Every episode of Bones ever
  • Booth:we got a body
  • Brennan:I need this all sent to the Jeffersonian
  • Brennan:fracture to the ulna
  • Intern:can't believe I missed that
  • Booth:I'm Agent Booth, FBI, and this is my partner, Dr. Temperance Brennan, we're here to ask you a few questions.
  • Angela:I plugged in the exact muscles and subtracted the injuries that occured postmortem and turned the skull inside out and showed it to the computer. Here's our victim
  • Hodgins:bugs and particulates indicate this exact spot
  • Cam:*gasps* that's where the husband works
  • Husband:no. I want a lawyer
  • Booth:*stares angrily*
  • Sweets at some point:I know that you're not upset over this case, its something else
  • Booth:no way. Don't get all shrinky on me. Ok youre right
  • Intern:I reexamined the bones and found this
  • Brennan:this leads exactly to our killer. Good work
  • Real killer:I didn't mean to kill her. I just wanted to beat her up a little
  • Brennan and booth:*long stare*
  • Brennan and booth:*have meaningful talk about whatever was bothering them*
  • Brennan at some point:you're a good man booth

 Favorite Characters - #6 - Dr. Lance Sweets

I feel someone is crazy in all this. I just hope it’s not me.