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Pregnant Reader - Spock

A little fic of the reader telling Spock that she is pregnant!


You and Spock arrive back on the Enterprise after a grueling mission. The planet, which was supposed to be devoid of intelligent life, apparently had plants that were sentient. Once you had beamed down to the planet, the plants had started to attack the landing crew, killing two of the security officers, and only allowing enough time for you, Spock, and the remaining security officer to be beamed back on board. You hadn’t had the chance to tell Spock that you were pregnant, the Captain had commed you, telling you that you were going planet-side. So the two of you arrived back on the ship, covered in the security officers blood, sweat, and pollen, you were completely exhausted. When you had gone to Bones about the fatigue he had informed you that because Vulcan’s had copper-based blood, the baby was taking up all of the copper in your blood. He had prescribed you copper supplements, but running through dense plant life that was trying to kill you was still exhausting.

“I gotta sit down for a minute, babe” you whisper, sinking into a recently vacated chair.

“Are you well, ashayam?”

“Yeah, I’m fine, just really tired”

“You have been experiencing periods of exhaustion 62.37% more often within the past 8 weeks then you have previously experienced” the Vulcan crouched in front of you, taking your hands into his.

“I went to see Bones, he said that it isn’t anything to worry about. He said it was normal”

“The Doctor McCoy must be mistaken. This form of exhaustion is not normal for humans” Spock stood up, pulling you with him, “We must go to Medbay, Doctor McCoy will reevaluate you”

“Spock! There’s no need to go on a war path. I have something I wanted to tell you anyway”

Spock pauses turning back to look at you, his brow slightly furrowed, “What is it? You aren’t … sick, are you?”

You chuckle, shifting your hand into a Vulcan kiss, which Spock readily returns, “No, babe, I’m not sick. I’m pregnant”

The only visible reaction that you can see is Spock’s eyes widen slightly, “You are – you are …” Spock clears his throat, “You are with child?” You burst into laughter, taking one of Spock’s hand in both of yours, “You are carrying our child and yet you went on the away mission with me?!”

You can’t help but grin when Spock raises his voice, you know that he will beat himself up about showing emotion later, but right now it is hilarious. Suddenly Spock scoops you up into his arms, “I will take you to Medical, I will require Doctor McCoy to check on you and the child. There is a possibility that the stress of being transported and fleeing from the sentient plants ash affected either you or the child.”

You wrap your arms around Spock’s neck, “It’s alright. I was careful out there. I wouldn’t have gone if the Captain hadn’t ordered it. I mean I didn’t think the plants were going to try and kill us, but the baby in fine. We have to go see Bones anyway for the post-mission physical. He is probably going to want a sample of the pollen.”

Spock just lengthened his stride, “Leonard will have to get his samples from me, you must shower and be rid of the pollen”

You just quietly relax back into Spock’s arms, still amused over his fussing and enjoy the ride to medical.

Bones agrees with Spock once we arrive. He wants you to get the pollen off of you as soon as possible, and then he will do an ultrasound to check on the fetus.

After your shower you walk back out into Medbay and hop onto a biobed next to Spock’s. Bones is just finishing up the physical and is ushered to the shower.

“Now that the hobgoblin is taken care of, let’s get your physical taken care of, then we can check on your little one.”

Bones is quick to go through the physical, so by the time he is done, Spock is coming out of the shower, dressed in a new uniform. Spock walks over to you and stands beside you while Bones gets the machine ready for your ultrasound.

“You should be able to hear the heartbeat, and … here … we … go”

You smile as Bones pulls up the image, the baby is nothing but a little dot, nothing is distinguishable, but you can hear the heartbeat. You glance over when Bones starts up the sound, and watch Spock’s eyes widen. He stares at the image, one of his hands reaching over to ghost over your stomach.

“That is our child’s heartbeat, ashayam”

“I know, Spock. It’s beautiful isn’t it?”

Spock nods mutely, still unable to tear his eyes away from the screen. You can already tell that Spock isn’t going to leave you alone for the entire duration of your pregnancy.

“I will inform the Captain that you are no longer available for missions, and that you will only be on light duty once you reach 5 months of gestation.”

