bones likes to tell people his a doctor

The Original Series crew dealing with your death would involve:

James Kirk: Would probably blame himself for not being able to keep you safe. And would definitely not rest until there’s some kind of justice or explanation for your death that he approves of. And after everything settles down, there’s still a sense of guilt that he wasn’t able to save a member of his crew; especially someone so close to him

Spock: He’s not completely emotionless, especially when it comes to the people he cares about or feels loyal to. I think he would act like Kirk in the sense that he won’t stop and he’ll do anything to assure you get justice, because you should at least get that.

Leonard McCoy: Gets a bit angry at the universe. Angry at himself cause dammit, he should have been able to do more. Bones always compartmentalizes his feelings when he can’t save a patient, but there’s a reason why doctors shouldn’t operate on those close to them. Because he’ll definitely blame himself

Nyota Uhura: Is the one who will mostly be like “we should remember the good times” but when people start talking about the good times, she’ll get sad and emotional. Very reminiscent and would dread when everyone eventually moves on

Scotty: Will probably be real grumpy. And not just old-man-in-a-bad-mood grumpy. Kirk has to talk to him and tell him to stop snapping at his people when they do something wrong. It’d be best not to talk about you until he’s healed up a bit

Hikaru Sulu: Much like Uhura, he might try to keep things light during the times after you’re gone. If the conversation switches over to you and people get down, he’s quick to change the subject because he doesn’t think people should be sad when talking about you.

Pavel Chekov: Tries to act professional but ultimately needs a hug from someone. Starfleet can be a dangerous occupation, he knows this. People die. But he just never thought you would die. He wasn’t prepared for it to happen, so that just made the blow that much harder.

