Honestly the best thing I realized while watching Lars of the Stars, was the fact that he used something he was so insecure about and made it something he was proud about. When he first says Bingo Bongo, he later calls himself stupid and insults himself. When insulting a super powerful gem, he uses this now proudly. I feel like he just used that to represent the fact he was literally a new person. He no longer lived to satisfy those around him, but to help himself. And he is also having so much fun being him, and not the Lars that ran from everything.

After Steven brings him back to life, he asks him to let him be someone who deserved it. With this, I know him stealing that ship was not just help himself. No, he did start liking who he was, but because he did he now lives for others in another sense. He doesn’t live to be like others, he lives to help others by being Lars.

I know I am just over analyzing two simple words, but I honestly just love Lars now.