You chuckle, “I’m pretty sure I can still preform my duties while pregnant”

“Illogical, you shall be severely limited in movement as the child grows. You will also need rest in order avoid risks of preeclampsia”

You reach pulling Spock into a kiss, at the same time brushing your fingers against his. “I can’t really tell if that was supposed to be sweet or insulting”

You can hear Bones fake gagging beside you, “You two are going to make me puke with all of your cuteness”

Spock raises one eyebrow at the doctor, “I expect you to take care of Y/N throughout her pregnancy. You are the best doctor in the fleet, and I want nothing going wrong. The pregnancy is high risk enough since the child will be ¼ Vulcan.”

Bones nods quietly, “I plan to take care of her, Spock. Don’t worry, nothing will happen to our girl here”

You groan, flopping back onto the biobed, “I don’t know what I’m going to do! Between you, Bones, and Jim, I’m going to be smothered!”

Spock runs his fingers through your hair, “Come now, ashayam. Now that we know our child is in good health, you need to rest.”

Of course Spock tries to pick you up again, but you smack at his arm until he puts you down. He does make you lay down as soon as you get to your shared room. You start to doze, cracking an eye open when you feel Spock rest his hand gently on your lower stomach. You reach down, lacing your fingers together so both of your hands are resting below your bellybutton.

“I love you”

“I love you as well, ashayam. I feel that I also love our child, even though I have only known of its existence for a few hours.”

You chuckle softly, “I know exactly how you feel, babe”

You lay there quietly while Spock uses one hand to file reports while the other remains tangled with yours. Every time you try to pull away Spock tightens his hand until you finally give in and fall asleep. You already know that Spock it going to be a complete nightmare throughout your pregnancy, especially if his two best friends join him. You might love the Vulcan, but you know that his overprotective nature will eventually drive you up the wall. And you honestly wouldn’t have it any other way.


Jim Kirk x Reader: Fluff.

A/N: This is for @outside-the-government ‘s Winter Blues Challenge. I was given the prompt:  “Dr. McCoy told me he’d had a patient with some weird symptoms in today… I didn’t tell him I happened to have the same thing. What the hell did you give me?!”

The walk to Kirk’s living quarter was usually a brisk short journey from your lab, but each step felt like you were on a rocky boat. Your stomach was turning, mouth was dried and something else was happening to your body, but it was far too embarrassing to even admit to yourself. Still, there was only one person to blame.

James Tiberius Kirk.

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Imagine being married to Zack Addy and finding out you’re pregnant.

“Zack, come on, focus, this is a party and you are a million miles away right now,” Hodgins scolded, coming up behind the intern and taking a sip of his drink. “Talk to me, man, you’ve been out of it all day.”

Zack blinked at the notes in front of him, looking to his friend questioningly. “[f/n] has informed me that she is pregnant.”
A slow grin spread over Hodgins’ face, “Zack, that’s amazing! Congratulations!” He gave the man’s shoulder a light smack. Still, Zack didn’t smile. On the contrary, a small frown creased his brow.

“I feel unprepared to raise a child,” he stated. “What if they do not like me? What if I am an unsatisfactory parent?”

“No one feels prepared to have a kid. That’s why pregnancies take nine months,” Hodgins reasoned, taking another sip of his drink, “It gives you a chance to learn and figure things out together. I’m sure [f/n]’s just as freaked out as you are. Just take it one step at a time. I’m sure you’ll be a great dad.”

A cautious smile tugged Zack’s lips, “Thank you for your encouragement.”

“That’s why I’m the King of the Lab.”

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Weekly Reading List #39

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It’s Monday, so here we go, my weekly reading list! This will be short today, ‘cause though tomorrow it’s our national holiday, I have to work and need to get up at 4 a.m. to start at 5 a.m. By now that means less than 7 hours of sleep, so I’m gonna say this: have fun with these amazing fics, enjoy them and good night *waving*


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Lunchtime Drabble: No Rest

Pairings: Jim x Pregnant Reader, Bones x sister reader
Words: 574
Warnings: cuteness?
Summary: Jim calls Bones in the middle of the night to check on his very pregnant wife.
A/N: this might get a second part written for it if there’s enough interest. Let me know if anyone is interested in being on a lunchtime drabble or permanent tag list!

