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Night on the town, part 4

Pairing: McCoy x Reader

Word Count:1993

Warning: Fluff and innuendo

Part 1, Part 2, Part 3

You stared blankly at the Admiral, preparing your body for what he was about to tell you.  Your knuckles white as you gripped onto the arms of the chair.  “Are you alright doctor?  You look pale.”  Straightening up in the chair, you tried to look more natural, compared to the hollow mess you were on the inside now.

“I’m fine, sir.  You were saying… The Enterprise?”  Somehow, it had come out even sounding in your ears. He nodded slowly but looked at you with concern.

“Yes, the Enterprise. You may not be aware but the Enterprise has been missing for just over a month.  Contact was lost and we feared the worst.”  The thudding in your chest quickened as you clasped your hands together tightly.  “We received word from them last night.  The ship has been badly damaged and some of the crew injured with two casualties. They are requesting aid and new personnel.  One of which is a new doctor, you specifically.  Doctor McCoy was adamant about that.  If you agree to the transfer you would be leaving on the Cerberus in the next few days to be one of the new permanent crewmen of the USS Enterprise.”  You stopped listening after you heard the part about Leonard.  He was alive. The thoughts running through your mind and weakened body were getting to be too much.  You stood quickly from the chair.

“Excuse me one moment Admiral.  I think I need some air.”  You almost made it to the door before your knees gave way and you blacked out.  Some time later, you awoke staring at a familiar ceiling.  The sounds of monitors beeping quietly, around you.  As you tried to sit up, a hand stopped you pressing against your chest, forcing you back down onto the bed.

“Oh no, young lady. You stay put until I clear you to even go to the bathroom.  [Y/N], how could you let yourself get so run down?  You are dehydrated and bordering on being malnourished.  I missed the signs but damned if I let you continue like this.  Crazy girl do you know this could keep you grounded from the new assignment?”  Doctor Baush looked down at you with his hand braced on the bed.  The threat of not seeing Leonard caused your heart to beat erratically.  The biobed let you both know it.  “Calm down, calm down.  Take a breath for me before I have to sedate you.”  Doing as instructed you took a slow deep breath in through your nose and exhaled slowly out of your mouth.  The alarm fading as your heart rate decreased.

“Please, sir.  I need to see him.  Moreover, it is the Enterprise.  It is an important assignment.  Maybe once in a lifetime to be aboard the fleet’s flagship.”  The pleading in your eyes did him in.

“Promise me something, my dear?”  You sat up quickly steadying yourself now that you were upright.

“Anything.”  Doctor Baush gave a short laugh.  He picked up your hand in his.

“Promise me, you will take care of yourself out there.  Come back to visit me sometime and tell me about the wilds of space.  And tell that man… tell that man he had better take care of you too.  You need someone looking after you.  Might as well be another doctor.”  A laugh escaped your lips as you jumped forward hugging him tightly.

“I promise I will do all of that.  You have done so much for me over the years.  I know I wouldn’t be here without you.  Thank you.”  He returned the hug then sent you on your way with strict instructions to eat a large dinner with an equally large glass of water.  By the time you arrived home you had already send your confirmation to Command that you would take the post on the Enterprise.  Next, you messaged Maggie telling her about your new assignment. She, of course, was so excited for you that she wanted to help you start packing that night.  Along with an order of food from one of your favorite places, she came over to oversee the task.

The official orders came in later that evening.  In thirty-six hours, you would be departing with the crew of the Cerberus on an aid mission bound for the Enterprise.  Even though you knew it was late, you sent a message to your grandfather.  More than likely, he would message you back in the early morning. You were not sure how he was going to take the news.  It was one thing that you were in York Town.  Farther than he had ever been away from you since your parents died.  However, the Enterprise on its long term mission to explore the galaxy.  Now that was a whole other story.

The morning came quickly, as did the message from Grandfather.  While he was not happy with the idea of you being so far out in the stars, he could not fault you for wanting to go.  He wished you safe travels and demanded that you had better contact him often.  Or else he would use his connections as a retired Admiral to come find you.  You knew it was not a threat.  He would do it, and that thought made you smile.  The love he had for you was strong and binding. Nothing would ever change that. The rest of your day consisted of packing the few things you had not the night previous and getting the apartment cleaned up so it would be ready for your departure.  By that evening, you had worn yourself out with cleaning and sheer excitement.  Being able to see Leonard, again had made the light feeling in your stomach last the entire day.  You were to report to the docking facility at 0500.  Departure was set for 0700.  

The trip was estimated to take forty-nine hours at half warp to make it to the Galos System.  The Enterprise had dragged itself somehow out of a nebula is had been pulled into that had all but drained its power.  They had spent the month trying to get word back to Star Fleet.  So the supplies that were going on the Cerberus were desperately needed.  As were her skills.  One of the casualties had been a doctor.  Leaving Leonard and Doctor M’Benga as the two sole doctors aboard. You, still, could not believe that you were going.  It had been a dream for a long time to explore the expanse of the galaxy.  Now it was coming true.  The fact that you would get to do with Leonard by your side was icing on the cake.  Sleep did not come easy that night but finally your exhausted body let you drift off dreaming of the days to come.

Time was dragging aboard the Cerberus.  You had been here just over twenty-four hours and it felt like a year.  There was only so many times you could walk around the small ship without going insane.  The mess hall had very little room, so few people actually stayed there to eat their food.  You had taken to bring your meals back to your temporary quarters and staring out the port window at the passing stars.  The only thing that was helpful while waiting was that you were able to catch up on needed sleep.  The last thing you wanted when you finally got to see Leonard was to be so tired you could not keep your eyes open.  That man would be lucky to peel himself away from you for any length of time in the first month.

