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What should I name a kitten? My cat just had a litter of three and I get to name one!


“bro, have you ever even seen a kitten?”


“so you got any name ideas?”


“how bout fluffy?”


“yep. i bet it’s a fluffy kitten.”




“Angel, perhaps?”







i cannot even believe

  • Some Hippy: nature is beautiful we need to protect the environment man
  • Me: *looks out the window and sees a bear club a wooly mammoth to death with a bone*
  • Me: ummm guess again sweety

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Ok that was supposed to be comment not an actual thing but I guess I'm a horrible person now so I'll just go away

Originally posted by dyx

Well. I mean.

As I’ve said previously, I don’t have a problem with it? I’m not personally upset or offended or anything. I have very little ire about it? If anybody actually thinks that a silly little comment about a fictional character is anything to judge of ones own character, they may need to take a step back.

I don’t think you’re horrible, however I don’t think I can rightfully speak for anyone else.

I said in an earlier ask that I wouldn’t have drawn Mono upset if I didn’t want to take the opportunity to do so. But. I did. So, yeah. It was of my own volition.

I’ve been known to respond to comments sometimes. If you didn’t/don’t want me to take the chance of me responding to a comment in the future, you would be better off just… not commenting something nasty. Eheheh…;;

You don’t need to run away from me or anything, but you do you. If you feel you NEED to leave, I’m not going to fuss to make you stay, sweetheart. Do what you feel is best! Just know I’m not mad or trying to paint you with animosity. :)

Mckirk fluff idea: Bones gets turned into a kid, who’s small even for his age, with big hazel eyes and a mop of brown hair. To everyone’s surprise, he sticks to Spock like glue, following him around like a duckling, asking him a million science questions, and telling him proudly, “I’m gonna be a doctor when I’m big!”

Spock smiles gently, visibly content, but Jim’s quite distressed over the situation. He thought he was good with kids, but whenever he tries to talk to mini Bones, he hides behind Spock’s leg, clutching tight, and looks at him with big wary hazel eyes. Jim’s heart breaks every time.

Jim can’t stand the kid’s discomfort around him and asks him why he’s scared of him. He earns a huff from the kid, who mumbles, “I’m not scared…it’s just…” he blushes like crazy, “You’re really pretty…”

Bonus: Jim grinning like crazy when Bones turns back to normal, crooning, “You think I’m preeeeetttty.” Bones just blushes and glares, and Jim sneaks close to give a kiss to his nose, saying, “Don’t worry, I think you’re pretty too.”

By the way, I was catching up with Bones last night, and who comes waltzing in? Fucking Balthazar, posing as a French Interpol detective. And there I was all happy and proud, going, Whoa, nice French accent he’s got there, and then Damn, he can actually say a few words as well and also Really, that’s top-notch work on his language skills, quite impressive, when my spidey sense flared up and I check and -

- I’ll just see myself out, okay? Okay.

Weapon X: New Age Part 9

Beginning: Weapon X: New Age Part 1

Warning: Cussing. Logan spoilers (if you still haven’t seen it yet.)

Weapon X: New Age Part 9

Chapter 11

It was mostly quiet in the car, expected for the news playing on the radio and a clicking noise. Logan looked in the backseat and saw Xavier was asleep so he turn off the radio. He still heard the clicking sound and looked over at Laura. She was looking out the window as she unlock and lock the truck door, over and over again.

“Knock it off.” Logan said but she continued. “I said knock it off.”

“She’s a child, Logan.” Xavier said, as he woke up. Logan looked back over at Laura as she looked at him. She kept a straight face as she kept locking and unlocking the truck door.  “And point of fact, she is your…”

“Laura?” Issac said, taking a quick glance at her before he looked back at the road. “Laura, honey, can you stop doing that?” She still didn’t responded as she kept locking and unlocking the car door. “Okay, then.” Holding down the button on his side, so Laura couldn’t hit the button anymore. “Hello, Issac to Laura.” She looked over at him. “Sorry honey, but that was getting annoying.”

“It’s okay Issac, it was my fault.” Laura said, smiling as she looked away. “I was getting lost in my thoughts again.”

“It’s okay honey.” Issac said, smiling. “I know you got Owen on your mind.”

“God, not this shit again.” Laura said, shaking her head. “I don’t know why you keep saying he likes me.” She looked over at Issac. “He’s a complete asshole.”

“I keep saying it because,” Issac said, looking over at her, smiling. “He does.”

