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bshw  asked:

Have you ever had a story creep you out so bad you couldn't sleep for days, and if so, which one was it and why?

Haha tbh I get over stories pretty quickly, especially gore since I’m sorta immune to it. Also, I can always sleep even if the stories scare me a lot!

But there are some that stayed on my mind for a few days:

BONGCHEON-DONG GHOST: This went viral a while ago, I’m sure you’ve heard of this. It was under a pretext that it was a “funny comic” that a friend pranked me and I was silly enough to keep scrolling till the end ;-; Stayed in my mind for days…NOT FOR THE FAINT HEARTED!

DOUBT: I read this when I was home alone, close to midnight. Not a wise idea and kept me disturbed for a few hours. The atmosphere and the background settings/ambience gave me the creeps.

FUAN NO TANE: This one kept getting to me during the days and times when I’m alone. I don’t mix well with horror that was relatable to me. ):

…and that’s about it. :0 To be fair though, I don’t like to read jump scares nor watch horror movies so maybe I’m just not that exposed yet hehe. I’m also more frightened by sound than images :) 

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hi im uvia, i like to procrastinate and i like horror manga

☆゚.*・。゚ Meet the... YOU !
        ( O P E N )

DUDE I’m a slut for horror mangas, comics, books and movies. But do you know what I really like ? Those horror webcomics. Those korean ones. One of the best ones you can find by just googling “Korean horror comic”, but if you want to find the exact comic I’m talking about, look for Bongcheon-Dong Ghost. It’s hella lit.
And then there is the other one with a ton of human shaped holes in a mountain ??? That one is great too !!!

The Big Fat Pixel Doll Wedding

Today was the day everyone had been waiting for.

Months of preparation and minor set backs led over a thousand people to Flower, to the great outdoor wedding chapel where seats seemed to rise into the air on strings of light and glass. Maids and Codebusters scurried around for last minute confirmations and check ups, the cooking crew sitting in their own wing and still exhausted from the gigantic feast that had prepared.

People filed into the seats, dressed in their wedding best and the horde of Aaruns and Elysias giggling as they waited to each throw exactly one flower in the largest flower child chain of all time.

And away from the wedding site sat Bo Doll, Iris and Ortensia combing her hair to perfection. Her makeup was flawless, her dress in shades of pale lavender, Alice blue and bridal white and covered in glittering crystals.

She looked in the mirror and wondered if this is what Pixel saw every time her fiancee (and by the end of the day her wife) looked at her. She reached out to touch the mirror, smiling as it wasn’t a dream like she had fear. She was finally getting married today.

“We just got asked if you’re ready to go.” The Princess Ghost, dressed in violet and sapphire, smiled as she hugged her long time friend carefully. “Oh, you’re the prettiest bride I ever did see!”

“Wait until you see the person I’m marrying,” Bo Doll joked. She looked up to see the Bongcheon Dong Ghost (or just Sue, since her name was a mouthful) wave her forward, and the bridal party left their tent to step into the sun.

Bo Doll was taking on the traditional role as the “groom”, despite Pixel having the boys in her bridal party, and she slipped into the arena-like chapel feeling absolutely radiant. All of her allies looked genuinely happy for her, even Mal and Rosetta in their corner of blue silk, and she looked down the aisle, waiting for the ethereal music to change, the guides to throw their flowers…

And for Pixel to come and make her the happiest woman ever.

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Would you mind posting the links to some of your favorite (older) creepy pastas from your blog? I really enjoy reading them, but I can only scroll down so far before the app freezes.

You can try accessing them via my blog archive: and choosing the older dates via the scroll down bar but just in case the Tumblr app starts sucking again: