Trying to remember a time when

My bones weren’t cast in concrete

And every day wasn’t a slow-motion

Serrated knife along the skin of an

Exhausted sigh, Epimetheus winks

And smiles, tomorrow is always

Amber encased and runs down my

Face, I try to keep the lid on tight

But monsters have a talent

For escaping


Booth: I don’t care if you know about the bones or if we know how to solve crimes, all I know is that I want to spend the rest of my life with you. This is you, Temperance Brennan. You. You’re my partner. Don’t forget that. 


First and last days of filming “Bones” 2005-2017

dbdbo69 Gonna miss these beauties!”

A Court of Thorns and Roses Fancast

Amber Heard as Feyre Archeron

Marina Laswick as Nesta Archeron

Maia Mitchell as Elain Archeron

Randy Wayne as Tamlin the Tool

Jake Abel as Lucien 

Aisha Tyler as Alis

Toni Mahfud as Rhysand

Madelaine Petsch as Amarantha

Gabriella Wilde as Ianthe

Margot Robbie as Morrigan

Renan Pacheco as Cassian

Marcello Alvarez as Azriel

Jamie Chung as Amren

Zachary Arthur as The Bone Carver

Shemar Moore as Tarquin

Alfred Enoch as Varian

Kiersey Clemons as Cressida

Viggo Mortensen as King of Hybern

Joseph Morgan as Jurian

Brian Whittaker as Helion of Day Court

Max Krieger as Kallias of Winter Court

Elle Evans as Viviane of Winter Court

Louis Cordice as Thesan of Dawn Court

Kevin Mckidd as Beron of Autumn Court 

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Plan A: I wanted to draw Damian being territorial about Dick’s cast (he passive-aggressively draws all over it so no one else has any room). Which would of course lead to bloodshed when Tim writes over it anyway (though ofc he signs his message ‘Jason’). Cass builds on one of Damian’s pictures to make it into something completely different and hers. Meanwhile, Jason offers to help Dick break another bone to get cast space for Bruce and Alfred.

but the reference i found was the other way around so instead you get…

Plan B: Damian being deeply frustrated as he tries to to give Dick basic art instructions, loudly complaining about having to go out in public with Grayson’s pitiful attempts visible to everyone. Only Steph and Dick are allowed to sign it, both hideously. Everyone else has to sign it via stealth. Alfred barters signing rights in exchange for baked goods. 

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Bones: Dance Party Survival Kit
(remastered “Dead Man’s Party” with new music)


Bones - 12x12 The End In The End
Memories shared by the cast while filming the series finale
Story by: Stephen Nathan
Written by: Michael Peterson, Jonathan Collier, Karine Rosenthal
Directed by: David Boreanaz

When I look back on these past twelve seasons, the thing I will remember most is all of you. Our cast and crew has been professional, dedicated, hard-working, but, most importantly, kind. No matter where our lives take us from here, we have shared something very special together. And I am so grateful for that.” - Emily Deschanel

I just love all the people up here. They respect you, they believe in you. They support each other. And it’s such a great environment to be a part of. I was blessed to meet these people. They’ve got me through lots of stuff in my life. […] We went to war when we started this, and we’re gonna come out with the flag high. […] And I love them all.” - David Boreanaz

I loved playing this character. I loved playing a character who is such a brilliant female in science who is also not shy about telling people about her brilliance, that has so many different ways of living her life. Sheโ€™s not set by certain mores of our culture, and she makes up her own rules and is an independent, free-thinking, truly unique individual, and I loved that, especially a strong, powerful, successful, brilliant woman working in science. My favorite thing to ever hear from people who watch the show is to hear from young teenage girls that they wanted to become โ€” whether it be forensic anthropologists or anything in science, or the character inspired them in that way. Also, to have a character who is not wonderful at social interactions. If it was a cable show, she would have had Aspergerโ€™s. [Series creator] Hart [Hanson] and I talked about that. Iโ€™ve heard from younger people who are on the spectrum or have Aspergerโ€™s themselves that they loved seeing a character who was not dissimilar from them portrayed on television, so that makes me happy to represent that. I know we werenโ€™t truly representing someone with Aspergerโ€™s exactly, but there are qualities that Brennan has.
—  Emily Deschanel on what playing Dr. Temperance Brennan meant to her ()