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Westworld AU

For @conduitstr; happy birthday, girl!  ❤️ ✨

  • The moment the old steam train stops in the station, Jim is quick to hop out. He doesn’t carry any luggage with him, he doesn’t plan to stay long. Just a quick look around the town; see if any of it is worth his time and his money. It smells like dry grass, grease, and the perfumes of different people mix together as other visitors depart the train now, too. Okay, Jim thinks to himself, time to go exploring.
  • Leaving the station, he arrives at the main street. It’s really a dirt road, old wooden and stone houses on either side of it. People walk by; some in awe of their surroundings, others walk around like they don’t know any better. It doesn’t take him long to find the local saloon. There’s piano music to lift up the atmosphere. People are sitting, chatting, playing card games together, or being approached by the local host girls. Jim, too, is approached by one. “Hey, handsome,” she says, and Jim’s lips curl into a smile when she reaches out to touch his arm, “how about you and I go and have some fun upstairs?” Tempting. Very tempting. But Jim shakes his head nonetheless. “No, thank you. Perhaps later,” he replies, and then buys a glass of bourbon at the bar.
  • He’s quietly chatting to the bartender, trying to figure out more about this town. After a couple minutes, though, there’s commotion outside, so Jim goes to check it out. A group of bandits has arrived and are actively creating havoc. Jim has to duck besides liquor filled barrels to avoid bullets flying his way. The same girl who tried to get him upstairs before tries to duck, too, but she gets shot before she gets the chance to. Jim forgets all about his own safety, jumping up to drag her to safety instead. “Are you okay? Where are you hurt?” he asks, though the red stain on her dress is indication enough. “I need… I need a doctor,” she breathes, looking at Jim through tear stained eyes, and Jim nods. “Of course.”
  • They have to wait until the shooting is over, and by then, Jim worries it’s too late for her. He’s used his knife to break open one of the barrels, and uses the clear liquid to clean up the wound in her side the best he can, while simultaneously trying to keep her quiet. Then, he carries her to the doctor’s office. It’s small and it’s dusty – fairly sure it doesn’t fit the health regulations. It’s also busy, all the wounded who are still alive are all sitting on available chairs or lying on the floor while a single guy works to fix them all. “Doctor?” Jim says, “I need a doctor.” “Get in line,” the guy replies. “Please,” Jim stresses, and the guy sighs. “Put her down, I’ll be right there.”
  • The work is slow and frustrating, and so Jim decides to help out. He uses alcohol, gently cleaning the wounds of the men and women who are hurt. He doesn’t really know how to bandage them up properly, but he does his best – messy as it looks. “Thanks,” the guy says, and Jim shrugs lightly. “It’s fine. Does this happen a lot?” “More often than I care to admit,” he replies, “I’d treat you to a glass of strong liquor, but you used most of it on the wounds of these people.”
  • Life here is just hard, it seems. The doctor works through the night while Jim sleeps in the local inn. Come morning, it’s mostly curiosity who brings him back. Leonard looks exhausted, perhaps a little frustrated. “Are you okay?” Jim asks. “I’m out of supplies,” Leonard says, “last night, I’ve been raided. Stole most of my bandages and medicine. I’m thinking about going on a supply run to the next town, but the road is long and dangerous.” “I’ll join you,” Jim shrugs. “Really?” “Sure, sounds fun,” Jim replies. “I’ll pay you,” Leonard says, and Jim simply shrugs to that. It’s not like he genuinely needs the money.
  • They leave after Leonard gets someone to look after the office while he’s out. Jim’s never been on a horse before, but the horse seems to immediately listen to whatever’s on Jim’s mind, and the start of the journey is pretty harmless. Leonard talks a little about his life. About how he lost his wife and kids to raiders when he lived on a small farm outside the town. How his parents were taken by a deadly illness that made him become a doctor. He speaks with such hurt in his voice, that Jim wonders why anyone would want to live in these outback towns. Sounds like it sucks.
  • They stop an hour before sunset, near a small river. Good, too, because Jim’s legs hurt, and his feet feel a little unstable after riding for so long. He ties the horses to a tree and searches for firewood while Leonard returns just before sunset with two dead rabbits. “You’re a doctor and a skilled hunter, you’re pretty good with your hands, huh?” Jim comments, and Leonard shoots him a small grin. “You haven’t seen anything yet.”
  • They eat dinner, which is surprisingly good. It gets cold at night, so Jim is glad for the fire to keep them warm. They talk more while overlooking a sky full of stars; large mountains looming in the distance. The gentle stream of the water is soothing to Jim’s ears, and he finds himself just dozing off to sleep. The same thing happens the day after. They spend time together, and Jim grows rapidly closer to this handsome doctor, who stitches him up when Jim guides his horse through a bigger river and hurts his foot through a sharp rock that hits him through the sole of his boot. They run into a lone woman who cries for help because her family’s hurt in her farmhouse, and so Leonard decides to take a detour from his own quest to help them. They save a family’s life (or Leonard does, mostly), and Jim feels pretty awesome about that.
  • “How much further, Bones?” Jim asks, and Leonard raises an eyebrow. “Bones?” “Seems a fitting nickname,” Jim says, “for all the patching up you do.” “We should be there in the afternoon,” Leonard replies. Jim watches the other’s back figure as he rides in front of him. It’s a good sight.
  • But it’s almost as if Leonard registers that feeling, or something. Because they arrive and get Leonard’s supplies, but come nightfall on their way back, Jim finds Leonard sitting closer to him than usual. Leonard teaches him how to hunt. Standing behind him with his arms around Jim’s shoulders, hands on Jim’s to make sure he aims properly. Really, it just makes Jim more distracted. When they get raided on the road, Leonard actively stands in front of Jim to try and protect him, though they make it out alright. Just with a few supplies less, because Leonard patches up the cut in Jim’s hand. “I wanted to thank you,” Leonard says, “for coming with me. In these lands, it’s hard to tell apart friend or foe. You’ve been good to me.” Jim smiles at that, reaching out to keep the other’s hand on his own a little longer. “Just a friend?” he asks with a smile, growing even wider when Leonard leans in to kiss him.
  • It just feels too good to be true. And it is. Because they get back to the town a few days later, and Jim feels oddly intimate to this man and just wants to be in his presence all the time. But he doesn’t get that lucky. They make it to the doctor’s office, and Bones gets to work immediately. But while he’s at work, a civilian comes in and demands he gives up some supplies. Jim gets up to help Leonard when the doctor refuses, but before Jim knows it, Leonard gets shot. Just like that. There’s a commotion while people flee, but Jim rushes towards the doctor instead. He kneels down next to him, grabbing his hand quickly. “Bones, please, tell me what I can do to help you,” he says, reaching out with his free hand to grab a hold of supplies. But there’s blood everywhere. “It’s okay,” Leonard breathes heavy, fingers tight in Jim’s grip, though rapidly weakening.
  • Leonard dies seconds later. Jim is devastated; staying by Leonard’s side for what feels like hours. In reality, though, it’s no more than twenty minutes before the men in the hazmat-like suits show up. They have to pry Leonard from his hands. They have to convince him it’s okay, because they’re going to fix up the broken skin tissue. They’re going to reset Leonard’s data. And they’re going to roll him back out. Leonard’s going to be okay.
  • “Do they suffer?” Jim asks, once he’s back in the real world. It feels surreal not to be in the wild west anymore. “They think they do,” his spokesperson says, “they think they feel pain. They feel terror, fear for their lives. They feel the pain from their written backstory, most of them tragic. Like Leonard and his wife and kids. It gives them character. Makes guests and potential buyers such as yourself more engaged.” Jim frowns at that, because somehow, that just seems wrong.
  • The moment the old steam train stops in the station, Jim is quick to hop out. He doesn’t carry any luggage with him, he doesn’t plan to stay long. But this time, he’s not here to look around. He’s not here to admire the life-like scents of the place. He’s not here to watch his surroundings in awe like other guests do, nor is he here to interact with those who don’t know any better. He passes the local saloon, and instead, heads straight for the doctor’s office. The bell rings when the door opens, and Leonard is there. Beautiful as ever. “You don’t look sick,” Leonard tells him after a quick scan from top to bottom. He doesn’t remember Jim, and that stings, “you need a patching up? I also have a good hangover cure.” “No, thank you,” Jim says, struggling to make sense as to why this thing, this robot in front of him, tugs at his heartstrings so much. “I can patch up nearly everything,” Leonard continues, “though I’m running real low on supplies these days-” sounds like a set up for a similar quest like the one Jim went on before. Suddenly, it all feels a little played out. “Bones,” Jim interrupts him, and just briefly, Jim witnesses the other narrow his eyes ever so lightly. Like the nickname is a very distant memory he’s trying to access. “Bones,” Jim continues, resting his hand on Leonard’s shoulder, “one of these days, I promise, I’m going to get you out of here.”
Hearing Your Soulmate’s Thoughts - Part 2

