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Petite présentation de nos petites créas pour #JapanExpo2017
On produit de plus en plus de choses pour notre stand, c’est plutôt cool uhuh ~ 

Rappel : STAND PANDAKA R691 - HALL 6 


Little presentation of our goods for #JapanExpo2017 ♥
We’re producing more and more different stuff, it’s quite satisfying ehehe ~ 

Reminder: BOOTH PANDAKA R691 - HALL 6

  • Nightwing: Why would a gang leader cooperate?
  • Red Hood: I'm gonna ask him really, really nicely, Nightwing.
  • Nightwing: You know that book I'm reading about getting along with your co-workers? It says that sarcasm is never helpful. I can lend it to you if you want.
First Date

Title: First Date

Pairing: Booth x Reader

Based on this request from @avengersgirllorianna:

If you’re still taking requests, can you do Booth x reader where you guys have been friends for a while and he asks you out and the date is really fluffy? Thank you!

Thank you for requesting! I hope you like it! XOXOXO

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