On the second day of the trip the captain made you aware, they had been in contact with the Enterprise. As medical personnel, you would be transported over first to the damaged ship to report directly to the medbay. Your skills were needed immediately. Arrival time would be in three hours and it was necessary to pack your belongings soon and stand ready in the transport room at your assigned time.  There you now stood, waiting for confirmation that you were in transporter range of the Enterprise.  The ops officer standing ready, waiting on word from the bridge.  “Captain Evers to transporter room one, we are within range. You may begin transfer of personnel.” The ops officer nodded to you to take position on the pad.  With your bags over your shoulders you stood there as instructed, feeling the familiar tingling and seeing the golden beams of the transporter.  Mere seconds later you were staring at new faces, feeling your boots make contact with the hard surface of the pad.

One of those faces smiled up at you.  Well any of them could have been smiling at you, but the only one the matter was Leonard’s. Seeing him alive and in one piece caused the emotional damn to break.  You ran off the pad dropping your bags on the deck and jumped into his arms. The sobs shaking your whole body as you buried your face in his neck, holding on for dear life.  He wrapped you tightly in his arms, running a hand over your hair.  “It’s okay darlin, I’m here.  I’m safe. I have missed you so much.  Shhh, [Y/N].  It is all right, I promise I am not letting you go again.  I love you so much.”  His words causing you to pull back.  The ugly crying quieted a moment.  Leonard smiling that bright beautiful smile at you.

“You do?”  He laughed rubbing a thumb over your cheek.  

“I love you so much it hurts darlin.  I have since that first night.  I knew I was a goner when you came running around that corner all flustered and late. This month has been hell.  Jim threatened to throw me out the airlock more than a few times.”  You wiped your face hoping you did not look as bad as you feared.

“Leonard, I love you. I wanted to tell you so long ago but it felt wrong over the telecoms.  But now I am here.  I am going to tell you every day.  I swear it.” He kissed you then.  Just like, he had that first night in the park.  The warmth coursing through you all the way to your toes.

“Oh thank God you made it safely, [Y/L/N].  I was going to have Scotty launch Bones out of the torpedo bay if he didn’t stop talking about you.”  Jim stood there with a smirk on his face and his hands on his hips.  “As much as he needs a good night in a quiet dark place with you,” he waggled his eyebrows at you, “you both are needed in the medbay. Still a lot of injuries.”  You wiped your mouth still holding onto Leonard with one arm.

“Yes, sir.  We are on our way.”  Picking up your bags you looked over to Leonard.  “We can finish later.”  Leonard being the Southern gentleman he was took both bags from you, surprised for a moment at their weight.

“Damn woman, what do you have in here, rocks?!  Come on I will show you the way to the medbay.”  You laughed following behind.

“I couldn’t live without my rock collection.”  Leonard glanced over his shoulder at you before realizing you were joking.  Jim laughed from behind both of you.

“Oh Bones you have met you match. Good you need someone to keep you in line.  You sure as hell don’t listen to me.  Maybe you will listen her.”  Leonard just glared a moment a Jim before continuing towards the medbay.  He waited for you to catch up beside him.

“Hopefully tonight after we finish the mess of patients, I can show you how much I missed you, properly this time.”  His low voice sending thrills and shivers all over your body.  You grinned clasping your hands behind your back.

“Doctor McCoy, I do believe that is a request I would be glad to accept.”

Part 5

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Won’t Let Go - Part 1 - Leonard McCoy

Pairing: leonard mccoy x reader 

Summary: short fic (or ficlet, if you’re nasty) based off “say you won’t let go” by james arthur. this is the first verse until the first chorus. EDIT: im gonna make it the stages of a relationship instead of following the song exactly. also this part takes place before bones, reader, and jim have graduated from the academy. OKAY? COOL!

Word count: 1,102

Warnings: fluff

A/N: ok the summary says it all, really. i love this song too much and for some reason thought of bones while listening to it today. as i already said, this is just the first verse! it’s a cute, short lil story. SO ENJOY IT, TELL ME WHAT YOU THINK, ETC. 

The vacant San Francisco streets were lined and illuminated by quaint street lamps every few feet. Though their light was much dimmer than what would be considered adequate and their purpose was likely primarily aesthetic, it kept the two of you from bumping into the fire hydrants with chipped orange paint and trashcans with glossy green paint as you stumbled into his side repeatedly.

Leonard didn’t know you for very long and, even after discounting the amount you’d spoken over the last few hours, you felt familiar to him. He liked the sparkle in your eyes when he first approached you to speak, liked your too-loud laugh which rang through the club Jim had forced him into, and liked the tightness with which your arms stayed locked over his shoulders as you danced too slowly to a too-fast song. Most of all, though, he liked the way in which you looked at him with a smile that reached your eyes and wrinkled the bridge of your nose— like he was familiar to you, too.

It was half-past three and you both walked side-by-side through the Mission District. You held an over-filled ice cream sandwich in your hand and he held a precarious ice cream bar in his— those, combined with the bottles of water weighing your bag down, formed your modest loot from the 24-hour pharmacy that you insisted on visiting when he found your drunken persuasion face too amusing to refuse.

Leonard glanced at you as you laughed about the awful mistake which was the Indian-Italian fusion restaurant you passed and couldn’t help but smile back.

He nodded towards your hand when you met his gaze. “Your ice cream’s meltin’ all over your hand, sweetheart.”

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Spock Imagine-

When you joined the USS Enterprise crew, you were astounded by how close everyone was. A dysfunctional family, if you will. Just a timid human girl, you were ready to start a new life. You quickly became the pretty girl with the sweet voice and charming eyes. Everyone liked to be around you, and you felt relieved that you had found your place within the family quickly. 

After two years of being part of the crew, you happily fit in with everyone. As a nurse, you tend to a lot of the people in the crew. You spend a large portion of time subconsciously worrying about how people are. Actions have consequences and some more than others reap the consequences of their actions. But that wasn’t the only bond you have formed over the two years on the ship. Spock, the impassive alien commander wasn’t as inexpressive as everyone thought. In order to keep the peace on the ship, you two agreed to keep your relationship behind closed doors for now. 

