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I'm watching the Paley video for the first time (I know, I'm VERY late to the Gillovny train). BUT WHAT THE HELL. SO many "Gillovny" moments in there! When he jokes about doing the penis tricks with her after the show, when he tells her she's adorable from The Unnatural, when she reaches out and grabs something off his face like it's so natural and normal for them when he's talking. I CANT IT IS DESTROYING MY HEART EVEN THOUGH THAT VIDEO IS SO OLD. How does anyone go on after that?! 😫

No one goes on after that. We keep watching it over and over. Welcome in hell, anon! 🤤

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huh... but you know that Red Museum scene was not scripted and that was 100% David and Gillian, riiiight? one of those little things platonic co-workers usually do. no biggie...

As were many of our favorite MSR moments…

“At the very beginning, they wanted us to button scenes with looks toward each other,” Anderson said. “And I remember thinking, ‘Uh …’”

“I don’t think it was written in the script,” Duchonvy said. “It was mostly us, just doing what felt right in the moment.” 

David and Gillian at the Paley Center, 2013.