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S.H.E.R.L.O.C.K. (idk if you've done any of those before so sorry if you have)

oh my god nonnie you’re my hero

S: Show us an example of your personal headcanon

whenever kirk flirts with a chick spock secretly gets super angry and territorial but he’s not the kind of guy to just butt in and claim what he sees as his so he keeps quiet and lets things run their course (which they always do, kirk’s flings never last) and then when kirk is once again alone spock becomes this adorable warm pliable thing who touches kirk unnecessarily and almost looks like he’ll smile sometimes (and once mccoy slipped spock some chocolate and he ended up cuddling with kirk all night)

H: ….there’s no H wtf I’m so bothered and disappointed poo

E: Have you added anything stupid/cracky/hilarious to your fandom, if so, what

well I dunno if y'all remember that one night that uni and bri and amy and jess and emily and just a bunch of us started writing au after horrible au and they were just the weirdest fucking things ever and it was super hilarious… and then the next night was sad ficlet night in which we tore all your hearts to shreds. aaaaahhh, good times.

if you’re looking for specifics, though: pocket spock is my favorite thing on this earth

R: A pairing you ship that you don’t think anyone else ships

[whispers timidly] data/riker

watch the first episode of tng and tell me it isn’t a thing

also “the measure of a man” through these particular shipper goggles makes me cry. I have literally cried every time I watched it.

L: Your favorite fanartist/author gives you one request, what do you ask for

well I seem to remember asking amy a while ago about a certain enterprise crew graphic… (shhh I’m not being passive-aggressive okay I love you I’m just joking!! you’re my favorite♥)

O: Choose a song at random, which OTP does it remind you of

oh god I have so many destiel songs. lots of lumineers (“gun song,” “big parade,” “stubborn love”) and head and the heart (“down in the valley”) and bon iver (“skinny love”)

also on bon iver: “blindsided” makes me think of merthur still to this day. as do mumford and sons’ “white blank page,” “I gave you all,” and “timshel,” richard shindell’s “fenario,” of monsters and men’s “king and lionheart”… fuck I have endless merthur songs

and of course spirk: bastille’s “laughter lines” and “overjoyed,” and oh god daughter’s “human,” passenger’s “let her go,” COLDPLAY’S “YELLOW” AAAHH, ALSO “THE SCIENTIST” AW FUCK

I shouldn’t have done so many of these I have such feelings now fuck

C: A pairing you have never liked and probably never will

wincest. I would never bash anyone for shipping it, but personally it’s pretty squicky, so I tend to avoid it.

K: How do you feel about the other people in your current fandom

I’ll speak for both star trek and supernatural:

the spn fandom definitely has its problems. people get very defensive and angry about little things (every time the writers tweet anything, I s2g) BUT I’ve also known this fandom to be incredibly thoughtful, insightful, and grateful to the makers of the show. there’s a brand of love in the spn fandom you just can’t get anywhere else.

the star trek fandom… honestly, I consider this fandom my family. everyone is so sweet, and just genuinely delighted to play their part in a story that’s as optimistic and egalitarian as star trek. even the ships don’t become super divisive. whenever I think about the trek fandom, my chest just fills with liquid sunlight. seriously, I love you guys a lot.

OH so I have a thing for announcing! this is directed toward my trekkie followers:

I dunno if any of you remember the fic I started like… three months ago that was supposed to be super duper long but that kinda dropped into oblivion after I published the first chapter? well, yeah, that hasn’t gone away. (I’ve been carrying around my notebook full of my incredibly detailed plans for weeks. weeks.) so for anybody who’s interested, I’m gonna pick that up again, but I’d like to start over and wait until I’ve written at least a substantial chunk of it – like minimum the first five-ish chapters – before publishing. eventually I’ll get around to deleting the existing first chapter because I don’t like it and it makes me cringe. but yeah, restarting that, conveniently like a week before nanowrimo starts, and hopefully I’ll have something for you guys soon-ish? I’m sorry I’m a horrid disorganized flake♥