Prompt: “Since you said you were thinking about doing a soulmate au can I request a Bones one like they can hear each other’s thoughts.” - @yourtropegirl

Word Count: 1000

Warnings: N/A

Author’s Note: So this is part 2 of Hearing Your Soulmate’s Thoughts! It’s a little shorter than I was hoping for, but I hope you all like it!

After having waited for your soulmate to appear for two years, actually being in his presence was definitely going to take some getting used to. You wanted to feel perfectly at ease around him, but you were worried about your thoughts scaring him away.

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Ok but not one single member of the crew knowing that Bones is a father. He avoids talking about the life he left behind and people just assume it’s only because of his messy divorce. Then one day the Enterprise rescues a little boy as a sole survivor and Jim doesn’t want to try to explain to the kid that his parents are dead until they can try to connect him with other relatives. Of course a kid wandering around the Enterprise is not an ‘illogical idea ’ as Spock points out with his sly Vulcan sass and Jim just tells him to go find someone suitable to watch the kid. When Spock returns to the bridge, Kirk of course inquires about which motherly crew member the commander chose. Spock tells him and Jim looks at him like his first officer is insane. “You left Bones with a kid!? Of all people! Spock, he doesn’t even have enough patience for me half the time.”

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Three Times Bones Knew

Bones, Jim

Summary: No matter what Jim thinks Bones always knows.

A/N: Look at me finally finishing a Star Trek fic after having started like five in the past week or so. Special shoutout to @heartsywritesthethingsfor letting me send her parts of this and for encouraging me to keep writing. I decided to write something shorter after the 5k fic I posted last week. I hope you all like it!

Words: 1 327

1. About Jim’s sensitivity

In his profession, Bones was used to people squirming and jumping when he was doing check ups; was used to accidentally prodding at sensitive spots that resulted in his patients either bursting into laughter or doing their utmost best to not react and reveal to Bones what he was already very aware of. People didn’t know that doctors could tell exactly when they touched a ticklish spot, and Bones wasn’t about to inform them either. Check ups were bad enough for some of them as it was.

