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I Found - Leonard McCoy

Summary: Len is scared to lose any more people. based on the song i found by amber run

Prompt: bones imagine based on the song I Found by Amber Run? - @uhura-ny

Warnings: language, lil angsty

A/N: lil less than 2k words. one of my favorite people requested this piece. i was so happy when i finished writing it that i sent her 8 messages screaming about it. it’s a good piece, not exactly what was wanted, but i’m pretty satisfied with it! i obv had to add some jim to hold myself over. ENJOY and tell me what you think! 

A novice in the art of ignoring those on his mind, Leonard found it difficult to keep his mouth shut and in his most neutral scowl— especially when you were the one in question.

His palms were growing tired of his fingernails just as his teeth grew tired of being constantly gritted and he thought maybe his eyebrows would be stuck in a permanent furrow while his jaw would never come unclenched. He couldn’t stop, though.

He couldn’t just not dig his nails into his skin with enough force to draw blood— it kept him from reaching for you. It was compulsory that his teeth remained gritted with such strength— there was no chance any words meant for you could leave his lips that way. He absolutely needed to furrow his eyebrows, knit and screwed together— it prevented his eyes from softening for you.  And he knew there was no way he could ever unclench his aching jaw— it made sure to keep intact the slipping tension he so desperately needed to keep from sinking into you.

He didn’t dare forget about you, either. While he did his best to choke back the feelings that awoke for you just by the smell of your shampoo or the sound of your voice, he couldn’t afford to forget those feelings ever existed. They were a warning for him— a cautionary tale that laid before him the outcome of ever feeling that way again, the outcome of ever falling so hard again.

It wasn’t that he hadn’t tried. He’d actually tried so hard. He kept himself locked in the medbay, tied to his desk, drowned in a bottle of cheap bourbon. But that made it all worse— quitting you cold turkey just wasn’t an option.

He then resorted to limiting his exposure to you. Just lunch every afternoon! Sometimes dinner, usually breakfast. A little pop-in to see how you were fairing in the bowels of the Enterprise as Scotty’s favorite engineer beside himself. But that was it. No more than that.

He was rethinking things as he sat before you now, though. With the way your finger-mussed hair brushed against your cheekbones and your eyes sat widened in amusement, he needed to rethink things.

“— so they keep injuring themselves! Out of spite!” you said loudly as you laughed, waving your hand around so your water came dangerously close to sloshing over the rim of your glass. “Can you imagine having such little regard for your superior officer that you’re willing to risk knocking your teeth out?”

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Summary: A BonesxReader that’s set during ID when the Vengeance is crashing down on earth: The reader is an engineer stationed in San Francisco during the crash (Bones knows that), survives it without being injured and then starts to help fix things after everything calms down (Bones doesn’t know that) and when he lands on earth and hears that the reader is on the ‘battlefield’ he freaks out? But then everything turns into fluff? (: for @littlecarowrites

Notes: I’m so sorry it took so long! Hope you like it! ((also first bones fic omg y’all))

Word count: 1222

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While sliding around the corridors of the flagship, Leonard’s focus was 100% on the job at hand – making sure nobody ends up dead. The ship was falling down from the sky and pulled towards the Earth by its gravity. A one-way trip to certain death and imminent destruction.

Usually, as a grump that he is, he’d whine about the weight of his toolbox. Even though he always knew it’s in the job description, he would’ve sometimes wished he could just throw it into open space and never see that damned thing again. Now, though, while running around the ship making sure everybody gets home in a single piece and with a pulse, he did not feel the weight of the box. Despite the grip on the box’s handle being real tight, he even forgot it was there until he had any real use of it.

Only once did he take away a few moments to focus on something other than the task. ‘My mother was right. Hell is real.’ he thought to himself, a single eyebrow cocked. What never even crossed his mind, though, was you. And not because he didn’t care, far from it, he loved you more than life and treasured you more than booze (and Bones is quite a lover of fine alcohol). He was just unconsciously sure that you were in safety, based on nothing specific, and that enabled the mind to concentrate on other lives at stake.