Y/N woke to a noise by her head. WIthout opening her eyes, she knew it was a tricorder in the hands of Dr. McCoy.

“What are you doing?” Y/N grumbled.

“Just checking,” came the rough response as Bones knelt next to her on the bed.

“It’s the middle of the night!” Y/N whined, rolling over to bump into yet another person kneeling on her bed. “Jim, why?”

“I just got worried, Y/N.” her husband responded, one arm wrapping around her swollen belly. “I called Bones because you were making some noises in your sleep.”

“Noises?” Y/N finally opened her eyes and looked at Jim. “What kind of noises?”

“Sounded like normal snoring to me when I came in.” Bones replied for him.

Y/N groaned. It was hard enough being pregnant, about ready to pop, and still trying to work in the medical lab. But with a paranoid captain husband and annoying doctor brother, this baby needed to make an appearance sooner rather than later. For everyone’s sanity!

“Is Y/N okay, Bones? Is the baby okay?” Jim asked nervously, rubbing a hand on Y/N’s belly.

“They are both fine Jim, same as last time you called. Y/N, honey, your blood pressure is just a little high, but I’m pretty sure that’s Jim’s fault.”

“What? High blood pressure?!” Jim jumped out of bed. “That’s bad, right!? Y/N you have to rest. You are relieved of duty until after the baby is born. Or maybe forever, I haven’t decided yet.”

“JIM!” Y/N called tiredly over his rant. “Please calm down and shut up. Leo, everything’s really okay?”

“Yes, darlin’. You and baby are fine. But we might need to talk about you taking leave from the lab.”

“All I do it sit at the computer! What harm can come from that? I don’t touch any of the chemicals. Besides, at work I’m literally right next door to the Medbay, what better place to be when I go into labor?”

“She has a point, Jim.” It’s about time her brother took her side on something.

Jim scrubbed a hand down his face as he paced at the end of the bed, evaluating the siblings and the situation.

“Alight. But I will hold you personally responsible, Bones, if anything happens.”

“I think I’m capable of watching out for my little sister, Jim, even if she does make idiotic choices when it comes to men.” Bones kissed Y/N’s head and told her to go back to sleep and headed back to his own bed, grumbling as he went out the door.

“Come here babe,” Y/N held her hand out to Jim, pulling him back onto the bed next to her. He gently rubbed her belly with one hand while the other went into her hair.

“Are you sure you’re feeling okay?” He asked, his eyes searching hers. “I know I’m driving you crazy but I just need to know that you’re okay.”

“Jim, I promise you, I will tell you if I feel anything other than what’s normal.” Y/N smiled into his worried beautiful eyes. “Now, snuggle me back to sleep.”

Jim finally allowed himself a smile as he laid down behind his wife, pulling her to his chest, resting a hand where their child grew. As he felt her drift off to sleep, he promised himself he would protect them both until his dying breath.

taglist: @writingwithadinosaur


You winced, stumbling slightly as pain lanced through your abdomen. It came again and you couldn’t hold back your groan.

Hodgin’s eyes went wide, “Baby?” he asked, voice high-pitched with panic.

You nodded, clenching your jaw against another wave of pain. It didn’t help and you cried out again, panting heavily.

“Baby! Uh, okay! Baby!” Hodgins yelled, looking frantically for Booth or Dr. Brennan.

“Calm down, babe,” you gasped out, taking hold of his hand tightly. “Women have been doing this for centuries. I’ve got this.”

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* =NSFW/NSFW(ish)

(I would like to apologise to @underratedcharactersimagines for being a stalker ❤️)

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Broken Promises - Bones x Reader

Words: 1311
Pairing: Bones x Reader
Warnings: Pregnant Reader, accident, mention of blood

“Attention all crew members, this is Captain Kirk speaking. In about one hour, we will enter the atmosphere of the class M planet Nibiru. Due to some unforeseen weather conditions, we will enter a massive storm immediately which may cause turbulence. The mission will be postponed to tomorrow in order to prevent the volcano from erupting. Please be careful and I want all departments on standby. Kirk out.”