You walk down the hallway, your delicate hands folded behind your back. Giving a warm smile to anyone who passes you, you make your way up to the bridge to see how everyone was doing. Stepping into the room, you peer over and make brief eye contact with Spock. A small glint flashes in your eyes and you turn your attention to the captain to hide your expression. 

“Good morning Captain.” you hum softly. 

“(Y/L/N), good to see you this morning.” he sings. 

“The feeling is reciprocated Captain.” 

“God have you been hanging around Spock too much?” he laughs. 

A warm glow creeps onto your round cheeks as you fidget with your fingers behind your back. Trying to waive it off, you take another breath and clear your throat. Captain Kirk smiles at you and pats your shoulder. The touch, although inviting, makes you feel a little uneasy. 

“Excuse me captain, I have someone waiting in the MedBay for me.” 

You turn away on your heels and start to head down the hallway. Pondering if people are catching onto you and spock, you listen to your heels click against the floors. A taller figure catches up with you and soon is walking along side you. 

“Good morning Lieutenant (Y/L/N).” spock speaks.

A smile is draw to your lips. Even though the two of you are alone, he always calls you by your proper rank and name during work hours. Agreeing to play along, you enter though the doors of the MedBay where Bones is scanning someone for internal injury.

“Commander Spock, good morning. How can I assist you this morning?”

“I am here to inform you that the Captain and I will be leading a team out for a rescue mission. The captain wanted medbay to be prepared for any injured rescued. And being frank, the captain’s record for returning uninjured is less than admirable.” 

“How many are expected to be rescued? Is there any danger in this mission?”

“The number of people being rescued is unclear. There is though, a probably cause for danger. We will be entering Klingon territory.” 

Your heart sank down into your stomach when he mentions the Klingons. No matter how many times the federation has attempted to make peace, the Klingons refuse to give up their hostility. The last mission resulted in fifteen critical injuries, and a very close call. You look at spock, knowing he senses your distress. 

“Whatever you do, don’t let Kirk do anything stupid.” bones yells from across the room. 

“May I accompany you to the transporter pad Commander?” 

“I don’t see a reason why not.” 

He trails out of the room with the same stature that he always holds. His frame stands tall and rigid and to anyone else he looks like his usual self. To you on the other hand, he looks soft. He can tell that you are worried about him and he tries to project his feelings to you. Tenderly, he guides you into a storage room where he can freely express his opinions. 

“Lieutenant there is no need to worry. While the Klingons are hostile, I have every confidence in the Captain.”

“Spock, I know you do, and I do too. But these are the Klingons we are talking about. At least let me come with! I can talk to Jim. It is better to have a medical officer there anyways.” 

“Lieutenant while your thinking is sound, there is no need. Your resources will be needed on the ship. That is where you can be the most help.” 

“You are just saying that so you know I am safe on the ship.” you frown.

“You know that my concern for your safety is of great importance.”

He opens his arms just enough for you to slide into his tight grip. Pressing your cheek against his chest, he tucks your head underneath his chin. While his actions are reassuring of his affection, you already knew he cared for you. You want to keep him safe. His hand glides across the small of your back. His touch is strong yet settling. 

“I just don’t want anything to happen to you.” you mumble into his jacket. 

“While I can not predict the future, I will do everything in my power to make sure I return for you.” 

You let out a heavy sigh and pull away from your boyfriend. If it were up to you, you would never let go. You hate being so secretive about your relationship but if it made him happy, you were happy. The two of you walk out back into the hallway and down to the transporter pad. The captain raises a suspicious eyebrow at the odd couple but decides to leave it alone. Maybe he already knows, but he does know the two of you are good for each other. That’s all that matters. 

[hey guys. I wrote this one on a whim. It’s not my best. I’m feeling under the weather. Hope you enjoy it though. I’ve got a few in the works that I hope to finish soon.]

Word Count: 2566
Author’s Note: @outside-the-government requested: So here’s my idea. What if the reader was real tired of Bones wanting to look at every little injury, every little cough or sniffle they had? To pay him back, reader would turn his own medicine against him and come slinking into med bay for the tiniest of problems. Eventually he’d catch on and give them the benefit of the doubt and promise he’d let them be the judge of when they needed his expertise. It could be so much fun. :D So this got away from me completely, and I hope you like it…

There must have been something perplexing about the look on your face because when Uhura sat down across from you in the commissary, she tilted her head to one side, narrowing her eyes and just looked at you for a minute before she spoke.

“Something is bothering you.” She said it like she spent a lot of time reading emotions instead of hearing words. It wasn’t as weird as you initially thought, really. Ninety percent of communication was non-verbal, so she really needed the ability in order to be able to do her job. And figuring out what Spock was thinking on a day to day basis probably made reading human emotions a cake-walk.

“Is Doctor McCoy weird, or is he just,” you trailed off, your eyebrows knitting together as you searched for the word, “just weird?” Screw it. You couldn’t think of what you meant, but you trusted Nyota to decipher it. She just laughed.

“That depends on the kind of weird you’re asking about, I guess.”

“I went for my intake assessment and he wanted to know why I had a bandaid on my finger,” you started.

