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Anna’s Perioperative Playlist Challenge

Surgeons and their music.

If any of you have ever spent any (conscious) time in the OR at all, you know exactly what I mean.

You can walk past a suite and know who’s operating without even looking at the board. 

If you have no idea what I’m talking about, sit tight. I’ll explain, then we’re gonna play a game.

Like, seriously, indulge me, this is gonna be fun.

Surgeons like to operate to music. It’s kind of a thing.

I’ve heard some crazy stuff in the OR, guys. Every genre you can possibly imagine. There’s standard, top 40 radio hits. Classic rock. R&B. Soul. ScreamingbangingpulsingmakeyourearsbleedJimKirknoise (seems like the ortho guys really like this one). Country. Jazz. Even (I’m not kidding) swanky elevator music. 

My ears are ringing when I make it home. When I finally crash in my bed at night, it’s not the cadence of the pulse ox, or the myriad of monitors that I hear. It’s the music.

Today, I had my personal playlist on shuffle, as always. 4:30 am, headed to the hospital in a sleep-addled daze, chugging my coffee, angry at the injustice of the world. 

And then, suddenly, clarity. A brand new Bones headcannon is born.

Lynyrd Skynyrd’s Call Me the Breeze.

Now, imagine -

Bones, hotshot big-city trauma surgeon, fresh out of residency. Bones, eyes burning, fierce, sharper than a laser scalpel, gonna change the world. Bones, at the top of his game. Bones before David’s illness, before feverish research and quiet desperation, before pitying glances and subtly shaking hands, before stims and alcohol and insomnia, before endless custody battles and bitter failure and “I’m just a simple country doctor.” Bones, when sleepless nights were a welcome challenge and the morning offered a fresh perspective. Bones, the youngest published surgeon in a generation. Bones, dominating his operating suite through sheer force of will. Bones, fed up with people commenting on his age. Bones, saving lives. Bones, making damn sure that his tech knows what playlist is on rotation, and that Call Me the Breeze is on there, somewhere.

Later, after, it doesn’t matter so much. On the Enterprise, Len’s not doing many elective procedures. Surgeries come in fits and starts, in 22 hour shifts of blood and adrenaline and grit, shifts that leave Len hazy around the edges and utterly drained. Life in the black is weeks upon weeks of mind-numbing monotony, and then everything goes to hell. Most days, the playlist is the last thing on his mind.

Besides, his tastes have matured. Really.

It’s Chris that notices first. Chris, striding into sickbay, predicting exactly what kind of day it’s gonna be by the time she makes it to her station. She’s been doing this a while - she doesn’t need to see the set of the Doc’s shoulders, or hear the cadence of his words. She knows. Nurse’s intuition.

In the beginning, her choices are random. She’s been working in the field long enough that the noise fades to the background, personal preferences be damned. It doesn’t take her long to figure it out.

Doctor McCoy, god bless him, hasn’t a clue. 

One day, one awfully long day, when the supply shuttle is overdue and the captain has missed his follow-up physical for the third shift straight and the doctor has been particularly bitchy, Chris rolls her eyes and calls him Mr. Breeze.

Len blinks at her, startled, then covers it with a dark scowl. “What was that, nurse?”

Anyone else would be terrified, but Chris works with this fool every damn day. She knows his tells, and she’s not afraid of Leonard McCoy. “Nothing, Doctor.”

He holds her gaze for a second, all bristled brows and blustering testosterone, but she is unrelenting, expressionless. He gives, whirling, and stalks to his office, muttering under his breath.

The name spreads like wildfire.

Chris turns a blind eye.

Now, the challenge:

 What else is on Bones’ surgery playlist?


Imagine working at the Jeffersonian and finding out the body is your friend who has been missing for fifteen years.

Your heart was in your throat as you approached Booth. Your mouth was dry and your stomach was flip-flopping. The words were out before you could think about them. If you thought about them, you knew they would get stuck. “I think I know who the body is.”

Booth looked at you, blinking in surprise before he noticed your distressed expression, “[f/n]?”

Your legs were shaking, barely able to support your body. Your eyes were starting to burn. “I, uh, oh God.”

Booth took hold of your arms, holding you steady, “[f/n], talk to me. What’s up?”

The tears started to trickle down your cheeks. “I used to know them,” you choked out at last. You drew a shuddering breath, “They, um, went missing when I was a teenager.” A shiver passed through your body, “The day we found the body was the fifteenth anniversary of when they disappeared.”

