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hi!! have you thought about a modern mckirk (and crew) as nasa astronauts? if not, pls think about a modern mckirk (and crew) as nasa astronauts? pls and thank you

  • “I don’t want to go to space,” Leonard tells Pike, calmly as he can. “You’ve got multiple astrophysicist degrees, doctor,” Pike replies, “what do you mean, you don’t want to go into space?” “I mean I hate space.” “But you studied space. You literally studied space.” “That doesn’t mean I want to go there!” Leonard counters, “how did the crew fall ill in that space station, anyway? There’s no air in space. That means they caught some space disease, which I’m not qualified to treat-” “God damn, McCoy, I get it. You don’t want to go to space. I’ll do my best to find a doctor as qualified as you. Better hope the crew is still alive by then.”
  • “Buckle up, Bones,” Uhura tells him, “it’s going to be a bumpy ride.” “Don’t remind me,” Leonard sighs, trying his best not to fidget in his seat while they all prepare their trip to the international space station. “Hey, but on the bright side, you get to see Jim again.” “Again,” Bones says, gritting his teeth a little, “don’t remind me.” “Did you tell Jim you’re coming?” Uhura asks, nosy as always, but Bones usually loves that about her. “No,” he says, and her lips curl into a small smile. Really, all of them here live for drama, not for space. “Well,” she says, “I’m sure he’s read the reports.” They both know he probably hasn’t. 
  • Aligning the space station is a terrifying experience. A small mistake and things can break, the air can be contaminated, people could die. But it all works out well, and it’s Jim who yanks the door open to let them in. “Uhura!” He says, pulling her into a tight hug. Until he notices Bones pushing himself out of their vessel, and he briefly freezes. “Bones?” What are you d- you hate space!” he says, letting Uhura go and instead pulling Bones in closer. And Bones planned to be mad, truly, but feeling Jim’s hands on his cheeks and in his hair, he’s forgotten all of that. He kisses Jim, and Jim kisses him back.
  • “I missed you so much,” Jim breathes quietly against Bones’ lips. “Whose fault is that?” Bones replies, and Jim smiles lightly. “You know they needed an engineer.” “You know you should’ve told me you were leaving,” Bones scolds, and Jim pulls away with a huff. “Listen, you and I both know I don’t do confrontation very well.” “You left to go to space!” Bones counters, “and you love confrontation.” “Not this kind,” Jim says, “can we go back to making out?” Bones runs a hand through his own hair, shaking his head. “No.”
  • Bones does his research, examining the sick aboard the ship. Luckily, it doesn’t seem more than a bad flu, though poor Chekov has been hit hard, and Bones ups his Vitamin C and orders him to rest. The latter is hard, considering there’s not really a beta crew available to take over, but Bones orders them to rest nonetheless. Orders Jim to stay inside the fucking ship, too, but he finds himself anxiously sitting with Sulu when Jim ventures outside the ship, floating in just a suit to do some work on the outside and inspect everything. On the bright side, Jim is talking about everything and nothing over the intercom, and though it’s driving everyone nuts, Bones hangs on to that. Just to make sure he’s alright. He’s only distracted by Chekov when he hears the other cough, loudly so, before he says a quick: “Proximity alert. James, there’s debris heading our way. We need to change course a bit. Come back inside.” “Yup,” Jim calls out, “on my way back.” “Wait,” Sulu says. “No,” Bones interrupts, “don’t wait. Come back inside.” “No,” Sulu says, “one of the backup engines isn’t turning on. Probably some debris-” “I’ll check it out,” Jim says. “Jim!” Bones calls out, “you come back here.” “In a minute,” Jim replies, “let me just check this out.”
  • Jim does manage to clear the engine. With Sulu’s help, he manages to turn it back on. But whatever space debris was heading their way is still getting there, and it hits them before Jim makes it back inside. Luckily, nothing vital breaks, but it spins them off course, and Jim, too. “I’m stuck,” Jim calls out, after minutes of silence. “What do you mean, you’re stuck?” Bones asks. “My cord is broken,” Jim says, “I wrapped mine around one of the levers here, but I can’t- I mean, I can’t get back.” Bones takes a deep breath, shaking off his own sheer panic. “Put me into a suit,” Bones says, “I’ll go get him.” “No,” Uhura says, “I’m more trained to do this. I’ll go get Jim back.”
  • Uhura brings Jim back inside. It goes well, but throughout the entire time, Bones thinks that surely, both his best friends are going to be dying out in space. They don’t. Of course they don’t. Uhura can get the job done. As soon as Jim’s back inside, Bones pulls him in, holding him tight for the longest time. “Hey,” Jim laughs softly, running his fingers through Bones’ hair, “hey, I’m okay. This happens all the time.” “What do you mean, this happens all the time?” Bones counters, and Jim grins. “What I’m saying, is that it takes more than a broken cord to get rid of me.”
  • Then, luckily, Bones’ time here comes to an end, and so does Jim’s. Uhura stays behind to continue her research while Spock and Scotty arrive to relieve them. “What’s the first thing you want to do when we get back to Earth?” Bones asks, buckling himself into his seat next to Jim, and Jim’s lips curl into a grin. Bones rolls his eyes. “What?” Jim asks, “I’m thinking about going to Wendy’s and eat their entire menu.” “Oh, that’s what you’re thinking about?” Bones asks, and Jim laughs. “Please, staying in bed with you is my second priority. I love you, but burgers come first.”