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Some McKirk where Bones wants to leave the Enterprise for any reason and Jim desperately tries to convince him to stay

  • Bones has resigned so many times, it doesn’t even phase Jim when it happens again. Because Bones always changes his mind one way or another - voluntarily or not. Jim can be very persuasive. And most of the time when Bones resigns, he doesn’t even really mean it. It’s just a threat because Jim’s pissed him off, or he’s seen one too many cadets with new and exotic alien STD’s, or because Spock throws him an insult that’s too clever for a comeback. Hell, even because Chekov’s no longer hiding his whiskey in his locker. Jim has seen so many reasons why Bones wants to resign, he just knows it’s never going to happen.
  • Until one time it does. Jim has seen the resignation file in in his message box before, but he doesn’t take it much heed. And it takes another two days for Bones to approach him about it. “Can you accept my resignation, please?” he asks, surprisingly decent, and Jim raises his eyebrows. “Sure, buddy.” “I’m serious,” Bones says, and Jim nods. “Okay, sure. Look,” he says, lifting up his PADD to accept Bones’ resignation with a simple click. When he does, Bones rolls his eyes and walks off.
  • “How are you doing?” Sulu asks Jim when they both meet up for their twice a week workout session. “Yeah, I’m fine,” Jim says, “why?” “Because Leonard resigned,” Sulu says with a frown. He stands behind Jim when the other lies down on the bench press to lift weights, and Jim shrugs. “Yes, but he’s not really resigning.” Jim says, grabbing the weights and pushing it up with a grunt. “But he is, though,” Sulu says. “Nah, that’s just him threatening me because we had a small argument the other day,” Jim says, but Sulu shakes his head. “No, he’s resigning because Jo is moving to York Town, and he’s been offered a permanent position as head of Medical there.” Jim’s grip on the weights falter, and Sulu makes sure to grab it before he chokes himself on it. “What?” “Yeah, dude,” Sulu says, placing the weights down as Jim squirms away from the press and sits up straight. “I accepted his resignation.”
  • “Bones, are you insane? You can’t just resign,” Jim says when he gets to Bones’ quarters. Still in his sweatpants and old Starfleet Academy t-shirt. Bones glances up at him, though he’s not putting his PADD down. “You accepted my resignation.” “I thought you were joking!” “I literally told you I was serious,” Bones says. Jim sits down on the couch next to Bones, frown evident on his face. “I’m not going to let you resign.” “You already did.” “I take it back,” Jim says. Bones huffs, finally putting his PADD down. “You have a fully capable medical staff, you don’t need me here. I want to be with Joanna.” “But I want to have you here,” Jim says, realizing very much how selfish he’s sounding right then. “Bones, please just think about it.” “I have thought about it,” Bones says. He sighs, resting his hand on Jim’s leg just briefly, “I’m sorry, Jim. I have to do this if I ever want to see my own daughter grow up.”
  • Jim can’t blame Bones for wanting this, of course. But that doesn’t mean he’s happy about it, and he does everything in his power to keep Bones aboard the Enterprise for as long as possible. On their way to York Town they receive an opportunity for a mission that extends their trip for a day, and Jim accepts it without hesitation. The rest of the crew might groan in protest (“Seriously, Captain? We’re retrieving a rock that holds no significant importance?”) but Jim knows that means it’s just one day longer with Bones. And he spends every free hour with him. “I’m not going to convince you to stay, am I?” Jim asks right before they finally arrive at the space station. There’s so many things on Jim’s mind he wants to say but doesn’t know how to express, and does it really make a difference if Bones isn’t going to stay anyway? Bones sighs, but it’s not an annoyed sigh. He gives Jim a small smile and squeezes his shoulder. “We’ll see each other every few months, when you’re here.” “Yeah, great,” Jim says, and it’s really sarcastic. Bones knows it, too, but there’s nothing he can really do about it.
  • And Jim is absolutely miserable in Bones’ absence. Their first trip is maybe three months at most, but they feel like three years. Bones has left him a generous amount of whiskey and quality bourbon, and they message each other all the time. But still, Jim feels terrible. He misses Bones, and it’s obvious to the crew, but he just can’t phrase it to Bones properly. Or at all. So instead when Bones asks him: “How was your ground-mission? Did you get hurt? I know you got hurt.” Jim just replies: “Fine. Just a few scratches.” And then they talk about other things. Non important things. Gentle banter between the two of them. And that’s it.
  • Bones isn’t there when Jim arrives back in York Town. The others are off immediately towards the nearest bar, celebrating that short lived freedom from their otherwise routine lives. Jim kind of expects Bones to be there, like in one of those romantic movies, but Bones is working until later, so he’s not there. “Hi Uncle Jim,” Joanna says as she approaches him instead, and that takes Jim by surprise. “Jo? Hey, what are you doing here? Shouldn’t you be in school?” Jim asks, smiling just lightly and Joanna throws him a sly grin. “What? Demora got time off to pick up her family. I can do the same.” “Your dad lives here, though,” Jim counters. “Yes, but you are his family. Therefore, also mine.” “You are way too clever. Are you sure Bones is really your dad?” Jim replies, and Jo smirks. “D'you want to go get milkshakes with me?” “Sure,” Jim says without hesitation, because he has nowhere else to go, and Jo is a good way to catch up on Bones without looking too pushy. “You’re paying,” Joanna says, and Jim laughs. “Of course I am.”
  • “So, how is your dad?” Jim asks, sitting across Joanna in a booth near the window. She’s skipping school, but she still has her homework laid out in front of her and somehow tricked Jim into helping her, even though she doesn’t really need his help. “He’s okay,” Joanna replies. “Just okay?” “I know he hates his job and he’s only doing it because I live here now with mom.” She explains, and Jim listens. “Maybe he could find a different job?” “Only if it’s back on the Enterprise,” Joanna says, and Jim raises an eyebrow. “What?” “He’s going to hate every job except on the Enterprise,” she says, “do you have a nurse job available?” Jim laughs at that question and just shrugs. “Always. But your dad chose to be near you instead.” “Just because he’s not near me doesn’t make him not my dad,” Joanna says, and Jim smiles lightly. “Well, maybe you should tell him that.” Seriously, she should tell him that.  
  • Jim is completely ready to give in. He craves Bones’ attention more than anything, and he expects Bones to pick up Jo, but it’s Jocelyn instead because Bones is forced to do overtime. Jim considers visiting him in the hospital, but he restraints himself from doing so. Barely, but still. He sends Bones a quick message to meet up tomorrow morning instead, and he heads home with a bottle of bourbon.
  • But come midnight, there’s a knock on the door and when Jim opens it, Bones stands there. Still in his uniform, dark circles under his eyes, hair a mess. “Bones,” Jim says, pleasantly surprised, “what are you-” Bones forces him to shut up when he pushes way into Jim’s personal space (–not like Jim minds when people do), and he’s kissing him. Just like that. Leaving Jim breathless, but every inch as desperate as the other man. Bones’ arms move around Jim’s waist and Bones pulls him impossibly closer, but Jim doesn’t mind one bit, sliding his arms around the other’s shoulders - and then pulling him more inside his apartment.
  • “I didn’t realize you missed me THAT much,” Jim says with a smirk. His fingers trace Bones’ naked chest, exploring every curve of the other man’s toned skin. “Oh, like you were any better,” Bones counters weakly. Jim smiles. He’s waiting for Bones to ask him to return to the Enterprise, but Bones is silent instead. It’s not an awkward silence, though, and Jim shifts closer to him under the warm sheets of his bed. He leans in to kiss him again, sighing against warm lips. “Come back to the Enterprise,” he says himself, unable to stop himself any longer. Bones looks up at him in surprise. “You have any vacancies?” he chuckles softly, and Jim shrugs. “Maybe a nurse.” “That’ll work,” Bones says, and Jim raises his eyebrows. “Wait, really?” “Oh my God, Jim, I hate my job so much. I don’t do any surgeries, I just oversee them. I miss Chekov coming to me for an unnecessary checkup after a casual alien encounter. And I miss Spock telling me my work is ‘trial-and-error’, the asshole,” Bones mutters the last part, and Jim just laughs. “And I just… I miss you, yeah.” “Lame,” Jim says, and Bones huffs. “You were the one asking me to return.” Bones counters, and Jim smiles. “Guess I’m just as desperate as you are. What about Jo?” “We talked,” Bones says, “and she says the two of you also talked.” “Yeah,” Jim grins, ignoring that stern look Bones has - probably because Jim allowed her to skip her classes. “She says that I should go if I want to,” Bones says. Jim reaches out, his hand gently running over Bones’ cheeks, which are really due for a shave. “And?” “And I want to,” Bones replies. Jim nods, satisfied at that answer, and he leans in for another kiss. “Welcome back to the Enterprise, Nurse Bones.”

