Are Bones and Supernatural in some kind of competition to see which show can last longer?

They both premiered in 2005 and are about to air their 12th seasons.

There must be some way to make money off this.

I bet Supernatural will end first. Bones is a crime drama and those can go on forever.

Here is the bone
and here is the flesh.
This is the separation
of the beings,
this is the loss of innocence.

She is the girl
who crushed her teeth on bullets
and complains of the noise.

She is the girl
who burned her body
to the ground
and complains of the smell.

—  Michelle K., The Bone and the Flesh.

anonymous asked:

Imagine Spock subconsciously courting bones but in a Vulcan manner. He doesn't realize it until weeks later

He realises when Spock was very busy one day and Bones swung by with tea in the early afternoon saying he’d missed Spock during their morning break. Spock suddenly figured out that they have, in fact, been seeing each other for tea and a debate every day for a fortnight. Spock is very quiet while they share tea that day and Bones gets uncomfortable. Spock researches human courting methods the next day because he might as well commit.