This, of course, led him to not make the biggest deal out of Jim jerking away from his hands the very first time he examined him. At first he’d barely noticed, used to ignoring reactions that didn’t display distress, but when Jim turned bright red Bones was bound to wonder what was going on.

“Everything okay?” he asked, his fingers stilling in their quest.

Jim nodded way too eagerly. “Everything’s peachy.”

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Pining - Leonard "Bones" McCoy x Reader

Leonard “Bones” McCoy x Reader
Imagine: You and Bones pining for each other but nothing really happens until you walk in on him talking about you.
Warnings: Nothing really, just a short kinda love story.
Words: 624

You were sitting across from Uhura at the mess, though your eyes followed a certain person as he walked over to the Captain.

“Hello? (Y/N), are you staring at Bones again?” Uhura asked as she waved a hand in front of your face.

“Oh! Sorry, I guess I was…” You apologized. You and Bones had been into each other for about a year now, but neither of you said a thing. You were told countless times by Uhura that he liked you back, but no matter what you couldn’t believe her. It felt too good to be real. So you went day by day smiling and passing him in the hallways. Talking for hours on certain occasions but then being dragged away by work. You always noticed each other’s presence but never really noticed your feelings for one another.

-next day-

“Bones, just say something.” The captain pleaded as you left the medbay. You and the captain had gotten injured on a mission. You had a few cuts, but Bones was worried. He patched you up first before attending to Jim who broke his arm.

“Haha, no.” The doctor said before putting a sling on Jim.

“You know she likes you, right? Uhura said so.”

“Why would she tell you that? Those two are best friends and I don’t think - if she did like me - that Uhura would tell you of all people.” The doctor pointed out, being a little trough with Jim’s arm.

“Ow! Careful, and she told me because this is just sad! Talk. To. her.”

The doctor shook his head before returning to his office, all his thoughts on you. He started to go through papers and documents. He wore a tired and grumpy look on his face, as usual.

“Yeah, like I’d have a chance with (Y/N)…” He muttered to himself. You had just walked by the office when you heard that remark. Your heart fluttered for a moment and you cleared your throat to get his attention.

“What do you want-” He stopped when he saw you standing by the door. His face suddenly turning a light shade of pink.

“Oh uh, hello (Y/N). Um, did you hear that or…?” He asked you awkwardly.

“Uh, yeah. I just came to drop these off.” You said handing him a few documents. After he took them you started turning around to leave.

“Wait! Please.”

You turned around, face red. “Yes?”

"About what I said, oh god.” He took in a breathe and then stared you in the eyes. “(Y/N), I’ve liked you for a while now and I’ve been meaning to ask… Would you like to have dinner with me?”

You let out a small breathe and gave him a smile. “I’d love to, you know I’ve liked you for a while too now. I’m glad you asked.” You replied much to his relief.

He stood in front of you and reached for your cheek. You both looked at each other before his eyes wandered to your lips. You leaned into him and he met your lips with his. It was gentle yet passionate, the way his lips moved against yours. As if the two of you were meant to be together. He must have felt the same way as he deepened the kiss and slid his arm around your waist, pulling you closer as you placed a hand on his chest.

You both released for air and he leaned his forehead against yours. You smiled up at him and he returned it, your eyes locking. Unbeknownst to the two of you, Jim was grinning ear to ear next to Uhura as the two watched you, happy that you finally got together.

Shooting Stars.

Pairing: Kirk x reader

Titled: ‘Shooting Stars.’ 

Warnings: Kirk feels, fluff, 

A/N: I love writing for Kirk even though Bones is my favorite, and this is  a  combination of two requests I received for Kirk because they were so similar!  This one shot is the full package!! 

Word Count: 1,105

Tagging:    @aprofoundbondwithdean @bkwrm523 @feelmyroarrrr @imaginestartrek @ladyxdezi @bgarrow1013 @unsinkthetitanic @stargirlhorse @mysupernaturalfics @ivvitm1109 @blacktithe7 @sincerelysaraahh @mysteriouslyme81 @my-amazing-nerdyness @stargirlhorse @uss-lesbian @castielohcastiel @serenityspiral @indominusregina @chaosmieu @girl-next-door-writes (this is your request) 

You didn’t know what it was about them, but you never got tired of looking at the stars. You loved stars, and when you were a kid forget about it. You would get easily distracted at nights when you went outside completing a simple task. The stars took your breath away and to this day you still think to this day that it’s seriously thanks  to the stars that you and Your Captain, Jim Kirk your current boyfriend, your worlds collided with one another. 