Booth sighed and pulled you into a hug, “I’m sorry, [f/n].” He rubbed your back as you shook. “It’s going to be okay, I promise. We’ll find out what happened.”

You swallowed hard, “I don’t think I can do this.”

“Yes, you can. I’m right here. I’m not going anywhere. I promise.”

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Chicken soup: Dean x Reader Fluff

Chicken soup: Dean x Reader Fluff

Rating: T

Warnings: IT’S SO FLUFFY.

Word Count: 991

AN: Hello.  If you asked me to be tagged in my Always Yours series I am going to consider you my Dean tag list.  If you want to be removed just shoot me a message.  If you want to be added shoot an ASK. Written for my 200 follower milestone.  Thank you so much!  I am so excited. Happy Reading!  

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“Thank God you’re here.”  Sam greeted as you made your way down the staircase into the bunker.  He looked tired and exasperated as you approached him.  Your eyebrows knitted in worry and you felt your stomach drop.  

“What’s going on?” You asked as you slung your overnight bag over your shoulder.  Sam motioned for you to follow him and you trailed closely behind him.  Your boots made a loud “clack, clack” sound before stopping in front of a familiar door.  Dean’s moans of agony flittered into your ears and your heart began to hammer in your chest.  Your eyes darted to Sam’s in a panic, and he simply looked at you pleadingly.

“What the hell is wrong with Dean?!” You inquired as you reached for the door handle.

“He has a cold…”  Sam murmured behind you.

Your head snapped back to stare at him in disbelief.  The way Dean was moaning, you would have thought he was possessed or at least had several broken bones. You squinted at Sam and tilted your head- a dead on impression of a certain angel friend.

“Really? A cold?” You quipped with a sigh.

Sam sighed loudly and nodded.  “Yeah.  He’s acting like he’s dying.  And he’s driving me nuts.”

You gave him a slow blink before opening the door and walking into the room.  Sam trailed behind you and stopped a few feet from Dean’s bed.  You laughed lightly at the disarray that surrounded Dean- tissues and food wrappers littered around him.  He had the blanket pulled over his head causing him to look like a large bump in the middle.  You hummed as you sat next to the Dean sized lump and gave it a gentle poke.  

“You alive in there?”  You cooed as if talking to a small child.  

A hand shot out of the top of the blanket and it was peeled down so that you were looking at Dean’s sweaty face.  You felt a surge of motherly instinct as you reached out to press your hand to his forehead.  He was burning up.

“Oh, my poor baby!”  You sighed as you cupped his face. “What’s the matter?”

“I think I’m dying.”  He groaned as he grabbed your hand so that it lingered on his cheek.

“Don’t worry, babydoll.  I’m here to save you.” You said as you reached down to peck him on the lips. You turned to look at Sam and waved for him to leave.

“You sure?” He asked with a sympathetic look.

“You go get some rest.  I’ve got him.” You answered as you turned to back to Dean.  When the door clicked shut, you set yourself to get to work.  You stood up to head to the bathroom but Dean caught you by the wrist.

“Don’t leave.”  He pleaded as his eyes became swimmy with tears.

“I’ll be right back.” You whispered as you moved to give his hand a reassuring squeeze.  Dean sighed in relief as you smiled at him before getting to work.  Your first stop was the restroom where you rummaged around until you found some aspirin and a wash cloth.  You then went into the kitchen to dig through the cabinets and smiled when you managed to find a single can of chicken soup.  You collected everything onto a tray you had found and smiled at your handy work.

Once back in Dean’s room, you set the tray beside his bed and gently shook him awake.  You reached out and felt his head.  His forehead was still very warm and you frowned with worry.  Dean looked up at you and smiled weakly.

“You’re back.” He mumbled as he tried to sit up, but slumped back with a groan.  You reached over and gently helped him to sit up.

“Of course- I am here to be your nurse for the evening.”  You mused back to him.  You saw a grin break out over his sheet white face at the comment.

“Are we going to play doctor?”  He asked as he waggled his eyebrows at you.  You rolled your eyes and gave him a gentle tap on the chest.

“Oh hush up and take this.”  You answered as you handed him two aspirin and a glass of water.  He downed them and you smiled at him again.  You reached for the washcloth and gently pressed the cool material to his forehead. Dean sighed contentedly as it cooled against his skin.  The look on his face made your heart swell as he looked truly relaxed.  You grabbed the bowl of chicken soup and sat down on the bed next to him with it sitting on your lap.

“Hungry?”  You asked while gesturing to the bowl on your lap.  He nodded his head and began to reach for the the bowl but you shook your head no.  Dipping the spoon in the bowl, you brought it to your lips to blow on it.  Dean’s look of surprise made you smile.

