bong attachment

anonymous asked:

"my 3d printed bong attachment" is a phrase i never thought i'd live to see

i had to send these first two files to the TA who runs the RBE department’s 3D printer and i told him it was a cup holder lol

[ BUTT CHUGGING FRAT BOY ] We are casting an actor who looks like a frat boy to hang upside down in a jock strap with a beer bong attached to his butt.

These are real. Real. This is a real casting notice. This is real. 

Submitted by A.Q.

friendlyneighborhoodhologram  asked:

I recently found your youtube channel and have been watching your scp readings. I just watched the scp 420-j reading (it was hilarious by the way) and was wondering how did Dr. Cool smoke with his mask?

Aw thank you! (Also love you’re profile pic! I am a sucker for owls, especially barn owls ;w;) But Dr. Cool has his mask specially designed so he can attach a bong to the end of it and smoke 420-J.