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(Fifty)Five minute ficlet (whoops)

@yourtropegirl has been filling my inbox with questions tonight to brighten my mood. So I told her she could give be a FMF request. And she hit me with this. And then it wound up MUCH longer than a FMF should be…

Your stomach was upset and you just felt run down. Not enough that you thought you might need time away from bridge, but just enough that you thought you might need some vitamins or something. Nothing stayed settled properly. You had some wicked cramps in the morning, which then turned into bloat, which then, oh so attractively, turned into gas. You almost wished you were in operations so you could hide in an electrical closet alone, fixing things and farting without anyone catching you.

At lunch, you sat at your table at the mess with Uhura, flicking your lunch around, starving, but unable to eat. She watched, wordlessly, and cocked her head to one side.

“You sick?” She asked.

“I don’t know. I don’t feel good, but I don’t know if I’m sick,” you admitted. “I could barely drag myself out of bed this morning, and I’ve just been feeling gross all day. Like… I need to poop. But can’t.”

Nyota let out a surprised laugh and shook her head. “More fibre, Y/N. And water. Space constipation is the worst.”

Nyota’s advice had been sound, and you increased your vegetable intake and your fluid intake with some small relief, but you still had a general feeling of bloating and pressure. Like something wasn’t moving properly in your guts. It was to the point where you were nauseated every day, all day long. And nothing helped. You’d started dropping weight enough that Jim had noticed.

“Your uniform is baggy, Y/N. Are you sick?”

“I’m fine,” you lied. Jim raised an eyebrow and you looked away, back to your console. Nyota cornered you after shift.

“Seriously, Y/N, what is going on? Why won’t you go check in at MedBay?” She pressed. You sighed and pulled her over to a quiet lounge.

“Remember the Federation Day party Jim insisted we have?” You asked. Nyota smiled and nodded.

“Yeah, it was awesome.”

“Remember when the Brandy came out?” You continued. She nodded again. “Remember the never have I ever game?”

“Yeah, who knew you and Jim were so kinky,” she laughed. 

“Yeah, I don’t remember much after that, but I woke up with Bones the next morning.” You dropped your voice to a whisper. She shrieked in surprise anyhow.

“What? Do you remember what happened?”

“We were both naked.” You have her a meaningful look. She shrugged.

“That doesn’t mean anything happened. I mean, you were both so drunk, who knows if the function would have still been -”

“I was achy and walking funny for about three days, Nyota,” you interrupted. Her mouth formed a perfect O. “Needless to say, things have been super awkward ever since, and the last thing I need is to go in with some weird illness and have him thinking I’ve got Gangorian Gonorrhea or something.”

“It can’t be that bad,” she argued. You raised an eyebrow.

“Watch at dinner,” you challenged her.

“Oh my god, he remembers too,” Uhura whispered across the table.

“Kind of hard to forget a naked woman screaming, kicking and falling out of your bed,” you countered. “Particularly considering I accidentally stole his uniform and ran down the hall in Blues.”

She choked on a laugh and shook her head. “Do you still feel sick?”

“Nyota, I would gnaw off my right fucking arm to be able to puke. I’m sure if I could just throw up and clear whatever is blocking me up, I’d feel a million times better.” You flicked your dinner around, taking the occasional bite. But it tasted like sand and made the nausea worse.

The console in front of you was swimming. The lack of food was catching up, finally, and you were having a hard time focussing on your work. You swayed and looked up at Uhura, narrowing your eyes to try to understand what she was saying. Her mouth was moving, but no sound appeared to be coming out. 

You attempted to stand to go find out what she was saying, and toppled into Jim’s arms. 

“I think it’s well past time we had Bones look you over, Y/N,” he said as he heaved you into his arms and carried you to the turbolift.

“It’s not necess-”

“It’s a direct order from your Captain, Y/L/N. MedBay or the brig. Your choice,” he interrupted as the turbolift doors slid shut. Hearing no further protest, he carried you into MedBay when the door slid open again. Bones looked up and recognized you, eyes widening. He pointed at a biobed and JIm laid you against the hard surface. You closed your eyes, not wanting to look at Bones at all. You were sure your cheeks were on fire enough as it was.

