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Chapter 29 of “Butterscotch and Bones” melted my heart :’) Please check out the fanfic and go give many kudos!

Who Is He?

Part one here

Bev stops just before the pathways ending, grabbing Eddie’s shoulders and positioning him to stand behind one of the large trees. She puts a finger to her lips, and he nods slowly.

She returns the nod with a small, reassuring smile, turning on her heel and entering the clearing to the quarry. She makes her presence known by making as much noise as she can while she walks, her footsteps loud on the rocks.

Richie’s not hard to spot, and, judging by the way Richie doesn’t shift or tense whenever she approaches him, he knows it’s her.

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I am The Worst™.


SO back when the last chapter came out i was overcome with the urge to make orange’s arrival back a dramatic spanish novela shitpost so this was born! i’m sorry also fun fact!! “master” in spanish is very close to the words for “my love” (mi amo/mi amor) so i just thought that was neat


3rd panel- “I’m back, my love!”

5th panel- “Master Orange!”

(he did it with sharpie) (my god)

Accidents Happen (Part 9/?)

Peter Parker x Pregnant!Reader

A/N: Thanks for having patience, loves! Sorry it took so long! Enjoy!

Warnings: Teen pregnancy, violence, blood, general gross bloodiness, etc.

 Accidents Happen Masterlist // Main Masterlist


Well, shit.

You just couldn’t catch a fucking break, could you?

“How the hell can HYDRA hack into FRIDAY?” Peter asked Natasha, pulling his cellphone out of his pocket for the flashlight, as well. “I thought Tony made sure that couldn’t happen.”

“I have no clue.” She shook her head. “Whoever they have is good.” She turned towards the common area, “If you’re going to get May, she’s on the party floor, still. She was playing pool with-”

Natasha was cut off by a large BOOM!

The windows in the building shook – but, luckily, the building was incredibly sturdy.

Natasha swore under her breath, digging in her pocket and handing Peter a comms unit, “Now they’re in. Get moving.”

“What about Aunt May?” You gripped your gun a little tighter, cool metal digging into your palm, “We need to get her to safety.”

“There are a lot of people in the building who will need to be brought to safety.” She shook her head, starting to walk away, “She’ll be fine. Think about yourself, first.”

You turned to Peter, who was biting his lip, “I think we should go get Aunt May and get both of us to safety.”

“No, not you. You should stay here, go back into our room, and lock the door.” He shook his head, releasing his lip from his teeth, “You shouldn’t be running towards the danger. You’re pregnant.”

You huffed in annoyance, “The first place they’d look for me is our bedroom.” You couldn’t stay there. You weren’t trained to fight HYDRA agents, and the building had a security protocol. “The safest place in the tower is Med Bay. It’s made to withstand anything, in case someone is a patient during this type of situation. We need to make sure Aunt May gets there. It’s only a few floors below where the party is, and we can grab her on the way.”

He pondered that for a moment, biting his lip and looking down at your belly. “Okay, fine. But you stay near me the entire time. If it’s bad, you go straight to Med Bay. No arguing about it.”

“Wasn’t planning on it.” You smiled, taking his hand, “Lead the way.”

You took the stairs, much to your annoyance. The party floor was about six floors down, and you couldn’t take the elevator with the power out. It was kind of terrifying to take the stairwell in the pitch black, with only a flashlight. It reminded you of a horror movie, and you were terrified that you were going to tumble down the stairs.

“Peter,” You stopped about two floors down, clutching the railing. “This is hard enough for me to do in the light. I can’t see my feet, and it’s pitch black.”

“Alright, alright.” He turned, handing you the phone and picking you up, “Just hold on tight.”

Trying to hold onto Peter with the flashlight in one hand, and a gun in the other was no easy feat. It was much easier than trying to master the stairs, though, and you were grateful for a boyfriend who could carry you while in your third trimester of pregnancy. Carrying someone who was 28 weeks pregnant – on top of weight gain – wouldn’t be easy for any other man.

Luckily, your man wasn’t like any other man.

When you reached the platform for the party floor, you could hear yelling and gunshots echoing from behind the door, and could hear it coming from the platforms below.

Setting you down, Peter took the phone from you and put his hands on your shoulders, “Be careful, okay? Please, don’t get hurt.” He moved his hands from your shoulders to your face, “Stay by me, but if something happens… just run for Med Bay, okay? Run, and don’t stop.” He kissed you on the lips once, then pressed his lips to your forehead, “I love you.”