And the exact same thing happened to you.

While watching a big, black, unknown ship fall down in flames and destroy 1/3 of San Francisco, you were scared. And the moment they placed you, an ordinary officer, on a commander’s spot and set you to repair the damage that was done, you were fucking terrified. ‘Out of all the things that could fall from space it had to be a big-ass ship with an infinite number of weapons and loads of toxic matter and nuclear energy?’ you screamed at nobody in particular before rushing to the scene with a toolbox in one hand and a communicator in the other.

Needless to say, your brain was on the verge of catching fire and exploding in your skull. You were constantly being called from 5 different directions and 10 different places. You were forced to answer them all whilst figuring out how to fix the problem in your own hands. Not to mention that all the machinery was extremely delicate and shit could hit the fan real fast if something wrong was done.

While speaking, thinking and working with your hands all at the same time, there wasn’t any space for your beloved doctor in your mind.

Luckily, it all turned out fine for Bones. Engineering pulled some strings, Sulu sprinkled some magic fairy dust and, god bless, the Enterprise stopped just before crashing, burning, exploding and killing everybody.

Bones threw himself in an empty seat in medbay and sighed.

The ship did have a few scratches and bruises here and there, but nothing Scotty and a good engineering team back on Earth couldn’t fixed.

Wait a moment.

Engineering team.

“Y/N! Shit!” Bones yelled, voice achieving and echo as the room was previously silent.

His eyes widened with pure fear while his mind scream at itself, disappointed by how he didn’t even think of you. He jumped from the chair and basically threw himself at a nearby computer.

“Locate Commander Y/L/N, Y/N, Engineering.”

“Commander Y/L, Y/N, Starfleet Headquarters.”

That’s where the Vengeance crashed.

Leonard sprinted out the door and straight to the bridge. He pushed through a sea of officers, forcing everybody and everything out of his way. Those few moments he spent in the turbolift, he spent them cursing at the damn thing for not going any faster. It appeared when Bones became worried, time flew in slow motion and his pulse skyrocketed. Not to mention that curse words star flying out of his mouth limitlessly. As he entered the bridge, Chekov didn’t even have time to announce his presence to the captain.

“Uhura, connect me to Starfleet HQ right now!”

Jim stood up from his chair with a bewildered look on his face and turned to his best friend and partner-in-crime.

“Bones? What-“

But as soon as he said the man’s name, Bones turned around and sent a glare Jim had never seen before in his entire life. Eyes full of passion, resentment, rage and love. Jim did not dare spend another moment analyzing those eyes, so he quietly returned to his spot.

“All frequencies open, but I can’t reach them. I’m sorry Bones.”

But before the young woman could finish her sentence, Leonard was out the door and in the turbolift once more.

This time, he headed directly to the transporter room with a clear goal on his mind. Before the door swished and closed, the doctor was already being beamed down to Earth. He had to remember to thank Jim later – it was he who announced Leonard’s arrival and destination to Scotty. Turns out he knows Bones better than he even thought.

You were working on picking out and storing pieces from the fallen ship which would be used in future creations (hopefully not secret ones), because even Starfleet believes in reusing unharmed whole parts.

You kneeled on the hull and bent down to scavenge a little more, just to make sure all the non-faulty parts were taken out. Later you picked up the box and turned around, just to drop it on the ground once more, this time because you suddenly lost all strength in your arms.

It was Leonard.

10 meters away from you and nearing, a dead serious look on his face. You choked on thin air as a stray tear came rolling down your dirty cheek. You closed your eyes and rubbed them, and only managed to take one step before being enveloped in a pair of strong arms. One of his hands held on your back and the other pressing your head to his warm chest, the beat of his heart calming your already wrecked nerves. Due to visible height difference, you wrapped your arms around his waist, your fingers intertwining on his lower back. Both of you pressed with equal force, with each squeeze negative energy pouring out of you and being replaced with nothing short of love.

