I was tagged by @lameeejaneee to take a hit! I accidentally dropped my lighter in the hot tub so… Using my mom’s big ass candle lighter 😅
I love my little family so much, smoking with them is always the best. 💕
I wanna see @ripninhale420, @suckmybigbong, @fairyganjmother, @stoned-adventurer and @bakedlilbae take a hit, you wonderful cuties! I hope you’re all having a lovely day. Mwah 😚

LOL my bestfriend always makes the smoking videos hype

Happy earth day everyone 🌏🌳🌿✨

Hi friends! Forgot to post anything on 4/20 (too stoned to be a functional human, y'all understand) @lameeejaneee and @tenderfish tagged me to take a hit (thnks babes!) got cut off a little quick because a tour was walking by my window and I had to pretend to be wholesome 🙃

I’m gonna pass it on to @sapphicunt, @skycloudshighclouds, @ohmydarlinflowerchild, @bootymacaroni, @gnarlyseas, and @peacefulpothead

I’ve been tagged by @merriejaine and @dachshund1998 to stop, drop, and take a hit!

I’m gonna tag a bunch of people so get ready. Can I get @ladypajamas, @weedspring, @jayypo, @stoneygreeneyedbeauty, @dollys-hugs-and-drugs, @ghstkisses, @beautiful-horizons, @xhailfirex-gaming, @nudesanddoobs, @domumdulcedomum, @amermaidfullofsecrets, @bbylungx, @pastelflower-prince, @weepineapple, @basiq-e, @underservedroyalty, @ace-babe, @weedle-getyouhigh, @momoko-senpai, @persephonweed, @high-megan, and @sagitarianspaceprincess to also stop, drop, and a take a hit? I can’t wait to see all of your lovely faces!
Also dedicating this video to @smokesatanhailpussy I’m tagging you too!