“I love you, too. Everything will be fine.” You smiled, pushing the nerves down and laying your free hand over your bump, “I promise: If shit hits the fan, I’ll waddle away quickly.”

He nodded, taking a deep breath, “Okay.” He let you go, turning towards the door and listening for a moment. “Okay. Keep your gun up.”

When he threw open the door, the room was in chaos. HYDRA agents were attacking other SHIELD agents, bodies littered the floor, and there was blood. So much blood. There were lights in the room, but they were flickering off and on from white lights to red – making the blood stand out from the white floors. It really was a horror movie. You were used to blood from being around Med Bay, and from healing Peter, but this was different.

This was violent.

You pushed down a wave of nausea.

Peter grabbed your free hand, pulling you along the walls – away from the fighting. You didn’t see any of the partygoers around the room, just the avengers and a bunch of agents from both sides.

Peter’s hand ripped out of yours, webs shooting from his webslingers as a HYDRA agent stepped in front of him. He webbed him up, then punched him in the face. “Y/n, we have to keep moving.”

You stepped over the unconscious body, holding your free hand under your belly in comfort, “I don’t see May.”

“Let’s check the meeting rooms in the hallways.” He shot out a web at an agent who was trying to sneak up behind Bucky. “They probably hid her in one of them.”

Bucky turned around, seeing the webs on the agent, and turning towards you with a look of shock.

He jogged over - knocking out an agent on the way, with his metal arm. “Your Aunt is in a meeting room with Pepper. Get them in Med Bay. It’s safe, there.” He pulled you behind him to block you as a bullet ricocheted off his arm. “GO!”

You followed Peter, trying not to trip over any bodies or fallen objects with your bare feet. Your adrenaline was running high. Your heart rate was through the roof, and you could feel yourself starting to perspire from nerves and exertion.

Plus, trying to jog without a bra on was really starting to get uncomfortable.

You stopped behind a piano, being forced into a crouch by Peter.

A bullet made a hole, right where your head would have been.

“Okay.” Peter mumbled to himself, looking at you, then around the room. He pulled his long sleeve shirt over his head, exposing the red and blue of his suit. Then, he yanked his sweat pants off, and grabbed his mask and gloves from his pants pocket – slipping them on. “We have to hurry up.”

You nodded, laying a hand on his chest, “Just make sure I don’t get shot, and I’ll make sure I don’t trip and fall.”

He shook his head, “Going to be difficult with your clumsy ass.”

“Shut the hell up, about my ass.” You smiled. “Let’s go.”

You took off running – Peter webbing up HYDRA agents, kicking bodies out of the way, and grabbing you if you slid in anything. You slid to a stop when an agent spotted you and lifted his gun, yelling that he ‘found the target’ in his comms.

You lifted your gun, quickly aimed, and squeezed the trigger.


Blood sprayed from the man’s head, and he dropped to the ground, blood pooling under him. Oh my god. You turned your head as vomit made its way up your esophagus. The burn from the bile made you cough as you painted the white walls with bile. Your nose and eyes were burning, and your hands were shaking.

You just killed another person. That was two people on your list, now.

Hanging out with the Avengers was making you a killer.

“Babe, we have to go.” A warm hand pulled your hair from your face, wiping under your eyes, “It’s not getting any better in here. They keep coming. You need to get out of here.”

“Don’t leave me.” You wiped your mouth with the neck of your shirt, “Not until we have May.”

“I won’t leave you. Come on, it’s just around the corner.”


When you made it into the hallway, the bodies were everywhere. Both HYDRA and SHIELD agents littered the floor, whether they were dead or unconscious. There was one person that you recognized, and that was one of the wealthy men who had attended your shower.

You ran over to the man, checking his throat for a pulse.

“This guy’s alive.” You turned to Peter, “He was at the party. What should we do with him? We can’t just leave him.”

Peter was silent for a moment, then he turned to one of the doors, checking to see if it was unlocked. The doorknob turned, and he threw open the door – dragging the man inside.

There was a small, round, meeting table, and a bunch of chairs in the small conference room. He dragged the unconscious man behind the table, so he couldn’t be seen from the door. “We can leave him here, for now. He’s probably fine. Let’s get May, and get you the fuck off this floor. I don’t like this.”

