bonfire time

Jacob would have been so good if he had just been Bella’s friend. The one human friend who actually knows what’s going on because he’s involved in the supernatural world, because he’s torn between these two worlds too. Who loves her - loves her, but isn’t in love with her - who loves her enough to be a voice of reason, to step up, to say Please think about this- you’re making these decisions too fast, the consequences are too enormous to take this lightly, Bella, please don’t die. The one who is influenced by his heritage, and by common sense, who stands up and fights for his friend, who fights for her life as hard as he can- but who loves her enough to step down once he sees this is really what she wants, who loves her enough to recognize that we love people even if we don’t agree with their decisions. Jacob who is there for her during her pregnancy, because Edward is right when he says that Jacob gets Bella on levels he never will understand. Give me Jacob who is terrified for two days when Bella is transforming, because he doesn’t know if his best friend just vanished. Who is shaken by relief when she cracks a joke the first time she sees him then, and despite her red eyes and freakish beauty, Bella is still there. Jacob, who knows she’d never forgive herself for hurting anyone, let alone her own child- who volunteers to be the test for Bella’s restraint- not because he’s imprinted on Ness, but because he still loves Bella, because she’s still the most important person to him, because she’s still his best friend, despite their different choices, and Jacob will be there for her however he can.
Jacob, who is the only anchor to her old self, the only thing that represents normalcy for Bella when she has to let Charlie go ( because no matter how it plays out, at some point she has to). Jacob who also tells her off when she’s wrong or selfish-because that’s love too.

Give me a Jacob who truly loves Bella, but who’s not in love with her. Give me this friendship that is healthy for both of them, because it’s what a friendship should be: support, love, acceptance.
Jacob who doesn’t force kisses or gaslights her and makes her feel guilty about not loving him like he needs it. Who doesn’t think it’s funny that she breaks her hand because she punched him in the face after he forced a kiss on her.
Give me real unease between Jacob and Edward because they’re natural enemies, not because they’re rivals for Bella’s affection. Explore the mistrust, the prejudices, let me see them overcome these for Bella, let Bella be the active part in showing these two that their preconceived notions do not need to be true.
Give me Edward and Jacob slowly starting to trust each other- Edward who tentatively gets invited to bonfire night over time.
Edward who can get over himself and respect Jacob because once he spends time with him he sees that he loves Bella, and that he doesn’t necessarily wants them to be apart, as long as Edward is in control of the “monster inside” - which is something that Edward can agree with, because he wants the same thing. Let them draw solace from each other because if worse comes to worst, she’ll still have the other one. Let them be important to her in their own ways.

Kill the stupid love triangle.

The Summer (20/30)

The Summer (20/30) | Dan Howell has spent the last three summers at Camp Bergamot, but it’s never been quite like this before. This year, he faces a summer full of new friends, a new relationship, and an entirely new view on his own sexuality. Perhaps Camp Bergamot should be renamed camp self discovery for all the changes Dan has gone through, but one thing’s for sure - despite all the hiccups and the drama, he just might have found the love of his life. | Phan | Mature | Smut, Misunderstandings, Insecurity, Panic Attacks, Bullying, Minor Violence, Physical Fight | 300,000+ Words

Disclaimer: In no way do I claim that this is real or cast aspersions on Dan or Phil.

This Part: 10,221 Words

For reference, @phansdick is Dan, @insanityplaysfics is Phil.

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Warnings: jealousy, handjob, blowjob, exhbitionism, cumslut, cockslut, misunderstandings, implications of cheating

Chapter Twenty

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Küss Mich, NewtxReader.

Request: Hey, i was wondering if you could do an imagine where the reader is best friend with newt (but secretly love him) and ever since she came up to the glade she was bilingual (english and german) and one day she was bored and decided to annoy newt by only speaking german to him all the time and he learned a bit german without her knowing and one day she confessed her love to him in german thinking he didn’t understand but he did and then answered in german he loved her too and then all fluff.

A/N: ;) you got it, love. (Just a warning I’m bilingual with only French and English :( so I do not know a single little word of German except for Hello. So I used Google translate. If it isn’t 100% correct I’m so sorry.)