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Mystic Messenger Doctor AU

So I’m binge watching Grey’s Anatomy again for like the 4th time and this gem popped into my head lol


  • Jumin is a cardiothoracic surgeon which is odd because everyone says he has no heart
  • His dad owns the hospital (and used to be a world-renowned surgeon)
  • Everyone is jealous of him and thinks that he only got through medical school/residency because of who his dad is
  • A L W A Y S tries to bring Elizabeth 3rd with him to the hospital
  • He likes when she’s watching him through the glass of the operating theater (a viewing room for students/spectators) during surgery especially the long and difficult ones-it makes him feel calm
  • All the women fawn over him but he always turns them down so everyone thinks he’s gay but it’s mostly because his dad has nailed half the hospital


  • Zen is the somewhat narcissistic and way too good looking plastic surgeon (did you expect anything different though?)
  • He wanted to become a musical actor but his parents basically pushed bullied him into becoming a doctor
  • Always so over-dramatic and sings during surgery because of his failed dream
  • Gets pissed when people Jumin say his job is all about nose, boob, and butt jobs
  • Does not like Jumin because he thinks Dr. Trust Fund Kid is a prime result of nepotism
  • Low key kinda sleeps around
  • Everyone likes pulling on his ponytail rat tail when he’s not looking to annoy him
  • Dr. Flirt


  • Jaehee is the stern but caring neurosurgeon
  • Tries and fails to keep Jumin in line as per his father’s requests
  • No Dr. Han, you CANNOT bring Elizabeth 3rd to the hospital! Why? Because it’s unsanitary! C-fur will fly around everywhere!
  • Low key has a crush on Zen and greatly admires his work but denies it when people point out her crush
  • Do NOT talk to her before she has had her coffee especially if it’s anything concerning Jumin and/or his cat
  • Overworks herself at the hospital (what do you mean I’ve worked my 60 hours this week!? I still have surgeries to do!)
  • Likes doing the complicated and risky surgeries
  • Black belt in judo, one time a male resident tried to grab her ass and she flipped him over her should and pinned him to the ground one of the few times she was unprofessional


  • Yoosung is the pediatric surgeon whom every kid and parent loves
  • Will definitely play video games with the kids when he’s not super busy
  • Literally gets no sleep because of work and LOLOL and everyone wonders how he’s still alive
  • All the single moms will flirt with him but he’s oblivious and just thinks they’re being nice
  • His lab coat is filled with button pins and those iron on patches of animals and cartoon characters to make him seem more likable to the children
  • He’s already well liked because he’s basically a huge child himself


  • Dr. Seven Zero Seven, Defender of Bones is here to save your life as your one and only orthopedic surgeon
  • Literally everyone’s first impression of him is how the hell is this guy a doctor and he’s supposed to save my life?
  • When he tells patients their bones are brittle because they don’t eat right everyone looks at him like Seven pls you can’t judge when Dr. Pepper and Honey Buddha chips are the only food/drink you live off of  
  • His signature is in binary code
  • Likes to draw spaceships on patient’s casts if they’ll let him
  • Always announces that Saeran is his twin brother when people come into the emergency room much to Saeran’s embarrassment
  • Saeyoung, these people are injured. They don’t give two fucks if we’re twins
  • Also will fix the hospitals machines and computers in his down time
  • His scrub cap is literally galaxy print with little spaceships stitched onto it  how freaking adorable is that


  • V is an ophthalmologist bet you didn’t see that one coming
  • Has slowly been cutting back on doing eye surgeries because he’s going blind due to an accident with his fiancée  how eyeronic lol I hate myself please  ignore me
  • Has been Jumin’s best friend since childhood and knows that Jumin worked really hard to prove to everyone that he was more than just his father’s son and that he could be a great doctor on his own
  • Likes to hand out licorice to his patients
  • Every patient loves him because he will sit down to talk and won’t leave until all their questions and concerns are answered before surgery.
  • Shows a lot of diagrams and pictures to help the patients understand
  • Does photography in his free time