“Say ahhhhhh.”  You said as you leaned down to feed him.  Dean’s full pink lips parted and allowed the warm liquid down his aching throat. An hour later, you lay with him in your arms as you gently stroked his hair.  Breathing him in, you sighed happily as you watched the gentle rising and falling of his chest.  The bliss of moment made you feel heavy but happy as you drifted off to sleep yourself.  

You awoke with a groan the next morning as you rolled over.  As your eyes cracked open, you were met with a much healthier looking Dean staring down at you.

“Morning.” He greeted as he pulled you closer to him

“Umm.  Good Morning.”  You chirped back as you reached over to touch his forehead.  You smiled when you noticed that his fever had broken.

“Feeling better?”  You asked, as you placed a kiss to the crown of his head.

“Thanks to you.” He sighed as he pulled you in for a soft kiss.


A/N: Another series….surprise….

Summary: Castiel has been ordered to kill an Nephilim, but can he bring himself to do it?

Warnings: death

Characters: Castiel x Child!reader

Word count: 1.6k

Impure Series Masterlist

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Castiel glanced into the window of the aged wooden house he had been to several times in the past year, the living room being lightened up from the flashing television in front of the two humans sitting on the couch, enjoying a Friday night movie by themselves.

Unfurling his cramped wings, he shook off the sleet that had been collected in his feathers from the journey here. He began to move his feet but instantly froze as he felt something rub against the bottom of his leg. Looking down at his shoes, he saw the tiny Himalayan kitten that he had rescued a few months back. Castiel crouched down the slightest and pet the animal, listening to the joyful purrs vibrating through the small cat. 

He had nearly forgotten the reason he had flew all this way. Quickly standing up straighter, he disregarded the small animal that continued to follow him up the stairs. Raising a hand to the doorknob, he allowed some of his grace to get the better of him and threw the whole object off its hinges.

Both humans bolted upright, the man giving the woman a confused yet worried look. The woman on the other hand, instantly glared at Castiel with hatred. “Upstairs, now.” She ordered.

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A white wolf silently places 3 hard apple ciders bottles on the tree behind the fox that was talking to her audience, it disappears momentarily to drag back a bag filled with 32 honeycrisp apples with his mouth and struggles to pull the heavy bag onto the tree, not realizing the fox had heard it heave the bag onto the tree. It turns it’s head to check that it wasn’t caught but was met with a staring fox. It quickly removes the bone necklace with the words “Happy Birthday!” gnawed on it and ran.

October busied herself momentarily as she checked over her messages and questions, figuring out which ones she would be answering next. Though she was torn from her work as she heard a loud ‘thud’ and whipped around to see a wolf!…a rather large white wolf. 

She was a bit startled but more confused as he took her paws and handed her something

Looking down at the gift she tilted her head. A bag full of apples and a bone necklace, squinting her eyes she was able to make out the words “Happy Birthday” on it.
“Oh my! Well t-” 

But before she could finish her sentence the wolf was already running off back into the forest. She again tilted her head, wondering why he was in such a hurry. Still she smiled, calling out her thanks to him for the lovely surprise. 

Spontaneity - Lucky Blue Smith One Shot

Request: hey! I was wondering if maybe you’d do a cute little fluffy imagine with either lucky blue smith or neels visser where the reader and one of the boys just drives around for a while and then they stop in the middle of nowhere and just sit on the hood of the car together, thank you!
We took the liberty of adding both of those babes in, hope you like it xx

Overall it had been a typical Thursday.  Classes had gone by excruciatingly slow and it was a struggle to even complete the homework the teachers had assigned without ignoring the urge to scroll through Tumblr countless times, but the torture was finally over and the comfort of the couch was finally sucking me in.  My eyelids felt heavy and I was almost asleep, the darkness starting to creep in and a pleasant numbness running through my body.

That is, until now.  

A slight buzz from my phone broke my silent reverie and I groaned until I saw who had messaged me. A smile bloomed on my face despite exhaustion still wracking my bones and I squinted at the screen’s brightness. It was Lucky, and the message beaming up at me made me roll my eyes.

Wanna do something spontaneous?

My thumbs sent off a quick reply.

I just woke up from a nap lol so…rain check.

As much as I liked Lucky I didn’t have the energy to entertain or do anything.  With anyone.  In fact, sleep sounded pretty great right now and the caress of the couch had felt amazing… Right as you hit send three dots appeared, and another message appeared within seconds.

