bones mine

  • Pansy: Maybe this whole "mortal enemies" and "fighting" thing is because you and Potter just need to bone.
  • Harry: *distressed whine*
  • Draco: ....WHAT did you say?
  • Harry, frantic: Don't say it again
  • Pansy: I said you two need to bone.
  • Harry: *closes eyes in anticipation*
  • Draco: ....
  • Draco: ...HOW.. dare you, Pansy Parkinson, I am YOUR superior HEAD BOY!!!
  • Draco, clutching a doorframe: BONE!!!!!
  • Draco, ranting: What happens in my bedroom, Parkinson, is NONE of your business-
  • Draco, jumping up and down: BONEEEEEEE-
  • Draco: Don't EVER.... speak to me like that again.

:: Black Sails || season 3 ::

You have hidden in this place for a lifetime, hidden from the harsh realities that lie beyond this veil that you have constructed here, but the moment that that shot entered his belly, that veil began to unravel, and sooner or later, you are going to have to confront these realities, chief among them being that England takes whatever, whenever, however it wants.