  • Saeran is a trauma surgeon so he’s in the ER a lot
  • Most of the time finds his twin annoying and wonders how they share the same DNA
  • Especially hates when he finds himself caught up in one of Seven’s many pranks
  • His nickname is Doctor Scary Bad-Ass but he literally has a scrub cap that has ice cream cones all over it
  • When a patient dies on him, he will literally break down about it later in private and kick himself for not trying harder
  • Has a weird almost “magical” way of calming hysteric patients and families down, no one knows how he does it
  • Since he has gone through many severe traumas in his life, he likes helping people come out of theirs
  • Attaches himself to patients with no/shitty family or unknown John/Jane Doe patients because he deeply believes everyone needs a person in their life to help them get through hard times
  • He was suspended once for punching a guy when he found out that he physically abused his daughter. It gave him flashbacks of his own childhood and Seven had to come and calm him down ouch critical hit on my heart
Shattered Wonderland

“You don’t know the half of the abuse…”

                            ~ 21 Pilots

I stared at my reflection. I was looking at her… at… me for at least twenty minutes. That big bruise in my face. It seemed like every time I looked it got bigger and darker…

He had gone crazy last night.

I had seen him angry before, furious, mad. But nothing like that night. I didn’t even remember what the fight was about. Something stupid. Something ridiculous. It was my own fault; I knew that, I was the one that volunteered to help him deal with pain by letting him hurt me when he wanted to hurt someone else. I was the one getting between his gun and some henchman, the one that pointed the knife in his hands for me when it felt like he was going to use it on himself.

I had a very high tolerance for pain acquired after eighteen years of falling out of asymmetric bars, making poorly executed vaults and losing balance on top of beams. Ice and cortisone were my best friends and the pain was just one more reminder I wasn’t good enough, one more reminder that I wasn’t gonna make it to the Olympic trials.

The very first thing people ask you when you get to the hospital with a suspicious of a broken bone and a neck brace is to rate your pain from 1 to 10. The doctors were so used to me already they used what they called a “Harleen scale”. A usual 10 was a 3 in my body. They always knew I wasn’t as fine as I said I was. My tolerance to pain increased like crazy after leaving the Asylum to be with Mistah J. I have tried potentially every one of his beloved toys and lived to tell the tale. I guessed no one could say that besides me. Even with the purple glove… I shivered only to think about it, the things he did when he put it on. The purple glove always implied some handcuffs and some pretty weird toys whose names I didn’t know… and I didn’t care. Pain and pleasure taken to extremes. When he put it on he treated me like he treated everything else in his life: pushing me to the limit till I couldn’t take it and then demanding more. And I always delivered, no matter what. I lived for him and for those blissful mornings after the hellish nights.

I used to wear them with pride… the bruises. Wherever they were. I liked the way he touched me, ever so roughly. He wasn’t afraid to break me, to hurt me, to destroy me. But that one bruise in my face… when I pressed a finger against it… that was a full 10 on the Harleen Scale Of Pain. Not because it hurt that much but because it brought it all back… the things he said. When he wanted to he could find a way of blaming me for everything that was wrong in our lives, for every single thing he hated. And last night he had taken it to a new extreme. There was no pain and pleasure that night, only excruciating pain and tears and screams. I hated to cry in front him, I hated that word that he spitted when I did… “Crybaby.” Useless, slut, weak… those words weren’t even enough to bother me if anyone else was saying them but not him… not on his voice. When he said it felt like punches in my stomach. My stomach… it didn’t hurt as much as my back or my knee but it was still there… a reminder, ticking, waiting to explode.

He had stormed off the room afterwards. Usually he carried me to bed, got me a pack of ice… apologized in low murmurs against my forehead when he came back to himself. One time he had even make pancakes in the morning. But this morning all I got a rough shake in bed by one of his henchman and his amused smile. I knew perfectly what they all thought about me, about how much they hated the way I behaved like a queen when for them I was just one of his many toys, about what they would do if he ever did get rid of me. He told me Mistah J had gone to a meeting at the club and that I should go and meet him there. He had the nerve to tell that man that I should wear something cute…

Dragging myself into the bed was a challenge but getting out wasn’t any easier. I spent a lot of time in shower when I finally did it, allowing the water to run down my body and warm me up. That used to work, but not this time. I haven’t felt that abused ever since he had decided to tie into a patient bed and make me go through the whole… electroshock therapy thing… I felt disgusting.