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Prompt:  Seeing as requests are open!! How about one that is Kirk X Reader where the reader is pregnant? Sort of parallel to George Kirk and Winona, excluding death.. and Jim is having pre-father anxiety and it’s all just super fluff :3 including enterprise adventures and angsty missions? (cause we all need Chris pine and fluff/Angst that man is gorgeous) thank you and sorry this is so vague! Have a lovely day/night week month!! X
Word Count: 1712
Warnings: Mentions of death, anxiety, abandonment
Author’s Note: SURPRISE! You all get 2 fics today because I really wanted to post one of the requests (and I loved this one) and a Christmas one. So there you go happy December ya filthy animals :)

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Pregnant? - Jim Kirk one shot

Fandom - Star Trek
Relationship - Kirk x Fem!Reader
Requested? - Yes, by anonymous
Warnings- unless you’re uncomfortable with brief mentions of periods and Bones being a supportive dude friend/OBGYN, then no.
Words - 1,251
Summary - Reader has been feeling some odd things lately, so when Bones calls her down after her most recent mission, she is a little more than surprised.

A/N - I hope you like it! I wasn’t sure where to put in the twins part, but i hope it was good anyway! ~K

You and Jim had been together a long while now. You were a good way into the 5-year mission into deep space when you started to get light headed on missions. You started to eat more at meal times, craving some odd stuff. You’d get cranky really easily, snapping at Scotty one day for being ‘too damn Scottish’. So, you got a bit worried when you missed your period at first, but you just pushed it to the back of your mind, saying to yourself that every woman can go a bit irregular at times.

You had just gotten back from a mission gone awry. You, Spock and Uhura had been sent down as mediators in a dispute between two Federation planets. To say it got messy is a bit of an understatement. The leader of one race had said something, that when translated, highly offended the race with the stronger military power, which caused an outburst of violence. The three of you had to stay alive until a shuttle was sent down to get you all. As soon as you got on, you heard a yell. “Y/N!” Jim’s voice was music to your ears after hearing the anguished cries of governments being slaughtered. You practically ran into his arms, before remembering you were covered in injuries. As soon as you made contact, you winced. “Are you okay? Are you hurt?”

You couldn’t help but let out a pained chuckle. “10 points for observation.” You hissed as he helped you into a chair. He sat, fussing over you until you got to the Enterprise. Saying how he should never have sent you on this mission, how you could have died and it would have been all his fault. He knew that they were trouble and would resort to violence. Every time he said something negative, you waved him off and called him an idiot.

By the time you got to the Enterprise, you were a bit sick of Jim’s guilt. “Jim, I love you to bits but you need to get me to the Med-bay and then go back to the bridge. You’re feeling a bit too guilty for me right now.” He looked a bit offended, but did as you said, regardless.

Sat on a bed, you waited for Bones to finish off checking over Uhura and Spock, who were less reckless than you and came away with a lot fewer injuries than you. When he finally approached you, he did not look happy. “Goddamit, Y/N. Hearing about how idiotic you were in that battle…I’m not surprised you’re the love of Jim’s life. You’re both gonna die being morons in the wrong situation.” Continuing to grumble non-sensically, Bones scanned you with the tricorder. When he got to your lower abdomen, he frowned and scanned again. He seemed unhappy with the readings. “Y/N, I’m gonna have to ask you to step into the bathroom over there.” He walked across the room into a cupboard, before pulling out a packet, which he ripped open to reveal a sterile bowl of sorts. “I need you to pee in this.”

