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Chapter 29 of “Butterscotch and Bones” melted my heart :’) Please check out the fanfic and go give many kudos!


I am The Worst™.


SO back when the last chapter came out i was overcome with the urge to make orange’s arrival back a dramatic spanish novela shitpost so this was born! i’m sorry also fun fact!! “master” in spanish is very close to the words for “my love” (mi amo/mi amor) so i just thought that was neat


3rd panel- “I’m back, my love!”

5th panel- “Master Orange!”

(he did it with sharpie) (my god)

anonymous asked:

How do you make Fatal's static skull and bones and his Jacket/Sweater?

His skull/bone static is made by using a selection tool to select the area, applying a white to black gradient in the direction I want, and then applying a Film Grain filter onto the gradient.

His jacket/sweater is kinda done in the same way…kind of. For that, I use an outside image/texture, move it underneath the lineart layer (so I can clearly see the outlines), and then use a selection tool to select just the area I want the jacket texture applied to. Once that’s done, I Cut the selection (or Copy, if I still need the texture for like his slippers or something) and then Paste Special > Paste in Place (shortcut is Shift + Command + V for Mac, Shift + Ctrl + V for PC), and then boom texture :)