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Okay y’all, I got a bone (ehehehe) to pick with one of my co-workers. We were chatting and somehow Star Trek came up, and 

Me: Ok but all the TOS crew are so awesome!
Her: Kirk, yes?
Me: I mean sure but also Bones!!!
Her: …no. Kirk or Spock.
Me: How can you not love Bones?!
Her: I like the ones who were actually attractive
Me: …

She was doing a thing that was v important, so I couldn’t really say what I wanted to, but…


☠️ Blind Specter’s Dead ☠️

Thank you so much @tastylemons99 to translate me this to english.

Some years ago, the Captain BrineyBeard had a tripulation that was not that big, but it was enough to complete his objetive that was to obtain the Mermaid’s treasure. He was trying it for years all by himself, and that’s why he lost both of his legs, but without losing his faith, determined to gather a tripulation that could help him. Between them. there was a young boy kinda peculiar called Timothy.
Timothy was a boy with a low vision of a 30%, that made the pirat doubt if he was usefull, but his ability with knifes and swords made that doubt disappear. After some time, The Captain was friend of all the tripulation, but Timothy was special, he was like his son that he never had. He had the problems and questions of a common adolescent, and for clear them he always ask the Captain.

After a year with the tripulation and winning some treasures, he told them about the Mermaid’s treasure. All of them acept to help ignoring the danger of it. That day they traveled where the mermaid was, better know as Cala Maria.

Most of the tripulation was devoured by the “beast”, except for Timothy and a few pirats. The boy wanted to attack her but The Captain doesn’t let him because of the situation they were. There was only 4 pirats in that ship. But Timothy doesn’t hear of the Captain’s order and he attack the mermaid with fury. The last pirats risk their lifes helping him. Timothy survived with much luck, but those pirats didn’t. The Captain just escaped from there with the boy that had the face hurt because the mermaid attack him with her claws.
BrineyBeard save him with stuff he found in the ship, but Timothy lost all of his vision, his eyes were too hurt.
BrineyBeard went back to earth to take him with a medic inmediatly.

Timothy live 2 weeks. wich he spend with te Captian in earth. “I’m sorry, Captain, This happened because of my fault, my friends lose their lifes by my mistake.” he said. “Don’t worry kiddo, all of this is my fault too. I knew this was too dangerous and I take all of you to this. It’s all my fault.” the Captain respond.
“Captain it was a pleasure be part of your tripulation.” Timothy pats the Captain’s cheek and he stop to breath forever.

“Passengers to the train!” screamed T-Bones trying to wake up the new ghost that was lying on a chair on the station. The new one opened the eyes and look around. Being new meaned that he just lost his life. “What??? hum…A train??? where am I?” He noticed that he doesn’t have legs and his eyes, his eyes were placed on his hands.
“Are you ridin’ or not kid? we don’t have all the day.”
The new one confused approached the skeleton that was waiting for him kinda bothered, he doesn’t know what was he there for. All his memories were erased time to time forggeting who was and what’s his name.
“Are you new around here?” the Skeleton ask. The young ghost nodded with the vision lost. T-Bones noticed that because he was too young, he died in a age where had to live like never before and was normal to see him like that.
“Hey, if you don’t have where to go, would you like to work in the train? we need some personal.”
the ghost was surprised at first, but then, after he thought about it for a while he acept with a big smile on his face.

“Welcome to the Phantom express, hem, Your name is…??”
“Blind Specter, it’s a pleasure.”  Blind Specter, that was his new name.


Attending a Gala dedicated to members of Starfleet and seeing Bones in a suit for the first time.

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“Wow. You clean up nicely, Doctor.”

“You look ravishing as well, darlin’.”