We are the pulse that beats
And we are the breath that flows
And we will scream along until our heart stops.
- The Saddest Landscape: In Love with the Sound

A collaborative piece with @withdraws-coolly

Used two Manehattan vectors (done by Abion47 and BonesWolbach) and a Maud Pie vector  done by  Chrzanek97.

Original cover here.


Yeah, YOU try and correct Applejack when she thinks she’s right. Rarely ends well.

Artwork by Wolfy987
Backgrounds by BonesWolbach (Panels 1, 7 and 8), CloudshadeZer0 (Panel 2), Qsteel (Panel 3), Blackgryph0n (Panel 4), TheLastGherkin (Panel 5), Zvn (Panel 6)
Script #195