Angela: Hey, Brennan. I’d like to ask you a favor. Well, it’s not so much ask a favor as, as extend an honor. I mean, I hope you see it as an honor and don’t think of it as some onerous duty, which I don’d think you will, but then again I’ve never done this before…
Brennan: Angela…just ask.
Angela: Will you be my maid of honor? At the wedding?
*Brennan hugs Angela*
Angela: Is that yes?
Brennan: I am… completely, totally honored.
Angela: Really? I thought I’d have to tell you what the maid of honor…
Brennan: I don’t even care how awful the bridesmaid dresses are. I’m… I’m so glad you asked me.

Bones 2x21 “Stargazer in a Puddle"