bonfire clothing

moonbow-gem  asked:

Hey there! :D Here's a keyword for you.... Crocs. (Yes, I do mean those God awful Satan shoes.)

-bows down to great headcanon submitter- 

noooooo not the crocssss XD

Keyword Requests

  • Yuuri owned pretty simple red crocs.
  • Yuuri loving them because they were so comfortable and practical and easy to wash. 
  • He didn’t realise how god awful they were, and just thought it was some weird accident that he kept finding them put out with the garbage (Mari did it, she tried, okay?). 
  • The triplets hiding the crocs on numerous occasions, until Yuuri thought it was the bright colour that was attracting them, so he stopped wearing them to the Ice Castle. 
  • Victor seeing Yuuri in them for the first time when they went out for dinner and actually clutching his heart and stumbling back into a wall in terror as he realised his crush was a huge nerd - and not in a cute way this time.
  • Victor telling Yuuri outright they were horrible, but Yuuri assuming he was just being overly picky about fashion. 
  • Yuuri coming home to the big bonfire of his clothes and being extremely confused and Victor holding his gaze as he tossed the red monstrosities onto the top of the burning pile. 
  • Yuuri finally giving in and having to admit that maybe people really did hate them. 
  • Yuuri giving Victor a pair of fluffy pink ones for Christmas one year as a joke, and Victor crying until Yuuri threw them out. 
the signs as autumn things
  • aries: the smell of bonfire on your clothes
  • taurus: muddy shoe-prints in a supermarket
  • gemini: pumpkin spice latte instant powder
  • cancer: an itchy infinity scarf
  • leo: the crumpled receipt in your jacket you wear for the first time this year
  • virgo: a scare-crow in a corn field
  • libra: wet socks bc you wore sneakers
  • scorpio: the shadow of a bare tree in your room at night
  • sagittarius: the birds flying to the south
  • capricorn: a cold, red nose
  • aquarius: the low sun blinding you while you drive your car
  • pisces: a mouldy mushroom

“Alright. Eyes on me.” he addressed the kids that were standing by him and the bonfire before removing the cloth and revealing a large red apple in his hand. Their gasps and giggles were enough to cause a small grin on his lips before he handed it to the smallest girl and watched them run off, then sensing eyes on him.

“I’m sorry to disappoint but I’m all out of fruit.” he spoke, turning to meet the gaze of the person who’d been watching.