So…yes? ;)

“Silly boy,” I grumbled. Before I could even text back a reply, a horn blared outside the front door.  He couldn’t…. he wouldn’t….

“Y/N!!!!” A voice outside yelled.  I knew that voice.  

More aggressive honking ensued and I had no choice but to walk out the door and face the man of the hour.

“Lucky?? What the hell are you doing here?”  I squinted through the darkness to see him and…Neels?  In the backseat?

Lucky’s laugh carried above the music that was blasting from the car, clearly happy with himself that his surprise had worked.  Neels popped his head out of the car with a wide grin, “Don’t make us carry you into the damn thing!  Get in!”

I looked at the two gorgeous boys who had come into my life so unexpectedly as I stood there in my old hello kitty pajamas and couldn’t help but laugh at the randomness of it all.  I ran to the car, the boys whooping and hollering as I finally clambered in and shut the passenger door behind me. Apparently a little too harshly as Lucky let out a protest.  “Hey! This is vintage!”  He put out his hands dramatically for emphasis, but he winked at me to affirm he wasn’t completely serious.

It was well past 9pm and my parents hadn’t come back from their dinner with friends, so I wasn’t concerned about them disapproving of this late night rendezvous with my…well, I’m not quite sure what we were at that moment, but I’m sure it was a little more than friends.  At least, that’s what it felt like.

The purr of the engine strolled along and soon we were cruising through Santa Monica on Ocean Boulevard, the distant crash of the waves barely perceptible, but still there.  I needed this, I thought as the wind blew through my hair.  He was good for me, I realized.  I felt a burning sensation prickle the back of my neck and I turned my head to catch Lucky’s gaze.

“Eyes on the road Lucky,” I teased.

“If I wasn’t banished to the backseat we wouldn’t have this problem,” Neels pointed out.  

Lucky groaned, his head dipping back slightly against the seat.  “You guys are the worst.  Let me live!” He shouted defiantly to no one in particular, the wind catching his voice and carrying it away.  I laughed blissfully after that, there was no particular reason, but maybe that’s why it came so easily.  Lucky once more looked over to me and gave me a smile that was so natural, wider than the smoldering looks he’d give to the camera, and more…boyish. More Lucky.  He suddenly grabbed my hand, humming in contentment when he gently stroked the tops of mine with the pad of his thumb.  We ignored Neels shouts of disgusting!  And save me! to random passerby’s on the street (particularly groups of teenage girls), and I laughed when Neels almost fell out the window when Lucky sharply turned the car through a side street that wound up one of the mountains.

“Wait, where are we going?” I asked wondrously, I’d never seen this place before and I hadn’t even questioned getting into the vehicle long enough to think about what Lucky had planned for us.

“There’s a spot up here I wanna show you,” Lucky smirked, and I jumped a little when Neels rubbed my shoulders from behind.  

“Relax Y/N, we’re not going to murder you,” Neels laughed at my awkard “ha…ha” and his hands dropped once Lucky leaned back and punched him in the side.

“Stop scaring her, I’m trying to have a nice night with my girl here,” Lucky complained. “Shouldn’t have taken the idiot,” he added quietly.

Neels’ and mine eyebrows rose up, but for entirely different reasons. He’d called me his girl.  I couldn’t help the cheesy smile that was tugging at my cheeks and a warmth spread through me at the thought.  We hadn’t defined anything up until this point, just a lot of flirting, and talking, and just getting on really well.  But that was fine by me.

“You say that, but I know you love me,” Neels murmured.  He thought for a moment, “And y’know there are tons of girls that would be dying for my company right now.  So you know what.  Your welcome.”  His smug tone left me wondering if he was actually joking and I mumbled a “cocky bastard,” under my breath.

Lucky caught my words and playfully gaped at me in shock, “Y/N!” he exclaimed.  The hand holding mine suddenly disentangled itself and started attacking my side, causing me to let out a stream of giggles.  “You have a dirty mouth don’t you?” he said in between laughter.  “Lucky!  Stop!” I breathed, continuing to squeal and writhe in the seat.  Lucky’s eyes were glowing, torn between looking at the sight beside him and the newly exposed skin your shorts revealed as they’d ridden up in your wriggling, or the winding road in front of him.

“For the love of God Lucky keep your eyes on the road!  You might be my best friend but I will sue you if we get in an accident!” Neels practically screamed, the only voice of reason in the car.

“Don’t mind him, he’s just jealous,” Lucky assured me, finally stopping his attack.  I was absolutely panting at this point and was seriously thinking about punching him, but Neels words ran through my head and he was right - a car crash was the last thing I wanted right now.