You raised your eyebrow. “Why?” He gave you a firm look which caused you to raise your hands in surrender, grab the bowl and head into the bathroom. After doing as you were told, you washed your hands and handed the bowl to Bones, who immediately walked into a smaller room near his office, before calling through.

“You can head back to your quarters! I’ll call you if I find anything.” You raised our eyebrow once more, before walking out of the med-bay to the turbo lift. You were soon at your quarters, confused as to why he didn’t send you back to work. You decided to take the opportunity to take a well-deserved nap.

You woke up to the sound of your communicator beeping. You answered it. “Hello?”

A sigh came through the line. “Y/N, it’s Bones. Can you come down to the med-bay, please?”

Rubbing sleep out of your eye, you nodded, before realising he couldn’t see. “Gimme five minutes.” You shut your communicator before he could reply.

True to your word, you were there in five minutes. You wandered up behind him. “So, what’s up, doc?”

He jumped at the sound of your voice. “Sit down.” You suddenly felt incredibly nervous, thinking it must be bad news. “I’m not sure how you’re gonna take this. But you’re pregnant.”

Your jaw dropped. “Pregnant? Are you serious?” He nodded, anxious for your reaction. Suddenly, a wide smile spread across your face. “This is great! I have to tell Jim!” Then the realisation hit you. The smile fell right off your face. “Oh god, I have to tell Jim.”

Bones frowned. “I’m sure he’s gonna be just excited as you. Especially since he won’t be terrified of you getting hurt on missions, since you won’t be going on any. As you CMO, I’m grounding you to the ship.” You pouted and he just chuckled. “Sorry, darling. Doctor’s orders.”

You guys joked about some more until the comm activated for the med-bay. “Hey Bones, if Y/N is there, can you send her to the Bridge please?” Both of you shared a nervous look before you headed out, making your way to the bridge. When you got there, the turbo lift doors opened.

“Permission to come aboard?” You tried to keep your voice steady. Jim seemed none the wiser to your nervous state.

“Always for you, sweetcheeks.” You couldn’t help but chuckle and blush lightly, despite how long he’d been acting this way. “I know you only just got back from a mission, but we need someone smart and good in risky situations to go on a retrieval mission to the outskirts of Klingon space. There’s an abandoned asteroid that a small crew is stranded on. We need to get to them and get them on the Enterprise before any Klingon find them.” He had managed to give you the entire mission order without even looking at you, which you were thankful for.

“Sorry, captain. No can do?”

He turned his head to look at you. “What? What do you mean?”

You walked round to his side so you could speak quieter, keeping your private life from the ears of the entire bridge crew. “Bones has grounded me to the ship. Doctor’s orders.” You kissed his cheek and began to walk away.

“Why, though? Is something wrong?” You sighed and motioned for him to follow you. He looked at you confused before getting out of his chair and calling out, “Sulu, make sure nothing goes wrong!” There was a ‘yes, captain’ from Sulu before you were both in the turbo lift.

You took a deep breath and turned to him. “I’m pregnant.”

His eyes widened. “Are you kidding me?” You shook your head. He suddenly filled with such glee that it was practically radiating off him. “Oh, my god! This is incredible! I’m gonna be a dad!” It was at that moment that the lift doors decided to open to reveal Uhura, who’s eyes widened as she barely managed to keep a hold of her holo-pad. The doors had closed again before Uhura managed to compose herself, but you heard a pleased squeal as the lift kept going to the med-bay. You turned to Jim, who softly placed a kiss on your lips. “We’re gonna have a baby.” You smiled.

“I can’t think of anyone I would rather be a parent with. I love you.”


Auld Lang Syne

Word Count: 5895

Author’s Note: Hi. I normally write over at FFN or AO3, but I’ve been struggling with some writer’s block. Anyhow, Happy new year!

“Happy New Year, Gil!” Jim’s arms wrapped around me and squeezed me. Maybe a fraction of a second too long, if I were prone to over-analysis. I was prone to over-analysis. He leaned back, as though he was going to let go, smiled, and hugged me again, again, just that touch too long. “Goodbye 2264.”

“Yeah. Fuck 2264,” I smiled, returning the second hug as warmly as I had the first.

“I love you, Kate,” he murmured, and then broke away from me, moving to the gorgeous woman standing beside me. As his arms wrapped around her, his lips met hers in a passionate new year’s kiss. Almost too passionate for mixed company. My extra millisecond worth of hug lost its value. As did the strength of Jim’s words. There had been no kiss for me. And the love he spoke of was the love of a brother to a sister. I knew that, and I loved him in return. But I still wished things had been different back when our paths had first crossed. I wasn’t big on wondering what if, but I had my moments. And what if things had been different when Jim Kirk and I had first met?