“Oh please.” Laura said, rolling her eyes.

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Meet the parents [Sebastian Stan x Reader]

Request: can you write something about Sebastian meeting your family or you meeting his?

Word Count: 1646

Warnings: a few swear words and some weird family moments

Y/F/N = your father’s name

Originally posted by imnotapipedream

It was the day that seemed wouldn’t come soon enough, your boyfriend Sebastian was finally going to meet your parents. You had met his mother months ago, Sebastian was adamant that his mother met the girl that one day he knew he would be spending the rest of his life with. Sebastian hadn’t been able to meet your parents when you ideally wanted him to considering he was reshooting for Civil War and then almost immediately afterwards he was promoting the film travelling across the world. Plus your parents didn’t live in America so it was harder to get both them and Sebastian successfully in the same place. Your silent prayers were answered when your parents decided that were coming to visit you and your sister in New York.

Your parents were staying with your sister which you were thankful for because as much as you adored them they could be a tad annoying sometimes and plus you wanted spend some alone time with Sebastian without interruption. You were going to dinner at your sister’s house so that Sebastian could formally meet your parents. You weren’t nervous because you knew that your parents would love Sebastian because he was one the nicest people ever so naturally your parents would take aliking to him. You hoped deeply that Sebastian would love them because you loved your parents and you loved him, you just wanted everyone to get along.

Sebastian was currently pacing back and forth around the living room, he was more than nervous to finally meet your parents. He was scared they wouldn’t like him and deem him suitable for you due to the fact that his job as an actor limited the time the two of you could be alone together. You didn’t care about any of this because you loved sebastian and saw a bright future with him and now civil war was over the two of you had more time to spend together.

“Sebastian are you okay?” You asked leaning against the doorframe and watching him pace back and forth like a mad man. His head whipped around at the sound of your voice, his face instantly softened as he saw you there smiling softly at him.

“I’m fine just a little nervous.” Sebastian replied coming over to you, you opened your arms and he instantly buried his head in the crook of your neck. He inahled the scent of the over priced perfume he brought you last christmas, the smell lingers throughout your house and always calms Seb instantly. It smells like home.

“There’s no need to be they’ll love you and plus my dad is a huge marvel fan.” You said as Sebastian’s head rose from your neck so that the two of you were face to face. His face cracked up into a smile, the mood was no longer heavy but was light as you ran your hand through his hair soothingly.

“Trust me Seb they’ll love you and if they don’t who cares because I love you.” You said making Sebastian’s smile grow wider. He looked at you with eyes full of adoration as you spoke.

“I love you too Y/N.” Sebastian said before pressing a brief but none the less loving and passionate kiss to your lips. When Sebastian pulled back you almost felt like whining then you realised that you had to be at your sister’s house in twenty minutes so reluctantly you untangled yourself from his embrace and put your coat on.

“Come on Seb let’s go before we’re late and parents ground me.” You joked and Sebastian laughed at your terrible little joke with a twinkle in his eyes as he marvelled in your beauty. It was all cut short as you ushered Seb out of the door.

You arrived at your sister’s house on time and when you knocked at the door you were surprised that you weren’t greeted by your sister but rather your father. He smiled widely upon seeing you, it had been so long and he was glad he go to see his ‘little girl’ again.

“Y/N who’s this?” Your father asked gesturing to Sebastian whose nerves had kicked in at the sight of your father standing at the door. Like you he had expected to be greeted by your sister which meant he had a few more moments to collect his nerves so that he could be cool, calm and collected infront of your parents. That all went out of the window once he saw your father he swore there were sweat patches on his dress shirt.

“Dad this is Sebastian my boyfriend.” You said squeezing Seb’s hand noticing how hot under the collar he was. Sebastian visibly and audibly gulped as your dad’s eyes raked over him silently judging him.

“Nice to meet you Sebastian I’m Y/F/N.” Your dad said offering his hand for Sebastian to shake, Seb looked down at your father’s hand and then back at you with a panicked expression. You sighed shaking your head smiling at your dad as if it was some apology for Sebastian who was frozen still.

“Seb baby he wants you to shake his hand not stare at it.” You said with a light tone trying not to convey to dad what was really going on and just how nervous really Sebastian was. Seb swallowed thickly glancing towards you where you smiling at him in reassurance. He knew he needed to grow a pair because impressing your parents only furthered your relationship with him.

