Resist Temptation

Food is bad
Food is bad
Calories are bad
Fat is bad
Now look at you
“She’s like fat as fuck”
“I mean, she’s nice but she’s a little bit…heavy”
Air is good
Get your power from the sun
Sweat is good
Tears are good
Calories are BAD
“Skip dinner, get thinner”

Things People Have Said About You

“They’re heavy haha”

“Oh my god, they’re so fucking fat”

“Umm, they shouldn’t be eating that. They’re fat enough”

“I didn’t realize how much weight they’ve gained”

“They shouldn’t be wearing that”


WOW! Mother 3 valentine (cards) for y’all! I know it’s 6 days before valentines day, but if you wanted to print em off and give em out (I don’t know why you would) the option is there! *hides*

Also I am getting my wisdom teeth out tomorrow so expect to see a lot more or a lot less of me this week :0


I just binged and can’t purge ugh… will fast all week hopefully. Anyway, you guys should join my Kik group To Be Perfect. It’s tag is #anamakemepretty. I’m sure everyone needs a little motivation this month