I eventually put on a sparkly dress, watching the way the cleavage let just the “J” of the “Joker” tattoo in my chest show… And then I sat in front of the mirror.

It seemed like hours, even days, had passed since I was staring at myself. There was no pride in that bruise, just… shame. I grabbed the eye makeup, placing it slowly on my eyelids. Blue in one side, pink on the other. I took the double of time with the lipstick, countering my lips carefully, filling them with color afterwards. My eyes were stinging as the final image was complete. I closed them for a moment, trying to make the voices go away. I didn’t succeed. I face myself again, hand firmly pressing on my freshly painted lips and dragging the red ink to my skin. I did the same with my eyes. Blurred it all across my face.

“You’re weak.” I say to my reflection, like he had said to me hours before “You’re worthless. Useless.” I look away, hands wrapping around the gold collar. I had spent many months calling it a necklace only to give up and surrender to the true. It was not a necklace. It was a collar. A collar for a bitch. I tried to put it on, I really did, but I was incapable of closing it around my neck. I place it on top of my powder room instead and got up abruptly. I turn my back from the mirror and open the closet, taking off a small bag and grabbing a few pieces of clothes to put inside. I added my gun before closing it. I took one last look at the mirror before leaving the room. “I’ll drive.” I said as the man who had gone to wake me up started to get up from the couch. I close the door loudly behind me, heading towards the garage where he kept the cars. The black car was there which meant he had gone in the purple Lamborghini…which meant he was expecting me to ride home with him. He always took the purple beauty when he intended to have some alone time with me, perhaps stop in the middle of nowhere, give some good use to the upholstery, steam the windows a little bit… what a pity. I was just in the right mood to crash that damn car into a wall. I only realized how angry I was when that thought crossed my mind.

I grab a random pair of keys and walk inside the car that lighted up when I pressed the button. I throw the bag in the back seat and slide inside, starting it up.

I had walked away before. The first time I had just freak out. It was like I was Harleen all over again and the things he did to some poor man had got me so terribly sick I just ran way. I had come back a few hours late, of course. There was even one time I packed and stayed away for a whole day. And then came back like it never happened. He never really said anything… like he was kind of watching me do my own thing, seeing how far I could go.

This time it was different. This time he had treated me like the race whore everyone thought I was. And I hated it profoundly. I could play his games, I could kneel down when he asked, I could respond to only a whistle… but I refused to be beaten up and left to deal with my pain and his words by myself all night…

I drove until the gas ended. By then, I already had at least four missed calls. I didn’t even bother to take the phone out of the bag. I had abandoned the car and walked in heels and sparkly dress and all until the train station. Somewhere in that bag it was foundation, fruit of an unresolved matter of low self esteem back in the day. I covered each one of my tattoos but left the blurred make up and the bruise. I needed to remind myself why I was leaving; otherwise I would turn back and go to him. I took the third stop, some little city lost in the map just like Gotham.

I stayed for a whole week, crashing in the apartment of two students of the local university that were more than glad to have me sleeping on their couch and walking around the house in my underwear, taking a few morning shifts in a small coffee shop. Normality. It shut the voices for a solid two days. I even went to the town church. That was enough to make the voices shift in my head again. I had forgotten every word, every pray, every song. I couldn’t find the strength to kneel when I was supposed to. I kneeled only to one man and my body knew who he was. I found myself staring at the tattoos instead of sleeping. His name was everywhere, marking every inch of my body his. I even tried what every girl tries when she wants to get over a boy: a rebound. I ran away before the poor guy could even unlock my bra. He was no “boy”. He was a man… a man that had kept his promise of ruining any attempt of a sex life with any other man but himself… It all went down when my two lovely – and quite into watching me – roommates had decided to get me to a club and get me drunk. I tried to be normal but it just wasn’t for me. I had to put on a show and I did the greatest one that club ever seen… then someone whistled. A random flirtation in the middle of the crowd that applauded but it was enough to make me snap out of it and actually /watch/ everyone who was watching /me/. The looks on their eyes, the nasty smiles, the hands going my way… the touches. So many touches. I started spinning around like a trapped creature. Where was he? He was always there to protect me from that… he was always there to take off a gun and shoot whoever was necessary until he reached me. But he wasn’t there. And I felt so lonely and so incredibly desperate I screamed until I was dragged out of it by security and thrown into the fresh air of the evening.  