“Uhura says she’s been complaining of nausea and lethargy for a few weeks now, Bones,” Jim offered. You opened your eyes to glare at him, only to have Bones thrust a scanner in your face. He watched the report coming from the tricorder, the furrow in his brow growing deeper as the scan reported. He reached for the hand-held CT device and checked your chest and abdomen.

“Any vomiting, Y/L/N?” He asked. You shook your head.

“I think I’d feel way better if I could,” you admitted. He put the scanner down and palpated your abdomen. You winced as he pressed on the tight skin at your belly button. He picked up the CT again and scanned lower, and then smirked and raised an eyebrow, giving Jim a sly look.

“No vomiting at all?” he clarified. You shook your head and pushed yourself to sitting. “When was your last menstrual cycle?” 

If you weren’t already mortified, you were now. “Uh, just shortly before Federation Day, I think. I’d have to double check my calendar.”

“Are your,” he cleared his throat and looked uncomfortable, gesturing at your chest, “uh, your breasts. Are they tender?”

Without thinking you reached up and checked. “Maybe a little more than usual?”

“And you’re fatigued?” He pressed. You nodded. “Needing to void more frequently?”

“She’s on and off the bridge much more than usual,” Jim offered brightly.

“Because Nyota said I should drink more water because I’d been feeling so bloated,” you protested.

“Well, I have good news, Y/L/N, you aren’t dying,” Bones offered, and punched Jim on the shoulder. “And you, you sly dog. You should have said something.”

Jim looked at you in confusion, and then back to Bones. “About what?”

“Well, you rushed her in here so concerned -”

“As a captain would be for any of his crew, Bones!” Jim interrupted. “I’m sorry, Y/N, you’re lovely, but -”

“So it’s not you?” Bones asked, suddenly looking disappointed and a little hurt. 

“I’m not sure what you’re asking, Bones, but Y/N and I aren’t involved,” Jim clarified. Bones looked away, almost flinching.

“Can someone please tell me what is going on?” You interrupted, not wanting to hear Jim’s laundry list of why you aren’t attractive to him. You knew he was carrying on with someone in Engineering, and that he thought he was being secretive about it.

“This is a fairly significant diagnosis. Would you like your boyfriend to come offer moral support?”

“There is no boyfriend,” you countered. Jim sat down beside you, and took your hand in his. Bones flinched again and looked away.

“As you captain, I’ll support you -”

“Okay, seriously, am I dying?” You asked.

“No, you’re pregnant,” Bones was dead serious. “I can understand if there’s no boyfriend in the picture how you might not have realized. You’ll need to have a discussion with the father, of course -”

You blanched and gestured for the garbage pail beside Bones, and when he passed it to you, sweet relief as you were finally able to puke. And puke. And puke. Jim retreated with the first heave, but Bones stayed beside you, gesturing for a nurse you bring you a glass of water and a hypo with Zofran in it. When the puking stopped, the tears started, and Bones sat on the biobed beside, you, and wrapped his arm around your shoulder.

“Hey, Y/N, it’ll be okay. If you want me be with you when you talk to him -”

“You fucking moron,” you shook your head as you wiped your mouth. “Who the hell do you think is the father? Federation day, remember?”

a meeting of equals

She had not wanted to come South, to risk enduring more abuses at the whim of another Southron ruler. Since Joffrey had proved himself a monster, she had only ever wanted to go home and remain within the walls of Winterfell. But Jon speaks truth as if everyone surrounding him does the same. He is transparent and unaccustomed to the life at court, and Sansa has been told that the dragon queen is even more beautiful than Cersei.

She arrives at Dragonstone with only her sworn shield and Brienne’s squire, Podrick, despite Jon’s protestations. She is greeted by Missandei, the queen’s most trusted advisor, and her former husband. A smile lightens her grim expression at the sight of him. Tyrion was always kind to her. She feels safer with him here.

“What can one sword do against the Mother of Dragons?” Sansa asks when Missandei bids them to relinquish their weapons.

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anonymous asked:

Bj source. No matter how long it gets, I still burst out laughing at the username 😂😂

i know like…. didn’t they realize djksds


that you find out you’re pregnant with Bones’ baby but you’re scared to tell him. (requested by Anon)

You made your way to the mess hall, thankful that your shift was over. Somehow you had managed to make your way through it, even though you were distracted. Your mind was elsewhere, away from your work, away from your duties. It was on a certain grumpy doctor, working in the medbay at this very moment.