9 years earlier…

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Not Really A Fic Pt1

Spirk Justice League AU 

  • Jim Kirk doesn’t know what planet he’s actually from, all he knows is the shuttle that threw him down in a field in the middle of Iowa killed George Kirk in the crash and Winona Kirk can’t look at him without bitterness. His stepfather screams and yells and threatens but he doesn’t beat him after the day he throws a brick at Kirk and it bounces off his head. Kirk throws himself off cliffs because he knows it can’t hurt him and unexpectedly finds that he can fly. Kirk barfights and joyrides and drinks because nothing can hurt him, until he stumbles across the country into a bar in Brunswick, Georgia, where some asshole convinces him that he might like to try helping people and hey, maybe the name Superman would do, it’s what his stepfather always called him mockingly in their fights, it would be nice to pick something bad up and make it good again. He carefully doesn’t think about how that statement might just apply to his entire life. It’s not just a dare in a bar, though. Jim’s always known, deep down, that his powers are his for a reason. And he thinks maybe life was cruel to him for a reason too. He could have been an arrogant jackass god. He could have ripped the roof right off the White House and crowned himself king of the world with his powers. But he wouldn’t - he couldn’t - because that would make him his stepfather. Just another bully, trying  to use his size and strength to kick the little people down. Jim wants to be better than that. Jim wants to make the world better than that. 
  • McCoy…. yeah, he lives in the sea now. He tried that land life for a while but that all turned to shit and maybe his daddy was right, what comes from the ocean returns to the ocean. He still drags himself up the beach for a drink sometimes, though - no bourbon underwater - and sometimes, through no fault of his own, things get violent. He wins those fights. It’s a shame he can’t go back to those towns though. He has his strength and he knows nothing can hurt him, until one day he tries to get between some blonde asshole and four drinks and the blonde (misinterpreting the situation very badly), picks him up and hurls him through a fucking wall. Later they sit on the beach and compare what they can do and he says, hey, I’m a fuck up but you, kid, you could really do something. And the kid says - yeah? Wanna give it a go and see who’s better? C’mon, Fishman, waddayasay. And he says - fuck you, asshole, I’m gonna call myself Ocean King or something. - Where’s your fucking crown then? And they’re both too drunk to remember when they decide on the name Aquaman but it’s there, written into the notes in Jim’s phone and still scrawled into the sand around them when they wake.

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Prompt:  Hi hullo! I was wondering if you could write an imagine where the reader or someone on the ship plans like, a dance of some kind, and the reader has a crush on bones? And girls ask him to dance and he rejects them and the reader wants to ask but is nervous? Thank you so so much, I love reading your pieces <3
Word Count: 1490
Warnings: Sorry guys, it’s just too adorable. 
Author’s Note: There’s been a lot of Kirk lately, so here’s some Bones to mix it up!

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I Chose You... - 11 (James T. Kirk/Reader)

Part One  Part Two  Part Three  Part Four  Part Five  Part Six  Part Seven  Part Eight  Part Nine  Part Ten

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You opened your eyes a while later. You must have fallen asleep, something you had not intended. Pushing up slowly you stood up trying not to put strain on your side. Your landing had really done a number on your body and the Essabe did everything they could, but it wasn’t what you needed.

You walked out into the other room and saw the trio plus Suri looking  as something on the table. Kirk looked over to you finally as you stepped in, “Hey…you’re awake.”

“What are you looking at?” You walked over to them.

“Chekov and Suri were able to get plans of the city.” He told you as you stepped up to the table, “We were just getting a feel for where things are located, while Suri explained what some of the structures and technology was made of.”

“Why didn’t you wake me?” You looked at him irritated.

“You…were sleeping…” He told you putting on his captain face, “With some input from your doctor I decided that it would be better if you rested.”

“You decided…” You looked away from taking a deep breath, “Fine…we should get to work.”

“Sor Y/N…” You looked over at Suri, “I was talking with Mr. Chekov on the way back. I had explained to him how everything is linked through our…I think you called them veins…we call it Vembas…it’s a power source. He said it would be a good place to start.”

“Chekov has a good head and was thinking along the same lines as I…” You smiled at him.

“She also said that this problem started a few months ago.” You looked at Bones as he pointed to the furthest point on the map, “I know you were already taken here to see what has happened, but maybe another set of eyes can see something else. If this place is really all organic…maybe my scanner can pick something up.”

“Yes…I took basic samples but I couldn’t see anything of note.” You nodded slowly crossing your arms over your chest, “Take Captain Kirk with you, I’ll go with Chekov to the Vembas source.”

“Bregon will take you there.” Suri smiled at Kirk and Bones as you and Chekov moved for the door, “He’s outside waiting.”

Kirk stood there a moment as Bones gathered up his things, “Did I do something wrong?”

Bones looked at him, “You are asking the wrong man…Don’t you remember when we met I just got out of a nasty divorce. Star Fleet was the only place I could go.”

“She…just seems…” Kirk started.

“Look Jim,” Bones put a hand on his arm, “she was kidnapped, she’s in a lot of pain even if she denies it, and she probably just wanted to be included so we can go home. You did the right thing, she needed the rest so the meds could take effect.”

Kirk nodded following him out.  He looked up at Bregon who was standing there like a pillar, “Hey buddy…gonna give us a ride? Or are we hoofing it?”

Bregon huffed rolling his eyes as he started walking. Bones looked at his captain, “I don’t think he likes you.”

“It’s going around…” Kirk sighed adjusting his jacket as he caught sight of you with Chekov in the distance. His heart fluttered a little as he licked his lips. He hoped you were okay and took care of yourself.

“Jim! Come on keep up, I don’t big guy is going to wait for us.” Bones shouted at him.

You glanced over seeing Kirk run to catch up to Bones and Bregon. You smiled a little knowing he’d gotten distracted by you. You hadn’t meant to be so crossed with him, you just weren’t made for away missions.

“Suri…” The young girl looked down at you, “There’s something Chekov and I need to do before the power source. We need to get a message to our ship so they know we’re okay and so they don’t send anyone else here.”

“Yes…this vould be a goot idea. No doubt Mr. Spock will be worried…” Chekov nodded backing up your claim.

“Of course. I’ll take you to the communication relay first. My brother works there I’m sure he’ll be happy to help.” Suri smiled at you brightly.

“Good…we can see if any of their hails have finally made it through.” You looked at Chekov giving him a knowing look. He smiled giving you brisk nod knowing that the understood as you passed a group of Essabe who looked less then thrilled to see you walk about the city.

Kirk leaned over an hour later, “I’m not sure walking was a good idea.”

“With all the running you do from aliens on other planets…I’m really surprised that you aren’t in better shape.” Bones commented as he started scanning the area.

Kirk looked at him debating whether or not to make a smart remark. He decided against it, “You getting anything?”

