Alex Kingston appreciation week/birthday countdown 2017!

Alex’s birthday is coming up on March 11th, & in celebration of this lady we all love & who has brought us together, I propose we do a week of all-new Alex posts counting down to the day & showing our appreciation. 

The bones of it thus far:

  • 5 or 7 days, actual birthday included (starting Sunday, March 5th or Tuesday, March 7th)
  • a prompt per day or 2 per day to choose from
  • participation in all days not required (obviously)
  • final day will probably be “choose your own theme”
  • I’ll reblog all posts with a specific tag on the day they’re posted from a side blog dedicated solely to the week. Tag & blog TBA.

Other thoughts:

  • I generated a long list of prompts to pull from already, but if anyone has suggestions please send them my way for consideration.
  • This is obviously geared more toward posts with gifs, edits, & art, but I’d really love to include writers. I know this gets sticky (opinions on/posting of RPF), so I’m thinking of a list of prompts geared toward fics/ficlets about characters played by Alex. Like if someone wants to do all River Song fic, that’s totally cool. However, it would be neat if people felt this was a good time to write for other characters like Blanche Mottershead, Naomi Shropshire, Elizabeth Corday, et cetera, et cetera. Still Alex-inspired, yeah? If anyone has ideas about fic prompts, I am super interested.
  • The goal: Alex appreciation, but also new materials for all of us to reblog and a chance for any new people to the community to get some exposure via edits & whatnot.
  • Ideally, I’d like to get the prompts out next week that way we have – in theory – time to generate materials at over a period of 2 months instead of in panic mode as the week is happening. 

If you have prompts, ideas, et cetera, please message me, & please reblog this post.