Maybe it’s my naivety that constantly pulls me into situations like this. Ever since I’ve arrived in the Glade with the first group sent up, I’ve known Newt was completely different from the rest. It’s something about his natural knack for leadership and his compassionate yet badass personality that pulled me in in the first place. Yet, it’s my naivety that keeps pulling me back to him in this way. Newt is my best friend and I wouldn’t ever want to ruin a friendship yet my naive little mind wanders to every possible fantasy about him and I see a relationship hidden here. I see him and I together. I see him and I in love.

I watch him from my own spot in the gardens, hoodie stripped off and around his waist as he bites his lip in concentration. He’s hunched over, the sun beating down against his sun-kissed and sweat-drenched self. Basically, I’m drooling.

“Hey!” I hear from behind me and feel a light tap on the shoulder to see Fry Pan glancing down at me with a sly smirk.

“What?” I ask and nearly jump a few feet into the air at the shock.

“When you’re done checking out Newt for the billionth time, can you bring over some corn for the Bonfire tonight and do it soon.” He says and keeps the same smirk on his face as he turns to walk away. Pretty much everybody in the Glade knows about my feelings for him. Everybody except him. It’s not that hard to tell honestly.

While I start on the corn, my mind starts to wander again not caring if anybody makes fun of me for my crush. I daydream often about Newt, about things like kissing him and just mundane things about him that I love so dearly. Thomas says he thinks I’m obsessed.

“Hey, Y/N.” I hear Newt’s familiar voice call from in front of me and he waves, making his way over, “What are you doing?”

I open my mouth to respond but then shut it, an idea sparking in my mind. Maybe I should mess with him (Newt and I have an on going prank war/joke thing going on. We’re always messing with one another and pushing each other’s buttons. Trust me, this is super common behavior for us both.)

“Ich bekomm gerade Maiskolben für die Küchen.” (Translation: I’m getting corn for the kitchens) I say and chuckle softly to myself at the perplexed look he shows to me in shock of the sudden language change. He knows I speak German as well as English but I never do it with him.

“English. Please, kid.”

“Ich würde lieber nicht.” (Translation: I’d rather not)

He just shakes his head at me and laughs along and I take the moment he looks down at the ground to look at him, taking in all of his beautiful features. I love his eyes. I love his subtle freckles, the kind you don’t see unless you’re real close. I love him. He’s beautiful. Inside out.

“You’re a lot of trouble you know that, Y/N?” Newt says in a teasing voice and looks up into my eyes. I simply nod and focus back on the work, needing to rush this over to Frypan.

We pile everything into the wooden basket Frypan put down for the corn and I lift it up in my arms, ready to go over to the kitchens.

“Hey, I was wondering if you wanted to hang out during the Bonfire tonight like usual? Maybe go to our usual spot out in the woods?” Newt asks me and an instant smiles invades my face.

Ever since Newt and I became close friends, we skipped Bonfire nights. Not because we dislike them but simply because we like only each other’s company far more than the entire glade smudged into one area, forced to socialize with the Greenie. We have a spot out behind the Deadheads, it’s a meadow and you can perfectly see the sky from there. We usually just sit and talk for hours or look at the stars. Maybe dance (even without music) and I’ve kissed him there once. It wasn’t like I was making a move on him back then but, we were both curious one day and never had kissed somebody before (clearly). So, it came up in conversation one night in the Meadow and we both wanted to as long as we still kept friends afterwards. It wasn’t a full blown makeout session. It only lasted about six seconds actually. I just remember how it felt to be kissing him, his lips were soft and warm. It was slow and passionate. But when we pulled away, I was ripped out of fantasy world and dropped into reality. The reality where we were only friends. The reality where it was only a little bit of platonic experimentation in the dead of night. In the reality where we live on borrowed, ticking down time in the Glade.

Everybody here acts like we’re dating and I could see why, even though nobody knows we’ve kissed. Sometimes he’ll run up behind me and snake his arms around my waist, sometimes he’ll sneak up on me and throw me over his shoulder running around the Glade with me in his grip like a complete shucking lunatic. My permanent nickname is “kid”. He gives me piggy back rides to work when I’m groggy in the morning and we’re always together. I can see why many of them think we should be a thing yet, we aren’t sadly. No matter how much I want it. We never will be.

“Ich würde es gerne tun.” (Translation: I’d love to.) I say with a beaming grin in return and he smiles back, despite not being able to understand me I think my smile got the general point across.

“See you at the meadow, kid.” He says and laughs, patting my head as if I’m a child.

