@hamelin-born and @stylishbutdefinitelyillegal came up with the dragon!Scamanders. Consider this:

Hufflepuf dragon. Absolutely loyal and hard working. Have you seen a dragon working hard on destroying his enemies? And loyal, but only to those he chooses. And heaven help you if you are among his chosen but betray that trust. Lestrange family is unhinged, we know that, but could it maybe, just maybe come from a curse of a powerful magical being?

And the dragon knows he’s so powerful and dangerous, after all it was drilled in them since they were little hatchlings: “You are strong, you are powerful, but we are just a few. If you squish them they will find us, and then what?” So he tries to seem unthreatening. Always on the defensive.

It’s true though that Theseus can fit in better. After listening to endless “why can’t you be more like your brother” Newt decides to copy his transfiguration professor. The quirkier you are the more people take you for a weak fool and don’t feel threatened by you. They underestimate you. So Newt is hiding in the plain sight by sticking out.

After learning that there are dragon reserves, smol!Newt cried and whined until their parents gave in and took the boys to the one in Wales. Newt came away terribly disappointed. He expected to find more family but what he found were more beasts than beings like them. Later, when he’s older and has more experience, he says that it’s like visiting a person with advanced dementia who cannot properly string words together anymore and blabbers nonsensical syllables that have meaning only to themselves, yet recognizing that there is a meaning to be found. He was even more disappointed by finding out how the reserve workers treated the dragons. He knows that if their family is found out, this is where they will end and how they will be treated.

The first magizoological text he opens is actually to learn what he can expect from his not-so-fellow humans. The others follow when he realizes that he could actually do something about it.

He gets so many books and starts dragging creatures home to study them better. His parents are concerned at first but then decide that at least it’s less dangerous than Theseus hoarding battlefield commendations, and let him be.

During the years he actually lost all the fucks to give about what he calls in his head the laws of men. The only reason why he bothers with legal things anymore is his brother. Seriously, if there’s like a complete opposite to hoarding, that’s what he feels about Theseus’ lectures. But being Humanly Legal is a chore and a half.

He travels a lot not only to study the creatures in their natural environment but also to avoid anybody getting to know him too much. He can’t afford being found out. It’s the only regulation he takes seriously. See, Theseus? I’m complying.

His body language stays in the learned defensive position and so there are only little to no tells when he attacks. It’s always completely logical and justifiable, don’t look at me like that, I can’t help it if they are idiots who won’t listen to the voice of reason, that is, Newt’s reason.

His hoarding people actually started with Jacob. When they got talking in the bank, Newt didn’t think. He just wanted that human to buzz off and let him be. But when Jacob heard him saying he wants to get a loan for a bakery too, he said “may the best man win” even though he was clearly upset. That made some long-forgotten and empty part in Newt sit up and pay attention. Jacob only helped his case, so to speak, when he called Newt back to the hatching egg.

Tina wasn’t the second. It was Queenie. She recognized his mind as alien but she said nothing. Even to her own sister. Instead she kept her attention firmly on Jacob and then made them cocoa. She is one of the strongest people Newt knows because oh my God, how is she still sane? She reads humans and goblins and elves and dragons, she can read Newt, and she’s still sane. Maybe a little giggly, but. Newt wonders sometimes if anybody is aware how much Queenie doesn’t say in all her brutally honest chatter.

He starts to hoard Tina after the death chamber. When he saw her memories in the death potion, how she protected Credence. He recognizes a fellow hoarder, she would make a fine dragon, he thinks. Later, Theseus will agree. Tina clings to the law with near-reptilian tenacity, but they both like her even better when she starts to hoard justice and mercy instead.

The church children, and he means the three, he will never call them Barebones, they are so much than that, only that monster of a woman was a bare bone, those come as set, all strange and beautifully broken. This is the moment when Newt actually realizes he’s hoarding people. That he’s really hoarding. At first he thinks it’s completely random, but then he realizes that all of them are extraordinary, broken, yet fighting for their control every single moment, just like him. They are all shattered and put back together and now they reflect single rays in myriads of colorful impressions. It’s good that dragon fire shines bright.

Newt is the one to find Graves. Believe it or not, Grindelwald got inspired by Russian folk tales and charmed Graves into an egg. And then put that egg among all other impounded creature eggs at MACUSA. It was lucky that Piquery hired Newt to go all over the impounded creatures as a bribe so that he won’t tell his powerful war hero of a brother he was sentenced to death under her rule (like hell he won’t; he hasn’t promised her anything).

So after Graves is found there’s such a commotion that Newt can’t really continue combing over the MACUSA impound storage, and he just hangs with Queenie and Tina. Who drags him with her when the Aurors get cracking on yet another smuggler ring.

The auror team comes back speechless and shattered. It turns out the ring kept a few bowtruckles for the locks, but what’s even worse, there were small girls. The first made Newt angry, the second made him livid. If Tina hadn’t blurted out they needed at least a few of them alive…

“It was carnage, man, just pure slaughter. I don’t know how Goldstein got the balls to tell him leave some of them alive, but you know he doesn’t look like much? So he walks in, still not looking like much, and then grabs the first guy and puts his face through the wall. The wall won. It wasn’t pretty. And he went on like that, one man killing machine, not reacting to spells or anything. They had to miss him, I guess, I recognized a few boneshatters, no way he’d shrug that off. He didn’t listen to them or to us, and then that madwoman runs to him, grabs his arm and goes ‘we need to interrogate somebody’ and he stops. And then gets terribly upset, because he forgot to take his coat off and got it all bloody. Forgot about cleaning spells there, I guess… ”

Newt was more upset because he had a Niffler bun in his pocket he wanted to bring to Graves, actually, and he got blood all over that. The coat was a present from his brother who knows him so well he would never give him something that wasn’t spell-resistant and self-cleaning.

Later on, as their relationship developed, Newt was known to literally sit on Graves when he wanted him to stop working. Sometimes in his true form but then he just slapped a tip of his wing over the man. He likes pancakes and he loves Graves, but he doesn’t want to have a Graves pancake. Percival does not mind. Newt runs hot in any form and “slapped down by a dragon” is a good enough excuse when his sense of duty gets stuck on the on-duty mode.