You stood there for quite a long time. The way you held each other, it wasn’t just about physical contact. Together with body heat and tension relief, the two of you shared emotions via touch – something only people who are truly in love would be able to do. Together with your bodies your minds were in a peaceful place of their own. Contrary to chaotic thoughts that were swarming through your brains just an hour ago, your minds cleared of all worries. You were in Leonard’s arms and he was in yours. You were both alive and unscathed, and that’s all that mattered to you.

Even though the two of you stood like that for about 17 minutes, for you it felt like centuries.

Bones pulled away for a moment, still never letting go of you, almost like he was afraid that he’d lose you if he did. Before you could say anything, your lips collided and happiness came over you all over again.

Touch Me Here- Jack Gilinsky



           “You’re such a pussy,” Jack said to me as he walked into the family holding my coffee, finding me laid out on his couch while watching my favorite movie.

           “What, because I’m not feeling well?” I asked him as I sat up somewhat, giving him room to sit down and gladly accepting the coffee he made me.

           “Yeah,” Jack answered nonchalantly  and throwing his arm around me. “What’re we watching?”

           I felt somewhat bad that I had forced him to stick with me while I had a massive headache so I gave him the remote, “You can pick,” I told him and brought my knees to my chest while sipping the coffee.

           “What were you watching?” Jack asked then looked at the tv to see what I was watching, “But it’s your favorite movie,”

           “But you’re letting me crash here, so you might as well pick what were watching,” I told him and shrugged.

           “Y/N, it’s not like getting high with the guys is big plans, I can sit here and watch it with you.” Jack stated and placed remote on the coffee table next to the couch, he pulled the lever that allowed the feet to come up on the couch and he got comfortable before pulling my back into his side, “Might as well cuddle while we’re at it, right?”

           I hid my smile behind the rim of the cup before relaxing against him, shivering when his cold fingertips came in contact with the back of my hand that was holding my cup up to my face. “Might as well,” I agreed and felt my cheeks heat up when he leaned down to press a comforting kiss to my shoulder. And that’s how we stayed for the rest of the movie, my back pressed to his side, his arm around my shoulders, a hand moving from touching my arm to running across my nearly bare chest when I rested my head back against the crook in his neck. This was normal for us, I’ve been best friends with Jack for 8 years; the type of friendship where he knew me like the back of his hand, others convinced we were long lost siblings because it was like he had a sixth sense for when something was wrong with me.

           The only problem was, is that I’m completely in love with him.

           It was so cliché and typical; girl falls for her hot best friend but girl is sure he doesn’t see her like that. I hated cliché, probably because I read so many romance books that when it happens in my life I feel like I’m a walking cliché that deserves to be written about. Plus why would my life end up being a real life book? Stuff like that didn’t happen to me, I never got the guy, and I was sure that Jack didn’t feel the same about me.

           I brought my head up to take the last sip of my coffee and leaned across Jack to place the cup on the table, his hand coming down to rest on the side of my bum but then coming up so I could get comfortable again, I rested my head back on the crook of his neck and brought my legs up again. The only problem with this is that his fingers became lighter on my chest and I could feel my nipples tightening, plus I only had a thin bra on and a flimsy v-neck so Jack had a clear view on what his fingertips were doing to me. I felt Jack take a deep breath next to me and he tensed slightly, and right then I knew he saw what he had done because his fingers also stopped their dance against my skin, he moved slightly and out of the corner of my eye I saw his phone screen light up with a text from Madison, a girl I knew he was hanging around with but he hadn’t told me if he hooked up with her yet.

           Without making it obvious I moved my eyes slightly to see her text, expecting it to ask to see him, but instead it said something like ‘Did you do it?’

           Ignoring my confusion I rolled my head to look at him, “You never told me if you were hooking up with Madison,”

           “Because I’m not,” Jack answered swiftly and closed his phone, taking his brown eyes and looking at me.

           “Why not? She’s pretty,” I said to him, believe it or not I’m kind of like his wing girl even though it killed me seeing him with other girls.

           “Just because,” Jack answered, moving his shoulders.

           “Because why?” I asked him, moving so I could look at him better.