I hadn’t done all that homework for nothing damn it.

One last turn of the car and I realized why we’d driven so far up. Lights glittered the city below us as Lucky pulled closer to the edge of the cliff.  When we hopped out, we admired the black ocean that was scattered out in front of us like an abyss we couldn’t even hope to see through.  The contrast between the busy lights scattered along the tucks and juts of the hills and the darkness of the obscure beaches long abandoned by tourists that were devoid of movement was simply captivating.

“Wow,” I whispered.  A light couple thuds sounded and I moved to the spot on the hood of the car where Lucky had patted beside him.  He extended a hand and helped pull me up, his large hand easily enveloping my smaller one, and the way he squeezed it ever so slightly once I’d settled in right next to him made me feel safe and warm all over again.

“I love your small hands.” He murmured, as if reading my mind.  And if I hadn’t been that close, those words would’ve been lost the way the wind was lapping against us as it passed.

I smiled and nudged him a bit with my shoulder, a shy smile spreading on his face and, if there wasn’t such a lack of light, perhaps I’d be able to detect a blush.  This shy side of Lucky had been making appearances lately, ever since things had just felt so right between the two of us, since we’d been walking the unspoken line between friends and something more.  I expected to hear a gross or a get a room when Lucky wrapped an arm around me to draw me closer away from the cold, but Neels was surprisingly quiet and when I looked to find him, I saw he’d walked closer to the edge and was taking photos of the scene. I didn’t know why though.  Photos could never quite capture moments like this.

“I’m glad you dragged my lazy butt out of napping again,” I hummed quietly against his chest.

“Hm?” he pondered.  His head bent down slightly, plump lips grazing my temple and I could’ve sworn I felt them instinctually pucker and press into a slight kiss.  My heart instantly accelerated and I thought it best not to acknowledge the show of affection, choosing to nuzzle closer into the crook of his neck instead.

“I said-” I cleared my throat “‘M glad you got me out.  You tend to do that.”  

I felt his smile, and his arm slightly tightened around my waist.

“I’m glad you’re glad.  That’s all I could want,” he stated.

There was a moment of silence where neither of us seemed to move.  The warm, soft material of his jumper against the side of my face was enough, and the sound of his steady heartbeat that was racing just a little faster than normal, made me think I’d be content if that was the only sound I’d hear for the rest of my life.  A few more moments like this passed before I slowly but bravely lifted my head to gaze up at him. The moon was hiding tonight, but I could still make out some features, his sharp jaw, his plump lips, and the silhouette of wind-tousled hair.  It would be a downright lie if I ignored the fact there was a bit of fear to be so close to someone so beautiful.  

He finally caught my stare, looking down at me so his lips were now a mere inch apart.  I couldn’t see his eyes, but something sparked between us that didn’t need confirmation.  We just knew. He tilted his head down, lips close to capturing mine-

“Hey!  Are we leaving soon?  My ass is going to freeze off!” Neels shouted, jogging back to the car in a huff.

Lucky groaned at the interrupted moment, at our almost kiss that would now have to wait for another time.  But I almost didn’t mind.

There was strange satisfaction in knowing it had almost happened.

“Next time remind me to drop off Neels before we do anything again. Ever,” he grumbled.  He pressed a quick kiss to my cold nose before effortlessly sliding off the hood of the car, and I was suddenly glad for the cover of darkness the way my cheeks raged like a fire.  I hadn’t noticed the cold the way Lucky warmed me up.

“Still glad we came though?” I asked, slightly breathless from what had almost been.

“Most definitely,” he assured me, taking my hand in his and holding it all the way back home.

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The King’s Tomb || McKirk-Tober Day #6

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McKirk-Tober Day #6 || Mummies

Title: The King’s Tomb

Fandom: Star Trek (AOS)

Relationship: McKirk

Warnings: discussion of sex (but there is none), 

Summary: The discovery of a lifetime is made.

Pre-A/N: Mummies!! Another classic Hollywood monster! To be honest I almost forgot this theme. All of a sudden I woke up one morning a few weeks ago and it just hit me like a ton of bricks. The idea came quick enough though ;)

So get ready to join archaeologist!Jim and Leonard, his doctor boyfriend as they search for the tomb of the long lost King of Vulcan. 

Another shoutout to @thevalesofanduin for being a dear in assisting me in figuring out where on earth the Vulcans would have lived. A lot of ideas were tossed about, but it was decided an unknown desert location was the best route to go. 

McKirk-Tober Masterlist

Enjoy!! ♥

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