You ran to the next meeting room, but the door was locked. “Aunt May? You in here?” You knocked on the door.

The door was thrown open, but it wasn’t Aunt May…

It was Michelle and Ned.

“You’re still here?” You asked, in shock. “How are you still here?”

“We were playing pool with Pepper and May, and alarms just started blaring.” Ned had blood spattered on his sweater, and you couldn’t help but think the worst. “It’s not May’s. It’s Pepper’s. She was the first one shot. In the arm, thank god.”

You sagged in relief.

Pepper was shot, you asshole. Why are you relieved?

True, but it wasn’t fatal.

“Y/N! May and Pepper are in here!” He called out from the doorway of a meeting room a few doors down. All three of you ran to where Peter had called to you, and shut the door. Peter was helping Pepper off the floor when he noticed your company, “Ned? Michelle?”

“Yeah, we’re still here.” Michelle rolled her eyes, “Thanks for ditching us, by the way. At your own party.”

“Not now, Michelle.” Ned shook his head, laying a hand on her arm. “Let’s get the hell out of here.”

May was holding on to a pale looking Pepper, trying to full her out of the room. “She’s starting to pass out from blood loss. I’m pretty sure the bullet went through her bone.” May’s sweater was tied into a sling, and a chunk had been ripped and was wrapped around the wound. Blood was seeping through the material, and dripping down her pale arm. “Pepper said that Med Bay was the safest place to go?”

“Yes, it’s the safest place in the building.” The baby nudged you in your side, reminding you that you needed to get a fucking move on. “We have to go down two flights of stairs. The stairwell is across from the elevators.”

Michelle went to the other side of Pepper, helping May carry her. “Come on, then.”

You opened the door, and Peter slowly creeped around the corner.

The chaos was still in the main party room. You could hear gunshots, shouting, and groaning coming from the main area around the corner, but you didn’t hear any footsteps of any agents in the hall.

Peter turned to you and nodded, gesturing to follow him.

You quickly – and quietly – made your way towards the dimmer end of the hallway, where the elevator was around the corner. The only sounds coming from your group was the faint groaning of Pepper, and your breathing. The flickering lights were starting to make you nauseous, but you shoved that feeling down and continued to the end of the hall – before Peter put his arm out to stop you, so he could look around the next corner.

He slowly peered around, but immediately backed up. “Shit.” He whispered, “There’s three HYDRA agents, and they have a hostage.” He peered back around the corner, then turned to you. “It’s your mom.”

You gasped, “I thought she left after presents?”

He shook his head, “I don’t know, but they have her. She isn’t conscious.”

You frowned, “Can we get her without the chance of them killing her?”

“I think so.” He moved his hand up, trying to stay as far behind the wall as possible to not be seen.

Then, he shot out some webs, and you could hear the grunts of the agents. “Shit, one of them has a comms unit in.” Peter turned back to the group, “He just told more agents that I’m back here, so you guys need to get moving. Go, now, I’ll catch up.”

The rest of the group took off – Ned grabbing your mom, and dragging her along with them towards the stairwell.

You stayed behind, worried. “Be careful, okay?”

He pulled his mask up, kissing you quickly. He had a small smile on his face, “You worry too much.”

“Coming from the biggest worrier on the planet.” You moved your free hand up to his jaw, rubbing your thumb along his red cheek, “I’m serious. Come back in one piece. This baby needs both parents alive.”

“‘Being deeply loved by someone gives you strength, while loving someone deeply gives you courage.’ Lao Tzu.”

“You’re such a sap. You’re finally catching up to my level on the quotes, though.” You used your hand to pull his mask back down, “Now, be careful.”

He gave you a small salute, taking off down the hallway towards the fight.

You turned, glancing around at the dimly lit corridor. The coast was clear, so you ran towards the ‘EXIT’ door to the stairwell, but when you threw the door open, you were blocked by a large man on the platform.

You sucked in a breath, frightened, and tried to shoot your gun. He was faster, knocking the gun from your hand with a slap.

“I wouldn’t try that, if I were you.” The man smirked, stepping out into the hallway. He was huge. He took up the entire doorway, and almost had to duck as he stepped through the opening. He reminded you of that giant fucker from Game of Thrones… The Mountain!

“Please. I’m pregnant.” You backed away, slowly. “I just want to get to safety.”