           “Y/N,” Jack said slowly, his warning for my to shut my trap.

           “Ok,” I said then got up, “I’m going to head to bed,”

           Jack’s head dipped back, “Come on, Y/N,”

           “I’m tired, Jack. This headache kills right now,”

           “You’re not leaving because I wont tell you?” Jack asked carefully.

           “Yeah, it sucks that my best friend won’t give me a real reason, but you don’t have too.” I told him then turned around and headed for the spare bedroom, where I slept when I crashed at his place. His parents weren’t home, and nor were his sisters so I peeled my shirt and bra off, I doubt Jack would come in and check on me anyways, he rarely did.

Jack’s POV-

           Three hours after Y/N went up to bed I got off of the bed and grabbed her used cup and brought it into the kitchen, I still hadn’t texted Madison back and I knew she would be pissed with my answer, but I didn’t care. I shut off the lights in the kitchen and flicked the lock on the door before I headed upstairs, moving towards the spare bedroom, which should just be Y/N’s room because she came here so often, she began leaving clothes in that room 3 years ago and it made me smile when I found a sweatshirt of mine stashed in there with her perfume all over it. I opened the door slowly and nearly banged my head against the doorframe when I found Y/N naked  in the bed, knees bent, nipples hard and hand reaching down between her legs, her wet pussy staring at me.

           “Yes,” Y/N breathed, her eyes closed but her chest rising and falling quickly. She was still asleep, but she was having a sex dream.

           I couldn’t move, my legs wouldn’t work. I should walk away, I should turn around and let Y/N be, the dream probably wasn’t even meant for me. I mean, Jack had been flirting with her lately, but then again I remembered the way her nipples hardened under my fingertips from just brushing along her skin. At that thought my eyes left her dreaming face down to her nipples, which were hard and asking for me to bite into them.

           “Jack,” She moaned and I watched in amazement and shock as her fingers went to the wet skin of her pussy, I nearly moaned at the sight of one of her fingers disappearing into her slit, the heel of her palm rubbing against her clit. She moaned again as she pulled her finger out of her slit, but then adding another finger. Her back bowed off the bed as her dream continued.

           “Shit,” I whispered, my hand going to my hard dick. I gripped it through my jeans and squeezed, I needed to leave but the sight of Y/N getting off, moaning my name and dreaming about me made my legs lock in place. Y/N continued to finger fuck her and I decided to take off my shirt, and pull off my jeans, I might as well help her get off. While she was still dreaming I slowly got onto the bed and pushed her hand away, I laid on my stomach and licked from her slit to her clit. I moaned against her as her juices slid against my tongue and into my mouth, she tasted just like I fucking dreamed.

           “Jack, please,” She moaned as my tongue flicked against her clit, I watched as her eyes fluttered open and she stared down at me in shock. “Jack!” She gasped and leaned up on her elbows, sleeping still in her face, she tried to pull away but I wrapped my arm around her waist to hold her down on the bed and then sucked on her clit. I watched as she relaxed, her mouth dropping open. I sucked harder, causing her arms to buckle and her to slam her back into the bed.

           She moaned out, her fingers running through my hair and latching on, causing me to groan against her sweet pussy. I kept my eyes on her and felt my dick twitch at the sight of her boobs bouncing up and down at the rapid breaths she was taking, I took one of my hands and grabbed onto her boob, my thumb brushing against her hardened nipple before rolling it between my fingers.

           “I’m so close,” She breathed and I ran my tongue around her slit before dipping it inside her hole and taking a couple licks. Her back arched off the bed and I began to suck on her clit again, hard. I sucked her clit through her high and moaned when she gripped my hair harder. “Fuuck, Jack!” She nearly yelled.

           When she finished I gave her a couple more licks, feeling her thighs jump next to my ears. As I moved up her body I pulled off my boxers and laid on top of her, she wrapped her fingers in my hair and pulled my lips down to hers, her tongue brushed along my lips before she sucked my tongue into her mouth, tasting herself on me. Without me realizing it, she had raised she legs up my waist and rolled us over so she was straddling me, she let my lips go and she sat up, her hands on my chest.

