bonita fest

Bonita Fest! (I'm totally a day late but whatever)

So this was my last Bonita Fest with Center Stage, kinda depressing to think about it that my show choir performing days are starting to come to an end ;___;

I had a lot of fun this Bonita Fest, things were really different, different location, different costume, different arrival and departure method. So things were kinda weird this year and it did suck that we didn’t have our costumes ready in time but I think we did great for learning ALL that in like 8 weeks.

We’ve never had this much to learn for Bonita Fest, we had 3 dancing songs, one singing song, and a whole medley (which was the longest medley we’ve ever done for Bonita Fest) so I’m really proud of the newbies learning everything and performing it to the best of their abilities!

This is also the first Bonita Fest with Jtan as our full-time choreographer, and to him I just wanna say thank you, because NONE of this would have been possible without him committing his time to us and attempting to make us the best we can be :D I’m so glad that we have him for this whole year and even Mrs. Spence told me that she can feel it this year and she has a good feeling about it. She loves our sound and says it’s the best Bonita Fest performance we’ve ever done so I’m glad that Jtan help us achieve that!

After watching some videos of our performance I realize that for our first performance we really did good especially considering that LALD/IA is from MA and April James’ direct choreography. I have high hopes for this year and I know that this is just the beginning and we have no where to go but up :D