“Halte den Mund, halt den Rand, Halt die Klappe. Ich bin älter als Sie!” (Translation: Shut up, I’m older than you!)

I steady the basket of goods in my arms and walk across the Glade to deliver these to Fry, shaking my head at my younger best friend. Isn’t he just a ball of sunshine?

By the time bonfire time rolls around, I’m already making my way over to our usual meeting place. Newt is like a sweet escape from this place. I know all the pain the Glade has put him through, for god sakes I sat by his bed as he healed from his suicide attempt for a whole month. If it’s hurt anyone the most, it’s him. But he helps me escape from the dark place memories like those take me to. I look into his eyes and feel all the dark klunk mellow out for a few moments. He’s my sunshine.

“Hey!” He says as I find him laying down on the meadow floor, laying down on a blanket I presume he stole from the Medjack hut as per usual on meadow nights.

“Hallo.” I say and try not to laugh keeping the German speaking thing going with him today. I’m very fond of the fact that annoying each other is a past time of ours.

“Still keeping up the German thing. Jesus, kid, you don’t give up do you?” He asks with a small laugh and pats the empty spot next to him for me to lay.

“Nein, tue ich nicht.” (Translation: No I do not.)

I lean back against the ground, shutting my eyes as the night breeze blows over our heads. We both sit in silence, staring up at the sky that is dazzling with stars tonight in complete awe.

“The sky is beautiful.” He whispers, almost to himself.

Since he can’t understand me, I take it upon myself I secretly admit things to him… even if he won’t ever know what they are. What harm could it do? It’s no like he will know.

“Du bist wunderschön.” (Translation: you’re beautiful.) I say softly and turn my head to face him, observing his every detail.
If it wasn’t so dark out, I’d swear he’s blushing right now.

After another long pause I speak again, but this time it’s more. This time it’s all I’ve wanted to say to him for years.

“Ich habe einige Sachen, von meiner Brust zu erhalten. Ich war nicht ehrlich zu dir,”
I continue on without moving an inch, “Ich liebe dich. Ich habe immer.” (Translation: I have some things to get from my chest and I haven’t been honest with you. I love you. I always have.)

Newt pauses, his breath hitching in his throat and I can visibly see the change in his demeanor. Why’s he acting different? For a few minutes he stares at the sky with an empty eyed stare, scaring me senseless. What’s wrong with him? He eventually turns to his side, facing me, our faces nearly touching.

“Ich liebe dich auch, Y/N.” He whispers as he holds my face in his left hand, his thumb softly caressing down my cheek.
As the words leave his mouth my heart nearly stops.
(Translation: I love you too, Y/N.)

“You understand me?” I ask in utter shock at two truths I’ve come to realize right now.

One: He’s understood German this entire time.


“Ich habe dich geliebt, seit wir hier auf der Wiese geküßt haben und ich glaube ehrlich, du bist die schönste Person, die ich je gekannt habe. Du bist so lustig und du bist mein bester Freund. Ich würde abstürzen und ohne dich verbrennen.” He speaks eloquently and fluently, not stuttering or stopping.

(Translation: I’ve loved you since we’ve kissed here in the meadow and I honestly believe you’re the most beautiful person I’ve ever known. You’re so funny and you’re my best friend. I would crash and burn without you.)

I almost start crying right here, his words, the ones I’ve been wanting to here for the most of our friendship finally are said aloud.
He looks into my eyes and I almost melt, he’s been hiding all along. Just like me. We’ve both been pining after each other for two years now, not knowing we loved each other back.

“Why didn’t you tell me?” I ask in a hollow voice, still shocked as he comfortingly strokes my hair out of my face.

“I was afraid, Y/N. Aren’t you? You only told me when you thought I had no idea what you’re saying. I just-I love you. I don’t want to hide it anymore.” He explains in a hushed tone as I nod softly in agreement.

He’s not wrong. The single reason I said it was because I didn’t think he knew what it meant. Little did I know, he’s fluent in German.

“Küss mich.” I whisper softly and he props himself up on one elbow, a cocky grin spread on his face. (Translation: Kiss me.)

“Wie könnte ich das ablehnen?” (Translation: How could I refuse?)

He leans down and slowly presses his lips into mine, the familiar warm feeling from all those years ago returning. Yet this time it’s changed. His lips aren’t soft anymore, they’re chapped and rough. (Probably due to the lip-biting habit he’s developed since the last time we kissed) However, I don’t mind. Not a bit. My arms drape around his neck lazily, pulling him against me closer as I kiss back with a surge of eager confidence.