           “You gon’ ride me, baby?” I asked her, slapping her ass and then squeezing the spot I just smacked.

           Y/N rolled her perfect hips, getting my dick slick her with juices. I moaned and watched as she reached down and brushed my tip against her slit, the good thing about knowing her like the back of my hand was the fact I knew she took birth control. Y/N sank down on my length and we both moaned when her clit touched my pelvic bone, “Shit, Y/N,” I groaned as she brought herself up then sank back down again, more quickly this time.

           Y/N did it again and then leaned down, bringing her lips to just brush against mine, “Aren’t you gonna ask me what I was dreaming about?” She whispered into my mouth as my hips thrust up into her, meeting her own rhythm.

           “Tell me, baby girl.” I groaned and squeezed her round ass.

           “You wrapped your fingers into my hair as I wrapped my lips around your dick, sucking so hard.” She said, and I swear I stopped breathing. “You fucked my mouth, just like you told me how you wanted too when you were drunk,” She moved her lips to my ear as she moved her hips quickly. “It was so hot, I began to finger myself. You couldn’t control yourself, I sucked until you were nearly coming inside my mouth, wanna know what happened next?” She asked and then sucked on my neck. I couldn’t stop my hips from moving up and down, meeting her thrusts, she was killing me.

           “Tell me, baby.” I moaned, I was close. Her walls were clenching down on me, her clit brushing against my skin, causing her to let out a yelp.

           Her hands reached up and gripped my hair, pulling my head back so she could suck on my neck, I loved this side of her. I loved her.

           “You pushed me into the wall, turned me around and took me from behind. Hard,” She explained.

           I wanted this to last so I rolled her over and got off of her, “Turn around and stick that pretty ass up, baby.”

           I watched as Y/N smirked and got on her knees, spreading her legs and pressing her top half into the bed, cheek up. I took both my hands and slapped her cheeks, listening to her yelp out in surprise, but then moaning when I parted her cheeks and gave her clit and quick suck. I slammed into her and gave a couple hard thrusts before I wrapped my hand in her hair and brought her up until her back was pressed to my chest, the sound of skin slapping and her quick gasps made my stomach churn with the release I had been seeking since I first walked in on her changing 5 years ago.

           “How’s this, baby-girl? Does this feel good?” I said into her ear, gripping her hair a bit tighter.

           “Fuck, yes, Jack.” She moaned, her hand reaching around to dig her nails into my ass.

           “Yeah? You close?” I moaned and then brought my free hand down to rub fast and harsh circles on her clit.

           She let out a cry and felt her clench around me, before her walls began to spasm around me, pulling me into my own release. I fucked her faster through our orgasms and continued to rub fast circles on her clit, even after her orgasm until I finished. The second I released her hair she fell forward onto the bed, I fell next to her, an arm around her waist.

           We didn’t talk for a couple minutes, my body was still shaking slightly from the orgasm she had just gave me, we were both breathing quickly and trying to breath normally again. “Jesus Christ,” I heard Y/N mumble and I smiled.

           Y/N moved to look at me slowly and I brushed a piece of hair out of her face, “I wasn’t too harsh on you, was I?” I asked her quietly and she shook her head. I smiled and leaned in to capture her lips, “I think I love you, Y/N,” I whispered to her after I pulled away.

           “Don’t mix up lust with love, Jack,” Y/N said and reached to pull the covers over her, I could hear doubt in her voice so I sat up and kissed her back.

           “I know the difference between lust and love, Y/N, and I’ve been in love with you for 6 years.” I whispered against her skin, smiling at the goose bumps that rose on her skin.

           She turned her head and I smiled, pressing a kiss to the corner of her mouth. “Tell me you feel it too, Y/N,” I whispered.

           “Jack,” Y/N whispered, her hand touching my arm that was keeping her face in place.

           I brought us to lay back in my, her on her back my arm around her shoulders as I leaned over her. “I love you,” I mumbled and bite onto her bottom lip.