I took the train back that same night. The phone went from ten calls every two hours to a simple one, at the same time, every day. I never picked it up. I didn’t know what to say. I didn’t even know why he cared. The car was still there when I arrived. I had guessed someone had tracked it down and returned to the garage by now. I was out for a whole week after all… A whole week. A whole week without my puddin’.

Nobody had taken the car away but someone had definitely been there. The tank was full and it smelled like his cologne… it was enough to keep me there at least thirty minutes, smelling it while it lasted… I took my time driving home. Home. Home was where he was. Home was where he could touch me how he wanted without having looks thrown our way. Home was where he relaxed and allowed himself to give me a kiss on the cheek instead of displaying me like a Barbie doll to his partners in crime… Home.

I had hardly managed to push half of the key inside the locker when the door opened. I lift my eyes to see him. I was wearing the same dress I had on when I left, tattoos visible again, hair pulled down in two low pigtails instead of the bubbly upper ones I used to have. He took two steps back, opening the door for me and allowing me to get inside. I stopped and he closed the door, placing himself in front of me afterwards. His teeth were clench and I could see how tense his jaw line was, the way his hands were into fists. He lifted one arm and I looked away instinctively, ready for the punch. The slap. The hit. Whatever it was. It never came. Instead he turned his back from me, bending over the couch to reach for something before facing me again. The collar. My beloved golden collar. I closed my eyes as he placed it around my neck, body shaking as I heard the click it made when it closed. It was too tight, it had always been too tight. It felt just like his hands wrapping around my neck, permanently. He took a deep breath and returned to his chair, the one that seemed more like a colorful throne than an actual chair. He didn’t say a word. I used to follow him there when he was too serious, crawl into his lap like a kitten. I didn’t this time. He drowned in the pillows, looking to the vacuous. Nobody else was the house. It was all a mess. I could spot my red and white shirt on floor, the one who had the “Daddy’s Lil’ Monster” inscription on it. My bat was also there, along with my jacket. I drop the bag slowly to the ground, reaching for the jacket and putting it on. “Property Of Joker” was read in my back.

I take off my pumps, making sure my steps towards the bedroom were silent instead of forcing him to hear the annoying sound of heels against the floor.

“Harley.” I was already opening the door when he finally spoke. I turn around to face him. He was smiling. Not one of his psychotic smiles or the maniac ones he gave when was about to make a damage. It was an honest smile. It was almost… sweet.

“Y-yes… Mistah J?” I mumble, allowing my lips to twist into a kind smile as well.

He made a small gesture, tapping his leg twice like he did when he wanted me to go and sit on top of him. I couldn’t get over that smile. He seemed… glad. Happy. Happy to see… me..?

“Come to daddy, doll.” He said, in a low tone “D’ya wanna hear a joke?”

What if, after the Narada, the crew has to do a bunch of interviews together. Jim’s charming as fuck. Bones scowls and snarks. They banter and bicker like they’re the only ones in the room. Once they’re done, Uhura suggests they take a look at what people are saying on the internet because the comments are rather…interesting.

“Captain Kirk is totally fucking the surly doctor. No question about it.”

“Hey, did you notice the Captain and doctor bicker like an old married couple? They’re adorable together!”

“Captain Kirk. Doctor McCoy. I totally ship it.”

“Are Captain Kirk and his CMO a couple? Please tell me they’re a couple!”

“Did you see Captain Kirk and Dr. McCoy? You could cut the sexual tension with a knife….do you think they’ll ever make a sex tape?”

Jim and Bones both stare down at their PADDS, shocked and blushing bright red.

“Uh….I better go,” Jim stammers. not looking in Bones direction. “I have to…um…do Captain things.”

“Right. Sure,” Bones rambles, face burning. “Me, too. Uh, I mean. I have to do doctor things.”