So using all the strength Sebastian had, he extended his hand and shook your father’s with a firm grip. Just as Sebastian’s hand fell from your father’s your mother came to the door wondering why your father was taking so long. “Y/F/N what’s taking you so long?” She called as she walked towards the door, your father didn’t answer as she took one look at you and charged forward pulling you in for a bone crushing hug.

“Y/N sweetie you look beautiful.” Your mother said pinching your cheeks slightly making heat creep to said cheeks. Sebastian watched with an amused smile as your mother did this like she used to when you were young. “Thanks mum.” You grumbled as she pulled away from you and set her sight on Sebastian.

“Y/N  you never told me your boyfriend was so handsome, you’re a lucky girl.” Your mum said with a wink. You buried your head in your hands as she flashed Seb a flirty smile, Sebastian laughed at both you and your mother.

“Come on let’s go in I don’t about you but I’m hungry.” She said ushering you indoors. As you walked in with Sebastian your mother made another flirty remark, “So Sebastian are you single?” Your mother asked and your eyes widened in shock, you really wanted to find a hole in so that you could go die in it.

“For you I might be.” Sebastian said noticing your embarrassment and wanting nothing more than to see you as hot under the collar as he was only five seconds ago. Meeting your mother and her little remarks was more relaxing than Sebastian thought it would be.

You sat down next to your sister who was unusually silent mostly because she was watching Sebastian and your mother flirt with eachother right infront of you. They were sat next to eachother and you knew your mother did it on purpose just to tease you.

“So Sebastian do you workout? Because you sure look like you do.” Your mother said gripping your boyfriend’s bulging bicep. Sebastian smirked as you nearly spat out some of the water you were drinking, your father looked just as umimpressed as you and like you he said nothing silently watching the two of them.

“I do it’s gets very hot if you know what I mean.” Sebastian said and you rolled your eyes at the cocky little shit because only ten minutes ago was he frozen still being incredibly nervous. Now he was out of his shell and you hated every single second of it.

“I think I do.” Your mother said running a hand over his chest and you felt like throwing up because watching your mum flirt with your boyfriend was the worst kind of torture.

“Actually I don’t you do mother.” You said with a sly grin of your own. Your mother and Sebastian almost seemed surprised that you spoke uo assuming that you were going to sit there and slowly go insane watching the two of them.

“Then enlighten me sweetheart.” Your mother said with a challenging smirk, you knew she was being playful you could tell by the slight twinkle in her eyes.

“By hot he means me and him naked and on a bed if you know what I mean.” You said repeating Seb’s earlier words. Your mother smirked almost proud of you and Sebastian’s face was as pink as the deep pink dress your sister was wearing.

“You really are my daughter.” Your mother said taking a sip of her wine.

“I’m hurt that you ever doubted me.” You said and your mother chuckled as your father shook his head in disapproval.

“Oh my god this is gonna be a long night I can feel it.” Your sister grumbled making you and your mother laugh simultaneously.

“You have no idea."You and your mother said at the same time. You flashed Seb a smirk and even threw a wink in for good measure. His face got redder (if that was even possible) as he tucked into his dinner with a small smile.

The rest of the night was a success and mostly consisted you of you and your mother teasing Seb and a lot of Seb and your mother teasing you. Your father and him talked about Marvel as well as Seb’s home country of Romania. Everyone was laid back and seemed to really like Sebastian (which you were glad for.) Your family were a little crazy especially your mother but at least they liked him and he liked them.

Fic: Every Hour is Saved (FemShep, Garrus, Hannah Shepard; Shakarian)

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Every Hour is Saved

Gift-giving was notoriously difficult across species.

Both turians and humans gave food as gifts. But Garrus couldn’t digest Shepard’s chocolate, and his misilium would poison her. She bought him a rose, and he sneezed for three days; he bought her a book of poetry, but the translation was… well.

“What does ‘to love beyond talanex and across laelirus mean?” Shepard asked, frowning as she spun the poem up and down on her omnitool.

“It’s, uh,” Garrus said, “well, talanex is—it has to do with… relative social status, but also your comparative dedication to… I guess ‘family duty’ is close, but it also has to do with….” He flexed his fingers. “…I don’t think I can explain it.”

Shepard gave him an eyebrows-raised look.

“I never said I was a poet,” Garrus pointed out, and Shepard couldn’t stop herself snickering.

After the disaster with the lingerie, which had them both laughing so hard that Shepard almost fell off the couch, they decided: no more gifts. It didn’t matter. It was enough to have someone there for you: a shoulder to cry on, a strong right arm, a warmth in the night.

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