He frowned, noticing your belly that was stretching Peter’s shirt. “Little young, aren’t we?”

Seriously, asshole?

You used his staring as a distraction, kicking him between the legs as hard as you could. He wasn’t expecting it, doubling over in pain – and you used that to your advantage, kicking him in the head twice. He fell to the ground, groaning.

Thank god that worked!

You ran towards the open doorway, running into the pitch-black stairwell. Shit. You couldn’t see the stairs. You dug into the pocket of your shorts for your phone, but realized with a groan that it was on your nightstand.

Your watch!

You had forgotten that you were even wearing it. It was solar charged, so it was at full battery.

You quickly found the flashlight and shined it at the stairs, but before you could take a step, you felt a hand clamp tightly around your ankle, pulling hard.

A shriek escaped your lips as you felt your balance falter. You tried to grab on to the railing, but it was no use. You turned your body quickly, so you fell on your side, hitting the platform with a pained grunt. The man was trying to drag you back through the doorway, practically growling.

“No! Help!” You screamed, voice ringing through the stairwell. “Let go of me!”

You kicked and thrashed, trying to escape his hold.  

He was too strong.

In that moment, a flash of something caught your eye. The flashlight on your watch had reflected off something next to the doorframe.


You reached over, fingers barely brushing it. The man yanked you closer to him, his body half covering yours in an attempt to pin you down, but he didn’t realize that it brought you closer to the gun. You cried out as your knee twisted funny under his shin, but you dove for the gun, gripping the smooth metal in relief.

You brought the gun between his eyes, and squeezed the trigger so many times it, emptied the clip.

His body jolted every time you squeezed the trigger.

The gunshots were deafening.

Your ears were ringing, and you couldn’t hear your own screams as the man’s blood sprayed across your face and chest, soaking your tee shirt.

He slumped on top of you, pinning you to the floor with his – literal – deadweight. THE BABY. He’s squishing the baby! You pushed against his shoulders as hard as you could, trying to shuffle your body out from under his. It took a few tries, but you were able to roll him to the side enough to get his upper-half of his body away from yours.

The hysterics were starting to bubble up to the surface, and your breath was starting to get shallower. Tears were mixing with the blood on your face, leaving hot trails down to your chin, and dripping to your soiled shirt.

You scrambled backwards, pulling yourself over to the wall by the stairs until your back reached the cool surface. You couldn’t look away from the body, watching the blood pool on the floor and spread towards the edge of the platform.

There was a large hole in the back of his head, causing you to gag in disgust. His dark hair was matted down with blood and chunks, and you felt your body becoming cold and numb as you continued to stare.

You killed this man. You ended his life. You ended another human being’s life.

You’ve killed three people.

But he was trying to hurt you. You could have incapacitated him! You could have shot him in the chest, so he had a chance to live! But he was HYDRA. That’s not an excuse to end another human being’s life! You’re arguing with yourself, Y/n. You have a baby to think about. Get fucking moving.

Shit. You were right.

You took a shuddering breath, committing his face to memory, and tried to stand.

A sob escaped as pain shot down your leg – from your knee to your ankle. Shit, is it really bad? You couldn’t be sure without healing it, but you didn’t want to hurt the baby.

You threw yourself forward, using the railing as you limped down the stairs, hands slipping from the blood that was covering them. Every step was worse than the next. The pain was so intense in your knee, that you could feel yourself going into shock.

Or it was shock from shooting that HYDRA agent. That makes three, Y/n. You’re a murderer.

You stopped after only one flight of stairs. “Just one more, Y/n. Come on. Just one more.” You shuddered, and your knee started to grow hot.

SHIT! Your body was healing itself.

“No, no, no!” You tried to concentrate – willing your body to stop, but you had no idea how to stop it. You prayed that the baby was going to be okay.

When the burning of your knee was just a familiar warmth – you gripped the railing, hauling yourself up to attempt to stand, again.

Your knee felt totally fine, again.

You practically jumped down the last flight of stairs, abruptly stopping in front of the door and yanking it open.

You were met with bright lights, and an empty containment area.

Part of the protocol was going through a safety checkpoint before being granted access to the Medical Floor.

“Get down on your knees!” Someone yelled through a speaker, “Put your hands behind your head!”

You fell to your knees, hands raising in the air.

“State your full name!”