He watched the doctor scanning everything as he walked further into the black masses. Bregon had left them at the edge of the decay where there was a clear contrast of what was alive and what wasn’t. 

Where Bregon stood was bright and full of that rich blue colors everything was made of as well as the the constant pattern of the neon luminescent Vembas. Kirk looked back to Bones seeing the black earth…as if the very essence of everything was sucked from it. Like a withering plant loses everything about it’s self.

“It’s strange…” Bones stopped looking at him, “It says that it was a live…that all of these buildings at one point as some semblance of life, but now it’s just…ash.”

“Ash? Like literal ash or metaphorical?”  Kirk looked at the ground beneath his feet.

“It’s not ash…it’s death…like…” He looked at Kirk, “it’s like whatever keeps this place alive was cut off. Like if you wrapped a wire around your finger, eventually the lack of blood would start killing the finger.”

“What would cause that? I mean…how? How can a planet just caught off a section of itself and die?” Kirk put his hands on his hips.


“I know, I know,  you’re a doctor not an agricultural engineer…” Kirk waved it off.

“No, Jim, look.” Kirk stepped up to where Bones was standing and looked at what he was pointing at.

“Well…I’ll be damned…” Kirk looked at him, “We need to get to Y/N and Chekov and let them know.”

You stood there behind Suri as she tried to get us into the communications room, but her brother was not being helpful. From his body language and hand motions he was in fact very against it.

Finally you couldn’t take it anymore, “Suri…excuse me…Hi…I’m Y/N. I’m the unwelcome visitor that your higher ups decided to take from her ship to help you.”

You paused briefly for Suri to translate, “You may or may not have heard, but I and my crew members have been given access to whatever we need to help save your planet so I’m afraid I have to insist that we get in there to contact our people.”

He looked down at you then to Suri shaking his head again, “Hey! This isn’t a negoatiation…I’m coming in there.”

His large hand pushed you roughly back when you took a step forward. You fell back into Chekov’s arm, “Ay! There’s no need vor hostilities…ve’re simply trying to help!”

With his help you regained your balance as the door shut in Suri’s face, “…what are you keeping from us?”

She looked at you, “I don’t understand…”

“What aren’t you all telling us? Maybe you don’t know…but maybe you do…” You put a hand to your side, “I don’t understand…you came to us…we are willing to help…but your people are constantly blocking any help that I offer.”

Suri looked down, “Our people aren’t like your Star Fleet, Sor Y/N…We have only known ourselves and no one else. What is happening is frightening…the fact that it has reached out city limits…”

“Wait…” You stopped her as you stepped forward looking into her dark eyes, “There are more areas then the one you’ve taken me too?”

“Yes…there are several sites in the forest. We have been told to stay away from them.” She told you.

“Are they mapped out? Could you show them to us?” You asked her hoping to get to the bottom off all the questions.

“I…well…” She seemed conflicted, “I suppose I could show you on the map…but…”

“But, what?” You watched her as fear spread through her face.

“I can’t…take you there.” She told you, “I’m sorry…I just…I could get into a lot of trouble…I…”

“Suri it’s okay…as long as you’re sure where these places are…I need you to be sure.” You put your hands on hers.

“I can be…” She nodded looking into your eyes, “Let me take you to the Vembas…I’ll get it for you while you make your studies.”

You smiled, “Thank you Suri…I’m glad we have you on our side. I really do want to help you and your people.”

“I know…” She nodded, “I watched you talk to your…uh…leaders…you convinced them of the changes that needed to be made. I wish I had courage to speak up.”

“Well I didn’t get it over night.” You smiled at her, “Suri, it takes brave moments…like getting the correct locations for people, to find find that courage to speak up against masses. Never be ashamed that you can’t speak up now.”

She smiled and nodded, “Follow me.”

You nodded taking a deep breath before you felt Chekov touch your arm gently, “Ma’am…are you alright?”

“Yes, Pavel…I’m alright…” You smiled at him reassuringly, “I’m just not an explorer. This is…you and James…I’m meant for labs and stations, not forest with alien cultures that I no doubt will upset and offend.”

He smiled at you, “If it makes you feel better…Captain is very a o-ffensive to many alien cultures and ve run very fast and quite frequently…”

You laughed looking at him, “Thank you Pavel I needed that.”

He nodded walking with you, “So…you and ze Captain…you are quite friendly, no?”

You looked at him surprised by the forwardness, “I guess you could say that, yes.”

He smiled brightly, “This is goot…”

“Is it?” You tilted your head a little.

“Yes, a happy captain means happy crew.” He told you, “But a captain who is in love…that captain ensures his crew is not just happy…but safe.”

You stared him as you walked, “I…are we so obvious?”

“No…” He shook his head, “But ze way he reacted upon you capture…is only a way a man in love vould react.”

“Pavel…” You smiled at him, “You will make a woman very happy one day.”

“Ay…I vish it was sooner then later…” He put his hand over his heart, “I long for vhat you and ze captain has…”

You chuckled listening to him. You wondered though if what you and James had would work? You were dedicated to your work, as was he. He was an explorer and you were a scientist, and neither of you would just give up your career. 

Certainly choices would need to be made in the future…but for now more pressing matters needed attention.

5 Times Aliens Thought They Were Married (And 1 Time They Were)


The first time it happens he and Bones have spent most of the away mission bickering.  Which is normal for them.  It’s probably their fifth or sixth away mission since they left on their five year mission.  The locals are friendly enough this time around, and Jim’s pretty pleased with the whole things.

It’s not until just before they were leaving that their host says something that makes Uhura smirk.

“What was that, Lieutenant?”

She just grinned.  “Elder Arrias was just telling me it was good to see that Starfleet valued marriage enough to allow couples to serve together, and you and Doctor McCoy must have had a long happy partnership so far.”

He just shrugged it off.  It wasn’t the strangest assumption an alien had made about their crew.

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