Bonjour tout le monde :) Voici un peu de news, avec ma participation au Fanzine Sailor Moon de par . Une Sailor Moon version gothique victorien / Hey everyone, this is my illustration for the Sailor Moon Fanzine by, a victorian version of Sailor Moon, hope you like it ;) All rights reserved © Andrea Jane LM

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Rules: in a text post, list 10 books that have stayed with you in some way. don’t take but a few minutes, and don’t think too hard-  they don’t have to be the “right” or “great” works, just the ones that  have touched you. Tag 10 friends, including me, so i’ll see your list  <3

Emile Zola :  “Les Rougon Macquart”

Saint-Exupéry ; “Le petit prince”

Françoise Sagan : “Bonjour Tristesse”

Benoîte Groult : “Ainsi soit-elle”

Marie Cardinal : “Les mots pour le dire”

Colette : “Le blé en herbe”

James Hadley Chase : “Pas d’orchidées pour Miss Blandish”

Patricia Highsmith : “Mr. Ripley”, etc…

Georges Simenon  : Tous ses romans (sauf les Maigret)

Laurence Pernoud : “J’élève mon enfant”  (mon livre de chevet pendant de longues années …. hahaha).

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*Starts to embarrass her awkward self*

*picks up microphone*

Bonjour! My hopefully future friends. I’ve done this a couple of times, and made some awesome friends, and thought I’d try again.

I’m just another awkward 16 year old girl from the UK, who tends to embarrass herself, who is very clumsy and has a habit of tripping over nothing, walking into things, falling down the last couple of steps of the stairs, who happens to enjoy binge watching on tv shows, obsessing over bands, music, art, Dylan O'Brien and of course food. Also warning I am very sarcastic and sassy.

I absolutely love:
-The 1975
-Panic! At the disco
-Fall out boy
- twenty one pilots
-Troye Sivan
-Melanie Martinez
-Catfish and the Bottlemen
-the killers
-Arctic monkeys
-Cage the elephant and many many more bands

-Teen wolf
-Vampire diaries
-The office
-The walking dead


-Anti feminist
-My crush…god why u do this to me brush?!! My unicorn heart does not have time for u!!!!

Looking for:
DUH!! YOU!!! I don’t care what u like, what sexuality u are, where your from, if we have any interests or not, if you’re weird like me or not because if you aren’t then you’re probably lying to yourself or you’re telling the truth and I can just help u be weird. I just want someone to talk to daily, someone to send ugly snapchats, memes, someone to tell my embarrassing stories to, my secrets and talk about the deep things and the silly things.

Also you to be human but if you’re an alien or a unicorn or something else that’s cool too, who am I to judge I’m not human myself…clearly.

How to contact my awesomeness:
Kik: Nia_shah_27
Snapchat: ask
Instagram: ask
Twitter: mercuryxvenus_

Fun fact: I’m a terrible cook, I’m so bad, my parents no longer trust me into the kitchen, not even to make toast. My little sister has to do it, if I say I’ve cooked they straight away think it’s poisoned….probably is. I’m so bad, I wasn’t aloud to take home economics anymore after my incident…that’s a story for another time.

Hope to hear from you soon!!!! And if not have an awesome day.

*drops microphone*

*trips over the air*

*Face palms herself*

*goes Pokemon hunting before evil mum decides I need to get out for once this summer because my life is sad and revolves around food and my bed*

Midnight Macarons

Bonjour, miraculers!
A new fanfiction has been added at Archive of Our Own (ao3)! Quelle chance!

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by stagetrinity

Chat Noir has a gift for Ladybug - a sweet treat for his sweetheart. However, this gift reveals more then either really intended it too. Just goes to show the right gift can reveal a lot about the gift-giver.

Words: 1554, Chapters: 1/1, Language: English

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160716 aka Seungri’s day

1) Press conference for Seungri’s first Chinese film ‘Bonjour les Couleurs de L’amour’ (Good Morning Colors of Love)

Fansites support:

2) Premiere of Seungri’s first Japanese film ‘High & Low The Movie’.

3) Airing of the 6th episode of Girls Fighting (his first variety show in China).

4) BigBang activities in China: Inke Livestream and Fanmeeting in Beijing.

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The genuine struggle of nearly being twenty one is beyond any other struggle. Okay, okay, maybe not, but socially, it’s very draining. And once I’m of age, I’ll get carded for at least five years, because my face is that of a sixteen year old. You may think I’m joking, but I’ve looked the same in all of my selfies since I was sixteen, so. Anyway, hi, I’m Liana, and it’s my birthday in a month.

.. bonjour .. i think i  seen you .. in your blog .. then i painted from that photo, while thinking ..  Art exists only in the eyes of those who pay it attention.  you are one of those..  receive my :)   ..

By @peintre-stephane