Star Trek Into Darkness Rewrite: Oh boy I changed so much

-Expanded scene on Nibiru

-Spock is the one who insisted on saving the endangered species from the Volcano, Jim was reluctant to risk someone’s life and offered to go into the volcano himself but Spock convinced Jim to distract the indigenous lifeforms instead

-Including how they got the enterprise into the water without being seen

-Showing the entire mission on Nibiru, which includes the process of Bones getting that animal ride, grumbling about how idiotic Jim is the entire time

-Jim does not sleep with anyone in this movie

-Jim does not lie in his report of the mission on Nibiru

-When being reprimanded by Pike, Jim tells him there is a chance the indigenous species did no see their ship

-Spock then calculates the odds of the species not seeing them at 2.34%, Jim tells Spock he is not helping 

-Spock defends Jim, claiming that he was entirely responsible for the mission going wrong, while Jim interrupts trying to take responsibility so Spock doesn’t get in trouble; Pike gets fed up with their nonsense 


-Instead John Harrison was a loyal agent of Section 31 who disapproved of Admiral Marcus’ attempts to provoke a war with the Klingons

-Harrison warned Marcus that if he didn’t stop his plans he would leak it to the public and inform the other Starfleet Admirals

-Marcus kidnaps and hides Harrison’s family to silence him

-Harrison snaps and assumed Marcus killed his family so he vows revenge against Marcus and Starfleet for this betrayal

-Pike lives but is injured and in a coma

-Admiral Marcus orders Jim to go apprehend the dangerous terrorist John Harrison and Jim is suspicious as fuck but goes for Pike

-Carol Marcus plays a vital role in defeating her father and is not just there to take off her clothes

-Carol Marcus is introduced to the crew by her father

-NO undressing of Carol Marcus

-NO Torpedoes

-Scotty is NOT fired 

-Chekov remains at his post instead of being transferred to engineering

-It’s Bones, Jim and Uhura in the ship on Kronos

-Bones is expressing his concern about Jim’s vitals being way off again when in the ship on Kronos 

-Uhura is in the middle of Bones and Jim’s squabble 

-Admiral Marcus tries to destroy the enterprise when Harrison tells Jim about Marcus’s plot and corruptness 

-Instead of Scotty, it’s Carol Marcus who sneaks onto her father’s ship because she is suspicious and saves the enterprise from being destroyed, she also finds out where her dad hid Harrison’s family

-Harrison still kills Marcus, injuries Jim and knocks out Carol

-Harrison threatens Mr.Spock for earth’s defense codes, or he will kill Jim, Spock gives him the codes proving Bones wrong when he said Spock would let Jim die

-Harrison tells Jim that he is going to destroy his ship, when Jim begs Harrison to spare his crew

-Harrison asks Jim what he is willing to give for his crew, Jim tells him “my life”

-Harrison then tells Jim he will kill him in a live feed broad cast, using him to symbolize the end of the federation

-In the chaos of going back to Earth, Carol escapes the ship to go rescue Harrison’s family 

-Spock and Jim fight Harrison together, Harrison gets the upper hand and looks like he will win the fight, Carol stops the fight by showing Harrison his family is alive and well

-Harrison unhinged surrenders after seeing his family alive

-After every antagonist is dealt with, Jim collapses from his injury and because of his weak vitals 

-We hear Spock and Bones shout out “Jim” when he blacks out

-Pike and Jim are in the same medical room, Pike awake, says “I can’t leave you alone for one second” 

-Pike tells Jim he is proud of him

-We see Harrison in prison, his family (wife, son and daughter), visiting him

-The enterprise starts it’s 5 year mission with Jim telling Spock “I told we’d get it” and Spock saying sarcastically “how could I ever doubt you”

-This pretty much turned into a space spy story 

Celebrating National Dog Day the Vulture Culture way! Don’t worry, my live pup got lots of love and tasty treats to celebrate too. <3

Here’s my collection of domestic dog skulls. Most are mutts or unknown breeds but there’s a few known breeds in here that I’ll post a photo of separately in a bit.

Dog skulls are some of my favorite skulls to collect because they come in such an incredible variety of shapes and sizes!