bones collector

Since I am having to take a couple days off from my new projects, I figured I could post one of my older ones from 2015 from my series “American Wilderness”, which was my first solo show of my career at Roq La Rue Gallery:

“Vulpes vulpes”, 2015, Ball point pen, Ink pencils, Acrylic ink, Marker, Colored pencil, Graphite, and Gel pen  on Hot-Pressed Watercolor Paper, 18 ¼ inches by 24 inches (22 inches by 28 inches framed in custom black frame)

Available for purchase at

Weird and Awesome Skulls!

I figured we need a masterpost of some of the best weird, cool skulls out there for all the bone collectors. So here are some of my favorites:

Giant Anteaters and their tube faces


Armadillo Lizard (aka smol dragon)

Platypus (still ridiculous even in death)

Toucans! Once again birds taking the cake in weirdness

Black Rayed Softshell Turtles (and several other softshells they’re all cute)


And elephants, for that matter. All animals with trunks, really.

Hyenas! Lookit those chompers




Parrotfish! (This skull was prepped by

And the Pacu! (from flickr, here

That’s all I have time for but I might do another one of these later!

“New Home”, 2016, Ballpoint Pen, Watercolor Pencils, Ink Pencils, Graphite, Colored Pencil and Gel Pen on Hot-pressed Watercolor Paper, 9 inches by 12 inches (approx. 13 inches by 16 inches framed)

This piece is included in the “Flesh & Bone” group exhibition at BeinArt Gallery in Melbourne, Australia that opens tonight!

For purchase inquiries, please email: