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Into The Woods

Characters: Leonard ‘Bones’ McCoy x Reader

Summary: Lost in the woods on an unfamiliar planet with the grumpiest guy in the entire universe. What’s not to love right?

Word Count: 1151 words

A/N: So, I got a lovely request from @outside-the-government and I am so sorry this has taken me so long but Bones did a runner on me and has only just reappeared.  I hope this is what you were looking for.

‘Go on an away mission’ they said.  ‘It’ll be fun’ they said.  Yeah, well trudging around in the dark surrounded by the biggest god damned flora you had ever encountered was definitely not fun.  The only upside was you weren’t alone.  Unfortunately, your companion was the living embodiment of cantankerous. You were fairly certain that in years to come children would look up the word and find a picture of a frowning Doctor McCoy glaring at them in irritation.  You had given up on your attempts to make small talk and for the past hour had simply followed in his footsteps as you searched for a way out of the vast canopy in the hope you could then contact the ship.  When you passed a tree with a very distinctive fork in its branches you could no longer contain your frustration. “OH COME ON! Have we seriously just walked around in a circle!” You threw your pack down on the ground and huffed out a sigh.  

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