bones antlers

077-TROPHAWN [trophy-fawn]
-The Antlers Pokemon
-Ability: Battle Armor/Intimidate - Weak Armor(HA)
-Dex: “This pokemon is said to be a soul attached to the bones of its own corpse. it wanders aimlessly around the same place its life ended, with its eerie yellow eyes shining in the dark. If this are seen in the dark, they are said to make travelers lose their way”
    -Horn Attack
    -Shadow Sneak
    -Confuse Ray

–>Evolves with Fire Stone<–

078-WENDIGLOW [Wendigo-Glow]
-The Carcass Pokemon
-Ability: Battle Armor/Intimidate- Flame Body(HA)
-Dex: “Said to be formed from the remains of a hunted pokemon, WENDIGLOW hides deep in the forests and swamps searching for the ones who ended its life Its body is made from flames and bones, yet its nevers burns out or consumes itself..”
    -Flare Blitz
    -Shadow Bone

anonymous asked:

Maybe this isn't your area of expertise but the post about the deer with the stripped down bone legs reminded me of something: Last summer I saw a three-legged doe with her fawn and I was wondering if something like that is particularly rare and exceptional? I couldn't tell if her missing leg was from injury or congenital but she was still amazing

That is pretty neat that she was able to survive and take care of fawns! (a fawn? Usually they have two but one could have been hiding, or dead I suppose.)
I think an injury is more likely. Deer are exceptionally resilient (sometimes. Sometimes they are fragile.) But I mean, I see so many (pictures of) deer and wild animals that have long-healed injuries, antlers growing through eyeballs, and arrows sticking out of them, that you’d think would doom them. 

(x) Buck with a broken and poorly healed leg, he certainly couldn’t have walked on in.

(x) This is one of my favorites–the antler was growing deep into its brain and it survived. 

And there’s this one I just posted where the deer had an entire broad head lodged in its brain. 
A portion of the adult wild animal bones I’ve seen have had one injury or another, from healed broken bones to lost teeth, bones with anomalies I couldn’t diagnose, testosterone disorders and unicorn-ism. Broken-and-healed baculi are not even that weird to me any more.
I think a reason that we see a lot of this in deer is simply their numbers: people interact with deer a lot and hunt them too, then take pics of the anomalous things they find in their catch.


Watercolour & ink on watercolour card

A beast of pure darkness and hate, its form is made up of black smoke, thorns and floating bones.

I’ve been playing around with watercolours a lot more lately and I’m starting to get a little more confident layering them and experimenting with new techniques, this particular splatter effect was a kind of practice run for a much larger artwork I’ll be working on soon ^.^ If you’d like to give this guy a home he’s $100 + $8 tracked and signed for postage, please get in touch via instant message if you’d like him. Once sold I’ll edit the original post x

Here’s my haul from the 127 yard sale! Cow horns and skull, goat horn, deer skulls and antlers, old set of shark jaws, and some sort of giant nut/seed pod. I think it’s from a species of tree in Central or South America but I’m not sure of the ID yet. Still, it was only a buck so couldn’t pass it up!

Most of these goodies will be available in my Etsy shop soon! Hoping to have a bunch of stuff listed later this week! <3