“Bones, I swear, I’m fine!” you protested, trying to avoid the medical instruments he kept waving around you.

“Don’t be such an infant!” Bones growled, brow creased in irritation, “You’re bleeding and it could get infected, you need to stop putting this sort of thing off!”

“It’s not a big deal, Bones!”

“Yes, it is, you could have a concussion-”

You let out a groan of annoyance as you grabbed Bones by his collar and pulled him in for a kiss. He stiffened briefly before relaxing into the kiss. You smirked slightly before you felt something prick your neck. You let out a yelp and jerked back, putting your hand over your neck. “Did you just…?” you asked, voice filled with disbelief.

Bones smirked and set the hypospray aside, “Minor sedative to keep you still while I check you over.”

You narrowed your eyes as your eyelids began to droop, “You’re a sneaky bastard.”

“Takes one to know one.”

Gif Credit: Bones

“An Apple A Day....”

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Hey guys. I came up with an idea for a Star Trek imagine and so I thought, why not write it ^^ It took me like three and a half hours to write it. Because english isn’t my native language I wrote it in my language first and translated it afterwards. Please don’t mind my grammar and spelling. If a character is to OOC or anything else just let me know :)
Have fun reading and maybe request a thing? Only if you want of course

Fandom: Star Trek

Pairing: Leonard “Bones” McCoy x Reader

Words: 851

Imagine: You are Kirk’s little sister and getting sick

Y/N= your Name

_______________________________________________________ You felt like crap. Last night you couldn’t sleep and your head was pounding. Sneezing you got out of your warm bed. You really would have loved to lay in bed a little while longer but you had a job to do and you promised your mother to have an eye on your older brother.                                                            With bags under your eyes and red ears you stood infront of the mirror brushing your hair. A cough escaped your dry lips. You got into your yellow dress before you headed to the bridge. On the way there were only a few people. Much less than last week. „Morning“ you said with a hoarse voice when you arrived at the bridge.       You took a seat beside your good friend and fellow Ensign. Pavel Chekov looked at you concerned.

—————————————Time skip—————————————-

„…so Y/N and Sulu, you go and search for survivors. Spock and I will examine the ship“ ordered your brother.

„Erm…Keptin. I don’t theenk it’s a good ideer to let Ensign Kirk go on a mission“ Pavel commented.

„And why is that so, Mr. Chekov?“ Jim looked skeptical between Pavel and you.

You took a deep breath and looked up, slowely you turned around and met your brother face to face for the first time this day.
„Holy fu….Y/N. What happened to you? You look terrible“
The captains eyes were wide and by now every one of the crew was watching you.

„Well, thank you“ you coughed.

A short time it was silent.

„Captain, I have to agree with Mr. Chekov. It would be illogical to let her go on a mission that might be dangerous. I highly request her to go to the medical station for a check up“ commented Spock from beside James.

He sighed.

„Yeah. Would be better. Mum would rip off my head if something will happen to you“
You barely noticeable nodded and got up. Suddenly you felt dizzy and you tottered on the way to the elevator. In an instant your brother was beside you. He was so protectiv when it came to you, his little baby sister. That’s what he called you at least. Sometimes it really got onto your nerves. He wouldn’t even let you have a proper date with someone without him checking on you every five minutes. Now you appreciated his presence and was thankful for such a big brother.

Jim took you to the medbay. Immediately Bones came running to you.

„God, you look like you just came back from the dead“ Dr. McCoy said concerned.

„Thanks, I know I look like a zombie“ You rolled your eyes with a crooked smile.

Jim brought you to one of the beds before he exited the medical station.

„Make sure she is okay when I will be back“ he whispered to his friend.

—————————————-Time skip————————————

„Dammit Y/N. It’s a miracle you’re still alive“

You just shrugged and let your eyes wander over Bones body, while he evaluated your results.

You had a crush on him since the first time you had met him and a few weeks ago he had finally admitted his feelings towards you. The both of you were secretly dating, most likely because Bones was your brothers best friend and you wouldn’t want their friendship to break.

„You have a pretty bad alien infection. You need bedrest for at least a week“ The man opposite from you with the dark hair and the loveliest brown eyes you had ever seen exhaled deeply.

„How could that happen? Dammit“ he whispered to himself and looked up after you let out a sneeze.

„Bless you“
„What“ you pouted after you registered what he had said a few seconds ago.

„I-I don’t need bedrest. I have to help my brother“
„He can take care of himself. Believe me, Doll“
„No „but“, you need rest Y/N. I need you in one peace and completely healthy“
Without another word you stood up and hugged Leonard tightly, wrapping your arms around his middle due to the massiv height difference, he brought you closer to his body. His body heat warming you up a little.

„I love you, you know“ you whispered against his chest.

„Hmm“ he nodded.

„I love you, too“

You leaned back so you could look into his eyes. You got closer to his face but before you could give him a kiss he gently shoved you away.

„Sorry, but you’re contaminated and I don’t want to get sick, too“
Bones gave you a sympathetic smile.

You scoffed playfully and swayed to the direction of the door.

„And eat some vitamins“ Bones shouted after you.

„You know the saying? „An apple a day keeps the doctor away…..but is the doctor cute forget the fruit“ you shouted back followed by a fit of coughs.

Shaking his head Leonard quietly laughed. He stared at the doors for a little while longer after you had left. He was sure he would see you again in a few hours.