caused her pain and apologized if I was in any way responsible…Around the time she closed down there was some trouble brewing over two bloggers and myself and their criticism of BONJOVIBUCKETLIST. I made some comments on a couple of photos/confessions that triggered an emotional reaction from both sides. Chicken or the egg. Did they request the confessions that supported their position so clearly? Coincidence? I don’t know and really don’t want to know. Hopefully that was long ago put to bed. I am only mentioning it to illustrate how BONJOVICONFESSIONS may have been pulled into that drama and for my part I apologize. And yes, I may have jumped all over those individuals but it was my blog and me they were defaming. I hardly think anyone would find that an illogical response…well most people.

You are such a sweetheart “BONJOVICONFESSIONS!”
So after our little lovefest, I asked…

So if you’re asking yourself why am I posting this it is not because BONJOVICONFESSIONS obviously had nice things to say about me, I’ve clearly already admitted to fault and wrongdoing. You have also already formulated your opinion of me and it is what it is.

It’s because I don’t want to cause or see anyone else feel they have to leave Tumblr for the same reasons. I hope everyone will think about this before they send “Not hating. Just less-then-adoring observations” to other people and especially if you are not brave enough to stand behind your observations by showing your face. Stop the Anonymous Mean Messaging!

Well Anonymous I guess You were right about one thing if it makes you feel better. I guess I wasn’t quite ready to let it go. 
                                               Now I am.

Anonymous confession # 70

Regarding Anonymous confession # 70

“I don’t really think any of them are that good looking.”

Anonymus sent:

“In response to the comments on my confession, "I don’t think any of them are that attractive,” I wasn’t “trolling,” and I’m not even close to blind. The responses to that are the reason I submitted it anonymously. I love Bon Jovi’s music to death and I love the guys as people, but I’m not attracted to any of them, in any way. It’s not like I said they were ugly. I didn’t say anything bad about them. I just said I don’t find them physically attractive.“