You had found out a couple of days ago that you were pregnant, carrying his child. Ever since, you were unable to sleep, unable to eat properly because of how sick with worry you were. What if Bones found out? It wasn’t something you talked about at all. Starting a family aboard a star ship even, that was dangerous enough. But could you really let Bones leave while you stayed on the ground looking after your child. The thought of being alone left you terrified. How could Bones ever accept this?

Reaching the table where your friends were sat at, you were just about to greet them when you felt a wave of dizziness overcome you. As though the ship had tilted and lost it’s gravity. Gasping softly, you reached for the table as your vision darkened. The only thing you heard was shouts of your name as you fell to the floor unconscious.

When you finally woke up, it was to hear hushed whispers around you. From the glaring light shining into your face and the smell of disinfectant agents, you realised you were in the medbay.

“Bones, I can’t keep her here. She needs to go back to Earth-” you heard an insistent plea.

“She’s not going anywhere Jim!” you heard an angry hiss. Bones. So the other must be the Captain. And they were talking about you. You were sure of it.

“Bones-” Captain Kirk started again but Bones didn’t wait for him to finish.

“Get out my medbay Jim!” you heard Bones snap before a deep sigh and retreating footsteps. “And you can open your eyes too, sweetheart. Your heart rate’s been giving you away” he told you.

Damn it! You thought you would be able to avoid this until he got off his shift. Wincing, you opened your eyes before slamming them shut again. “What happened?” you said, as you pulled yourself up with his help. You slipped your legs over the side as his hands massaged your shoulders. The warm hands made you sigh in relief as they pressed against tense muscles.

“You collapsed. That’ll happen when you’re not eating or sleeping” Bones said sarcastically, taking your vitals.

You flicked away the torch in his hands, irritated by all the light. “Sorry, been busy” you muttered, grimacing as he ran a tricorder over you. Quickly you pushed it away, knowing what would show up. “Can I go now? I feel fine, I’ll make sure I grab something to eat on my way back to the quarters” you protested, fear making your stomach tighten once more.

“Darlin’ enough” he sighed, placing the tricorder beside you and stood in between your opened legs. Bones’ hands clasped your hands in his, skimming the back of your hand with his thumb. “Why didn’t you tell me?” he breathed.

Tears welling in your eyes, you felt terrible. How could you not have told him? Even if he didn’t want it, he deserved to know. “I was scared” you admitted softly, just loud enough for you to be heard. A part of you wished you could just go back to when you had finished your shift, so you could have just rested. That way you could have kept it secret a bit longer.

“Of what Darlin’? Me? Sweetheart, why would you be scared of me?” he chuckled softly, hand clasping your chin and bringing your gaze up to his amused one.

“Because I thought you might not want it. You might leave. I mean, we’ve never spoke about a family and you always keep saying how you’re old and I thought… well I thought you might think you were too old to have a baby-” you rambled, unable to stop yourself. With every word out of you, you felt your face heat up. Honestly you would give anything to just be able to run out of this.

Suddenly, his lips fell onto yours, stopping any verbal bile that was coming out of your mouth at warp speed. His dry, chapped lips felt rough against your sensitive, bitten ones. Sighing into the kiss, you gripped his waist, pressing back into the pressure.

“I’m a fool, I’m a god-damn idiot! I’m sorry I made you think that, Y/N. But it couldn’t be more wrong. I keep going on about being old but never for that. Never for having a child with you. I am never going to leave you, especially not that I know you’re pregnant” Bones admitted, pushing the hair back that was falling into your face. He placed chaste kisses around your face, making you giggle as he kissed your nose.

“So you’re happy then?” you asked, biting your lip as you stared up at his beaming face. The others in the medbay would probably wonder what you had done to make the grumpy doctor so happy.

“Darlin’, happy don’t cover it. I love you Y/N, more than ever” Bones chuckled, pulling you in for a deeper kiss.

You grinned against his lips. Honestly, now that it was in the open, you had no idea why you were so scared to tell him.