bong redila

Behold! The Quarterly Bathroom Companion Comics Compendium #3! Came out last Friday (December 7) at BLTX. Sorry for the late announcement. 80 plus pages, with comics by…

  • Apol Sta. Maria
  • Bong Redila
  • Dodo Dayao & Bong Leal
  • Mica Agregado
  • Mike Banting
  • Powil Guzmanos
  • Tilde Acuña
  • Trisha Sanijon
  • Trizha Ko

Additional contributions by…

  • Alan Navarra
  • Ammathorn
  • CarlJoe Javier
  • Dark Chapel

Cover by AJ Bernardo &  Pejie Abia

Edited by Josel Nicolas & DJ Legaspi

Carrollian Homage

bongredila submitted:

Hi Jenna,

I just discovered your wonderful blog and would like to say THANK YOU for doing such a great job. I love it!

I have always been fascinated with Lewis Carroll and the whole “non-sense” movement that a year ago I decided to pay an homage on tumblr called Borderline.  Hope you like it.  Thank you.

Thanks so much for your kind words and for sharing your work with us. You have such a fantastic drawing style