I pull away from him, as he tries to keep kissing and realizes in embarrassment that I’ve stopped and his face flushes red.
Instead of dwelling on it, he slumps back down on his back, pulling me with him so I’m resting half-on him on my stomach with my head on his shoulder.

“Ich liebe dich.” He murmurs to me and smiles into the kiss he plants on my forehead.

“Ich liebe dich auch.” I whisper back, my heart swelling at the moment.

(Translation: I love you)
(Translation: I love you too.)


Road Trip

Pairing: Max/Chloe/Kate/Victoria (Arcadia Gays, Life is Strange)

Rating: T (mild swearing because it’s Chloe, and Victoria really)

Word Count: 864

Genre: Fluff. Useless, pointless, trashy fluff

Notes: Based on pricefieldtrash​‘s prompt, “imagine chloe, max, victoria, and kate, going on a road trip that takes several hours but then chloe manages to get them all lost and max is like “chloe we need to stop for directions we have no clue where we are” and chloe is like “nO i have everything under control” and victoria is like “jfc why did i agree to this” (but secretly she’s having fun) and kate is trying to calm everything down” Have at it.

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Seeing Double {Peter Pan Imagine}

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Peter Pan Imagine 

Author: Joi A. Wade

Requested: Yes (kinda)  can I get #22 for Peter Pan (I just think it would be hilarious tbh)

Warnings: Cuteness of the younger Peter Pan, jealousy, ooc!pan, swearing, LONG, fluff

Summary: What happens when there are TWO Peter Pans on the island? What happens when they BOTH have a little crush on a certain someone? Two is better than one? You sure about that?

NOTE: Because of the multiple Peters, one shall be called Pan (the older one) and the other Peter (the younger one) just in case there’s confusion. Possibly will be multiple parts.

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the signs as fall
  • Aries: The last of the summer sun's rays warm your skin as you sit in a hidden corner of an apple orchard. The sour smell of rotting apples hits your nose as wasps buzz around. It's bittersweet.
  • Taurus: Sweaters and boots come out of their hiding places, filling your closet as fuzzy socks find their way onto your feet. Scarves curl around your neck and hats nestle themselves down over your ears, you've no excuses to be cold!
  • Gemini: You light up a bonfire one last time. You and your friends huddle close, watching the flames reach out into the air for a final goodbye. Days later your hair and clothes still smell like smoke and you smile.
  • Cancer: Rainy evenings call for you to stay inside, wrapped up in blankets on the living room couch. The television screen glows, lighting up your face. Both you and the rain have no intention of leaving and you don't mind.
  • Leo: Town and state fairs and carnivals roll around, people scream on rides that glow and flash vibrantly against the dimming sky. The smell of petting zoos, popcorn, and cotton candy meld with the sounds of laughter and metal thunder of each ride in a feeling of happiness.
  • Virgo: The gray of the morning sky blends into the same gray of the mid-afternoon as you drive out of town. The trees on far away hills burn in bright reds, oranges, and yellows, lighting up the earth more vibrantly than the sun.
  • Libra: Days become shorter as nights grow longer. The sun sets in deep shades of orange and rich purples. The leaves shake on the trees as the air turns crisp. You feel the earth turn beneath your feet as you try to take it all in.
  • Scorpio: Early mornings drowned in fog and draped with a blanket of wet leaves. Drops of water run down, streaking the fogged car window, giving you glimpses into all of the quiet neighborhoods you drive by.
  • Sagittarius: Birds fly south overhead as you make your way home. Your house is warmer, your bed softer, your blankets softer than you remember. You lay awake in bed with your dog nestled at your feet, you haven't been this cozy in months.
  • Capricorn: Books stack themselves around you as empty cups and mugs of coffee work their way into what free space is left on your desk. The smell of said books fills the air as a cat purrs on your bed, sometimes it's good to get lost in another world.
  • Aquarius: The cool air bites your cheeks and sweeps your hair out of your face as you ride your bike through the dark, streetlamp lit evening streets. You breeze through neighborhood after neighborhood, clearing your mind, alone and at peace with it.
  • Pisces: Halloween rolls around and the opportunity for disguise arises. There's no telling who you will or won't be and just who you are, and that's only half the joy.