Bones! Buckle up! (2009)

          Come on, Bones, it’s going to be fun. (2013)

                                  It’s going to be so much fun. (2016)

Gorgeous things about rewatching Star Trek (2009)

  • *passive agressively* “Live long and prosper.”
  • *looks at the cliff he just drove a car off* “Is there a problem officer?”
  • that big-nosed alien sitting uncomfortably between Jim and Uhura at the bar
  • “Is he not taking the simulation seriously?” *finger guns*
  • “Who was that pointy-eared bastard?” “I don’t know. But I like him.”
  • “I couldn’t just leave you there looking all pathetic.”
  • “As you were.”
  • Bones is just lovely
  • “Is the parking break on?”
  • “Numb tomg?!”
  • “Captain, I apologize, the complexities of human pranks escape me.”
  • “So, what kind of combat training do you have?” “Fencing.”
  • “Kork has landed, sir.”
  • Can I have Sulu’s sword?
  • wack-a-mole while Kirk hangs off the drill.
  • Chekov: “Aye. ay-yi-yi”
  • Also Chekov: “I can do that! Movemovemovemovemove! I can do that!”
  • “Out of the chair”
  • *nerve pinch*
  • continuous screaming on delta vega
  • “.I Am. Spock.” “Bullshit.”
  • echo of the mind meld
  • “If you’re gonna ride in the Kentucky derby, you don’t leave your prized stallion in the stable.”
  • “Green-blooded Hobgoblin.”
  • Scotty’s intro
  • “I do feel guilty about that dog.”
  • “Are you from the future?” “Yeah. Well, he is, I’m not.” “Oh. Do they still have sandwiches there?”
  • “How? Over your dead body?” “Preferably not.”
  • Scotty in the pipes
  • “Can I get a towel?”
  • *tug-a-war over Scotty’s answer* “I’d rather not take sides.”
  • Spock has gotten much better at beating up people who insult his mom
  • “I LIKE THIS SHIP! It’s exciting.”
  • “Wait, wait, wait, kid how old are you?” “Sewenteen, sir.” “Oh, great.”
  • “I would cite regulation, but I know you would simply ignore it.”
  • “So her first name’s Nyota?” “I have no comment on the matter.”
  • what is with this movie and  hanging off cliffs and other ledges?
  • “It’s logic, Spock. I thought you’d like that.” “Not really, sir. Not this time.”
  • “You got it!”
  • “I am not our father.”
  • “He inferred that universe-ending paradoxes should occur should he break his oath.”
  • “You lied.” “I implied.”
  • “My customary farewell would seem oddly self-serving…”
  • “Bones! Buckle up.”
  • “Should you desire, I can provide character references.” such as yourself?