OTH ladies appreciation week: day two → favourite female friendship/dynamic

“Haley and Peyton became friends towards the end of season one and it was again -  two characters who seemingly wouldn’t have anything in common and out of that disparity blossom a great friendship [..] it sort of really shows the chemistry that Hilarie and Joy have together and why it’s so fun to write scenes for them, because they play off each other really well.” - Mark Schwahn


one tree hill ladies appreciation week: day two - favourite female friendships

“When we start to praise girls around us, when they score the highest grade in class on a test, when they land incredible jobs, when they have beautiful families—whatever!—we start lifting up those girls and ourselves. When we reach out in tough times, when someone has lost in love, failed an exam, missed out on an opportunity they’d been dreaming of—any of it—we show that girls can be each other’s backbones rather than the source of one another’s pain.” -Sophia Bush