bones being all sassy and flirty

Here are 5 new OCs wtf is wrong with me I just KEEP MAKING OCS!!!

If Looks Could Trill: They’re an acapella group! They became friends through music, and even though all their interests vary, they’re still friends <3

Claire A. Net is the Soprano singer. Vibrant and flirty, she loves the spotlight. Loves Cute, Likes Fun, Hates Studious.
Viola is the Alto singer. Goofy and awkward, she doesn’t mind being second best or hidden in the background. Loves Geeky, Likes Fun, Hates Spooky.
Fran Chorn is the beatboxer/precussionist. Sassy and sarcastic, she enjoys creating music 24/7. Loves Tasty, Likes Fun, Hates Cute.
Guy Tarr is the Tenor singer. Intelligent and funny, he’ll often crack jokes when he’s nervous. Loves Studious, Likes Fun, Hates Tasty.
Tom Bone is the Bass singer. Loving but seems standoffish, he’ll take a while to warm up to. Loves Spooky, Likes Fun, Hates Geeky.

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