“Y/n Y/m/n Y/l/n.” You panted out, exhaustion taking over your body. “Please, I’m 28 weeks pregnant.”

You were met with silence, and you felt your arms start to droop. You were about to pass out, if they didn’t come get you fast.

The door in front of you was thrown open, and you were met with a battered Aunt May, and Ed from security.

“Oh, thank god.” Aunt May fell to the floor and wrapped her arms around you before you could slide down completely. “Honey, I’m so happy you’re safe. I looked back and you weren’t there.”

You couldn’t feel anything. You were starting to go numb. You shook the fog from your head, shaking as a stretcher was brought into the containment area. “I shot the agent in the head. He fell on me. I fell. We need to check the baby.” Your speech was starting to get slurred, and your vision was going blurry. “I’m going into shock.”

May helped you lay on the stretcher - moving the pieces of hair that fell from your bun, away from your forehead, “Just rest, okay? You’re safe, now.”

You closed your eyes, and let exhaustion consume you.

“The baby is completely fine.” An ultrasound tech was moving the wand around your exposed belly, and the echo of your baby’s heartbeat filled the room.

“So that’s what an ultrasound looks like.” Ned gasped from next to your head, “Neat.”

Michelle was holding your hand on the other side, staring up at the screen. “The baby looks like an alien.”

“I’ll have Dr. Cho come in, in a few minutes.” The guy got up from his chair, shutting off the machine and rolling it out.

“Did you tell your parents?” You asked the both of them, “I’m sure it was all over the news.”

“My phone was on the pool table.” Michelle shrugged, “I have no idea if they saw, or not.”

“I texted my parents that I was safe, and would call them when the lock down is over.” Ned sighed, rubbing the back of his neck, “They were freaking out.”

Aunt May came in before you could say anything, “Any word?”

“No. Nobody has come by, yet, to tell me anything.” You bit your lip, tears pricking at your eyes.

You were waiting on word from Peter.

None of the Avengers were in the Med Bay area, yet, and you were concerned. The HYDRA agents were all taken care of, an hour previous, and you’d been sitting there without any knowledge about your boyfriend – or any of your friends. You didn’t know if any of them were alive or hurt.

“I’ll go see what I can find out.” Aunt May left the room, walking over to the nurse’s station, pulling her borrowed hoodie tighter around her ripped party dress.

You looked down at your belly, where your kid was dancing away.

Don’t worry, baby. Daddy’s okay. He has to be.

It was four hours.

Four LONG hours, before the lockdown was lifted.

You burst from your room, demanding somebody give you an update on where your boyfriend was.

“I will burn this goddamn tower to the fucking ground if someone doesn’t tell me where the fuck my boyfriend is!” You yelled at the security guys, “I’m 28 weeks pregnant. I’m tired, sore, hungry, and worried sick about my GODDAMN BOYFRIEND! Someone fucking call Tony and let him know that I’ll put his DICK in a fucking BLENDER if I don’t get an update, soon!” You threw your hands up in the air in frustration, “Better yet, call Steve, and tell him the same fucking thing! Call them all!”

You started pacing – holding your lower back with one hand, and ripping your hand through your hair in frustration with the other. “Where the fuck are they?”

“I don’t appreciate threats being made about my dick from a sixteen-year-old, thank you very much.” Tony’s voice came from behind you. He looked terrible. “Come on, we need to talk.”

You didn’t like the sound of that.

You followed him to a conference room, over by the offices for Dr. Cho and her staff. All of the Avengers, your mom, Aunt May, Michelle, and Ned were standing around in the room – looking dirty and exhausted.

Your heart dropped.

There was no red and blue suit in the room.

“Where the fuck is Peter, Tony?” You stopped under the door frame, not wanting to go in any further. “Is my boyfriend alive?”

“Y/n. Sit down. We need to talk to you. All of you.” Natasha came over, ushering you into a chair.

You let her. You couldn’t concentrate hard enough on walking. Your nerves were fried.

“Where is my nephew?” Aunt May had her arms crossed, glaring at Tony. “Where is he, Tony?”

Clint dropped some objects on the table with a thud.

It was ripped red and blue sleeves, crushed webslingers, a crushed watch, and a note.

“Peter’s been taken.” Tony wouldn’t look at anyone, he only stared at the objects in front of him. “By your father.”

The note was from your father.

Hello, baby girl. Did you miss Daddy?


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