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MedBay, Sweet Medbay

The constant beeps and blips of medical equipment and the white washed walls of Sick Bay were Nola’s first wake up greeting as she peeked open her eyes. She grimaced, sliding her eyes back shut and swallowing against the feeling of dry mouth. Adjusting herself under the covers she tapped her heels together, muttering under her breath, “There’s no place like home, there’s no place like home.” She knew it was useless with the injuries she’d sustained, but as attractive as the CMO was she wasn’t very fond of the fabulous and original decor.

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(write a short fic meme) Sarek/Amanda sitting on a park bench AU

#26 Sitting on the same park bench

Amanda adored sitting in the park. The warm summer air, the soft sounds of the pond water lapping against its banks, the hiss of the wind in the trees, the gentle chatter of people walking by, even the slap of the occasional runner’s feet hitting the ground was calming. She felt so at peace here that it was an easy choice for her to come sit on the little stone bench during each of her breaks. It made sense.

A Vulcan sitting on the small bench and taking in the day didn’t make quiet as much sense. Amanda had to bite back a smile as she looked over the stiff posture of the man next to her. He was in full Vulcan garb, robes brushing against the gravel path, and his stern expression was out of place in the backdrop of children’s laughter.

“It’s a beautiful day isn’t it?” She offered. He turned to her with eyebrows raised.

“Beauty is subjective. The temperature is what I would consider pleasant and there is nothing here that I object to. I do not believe I could call that beautiful, but it is a…nice day, to use a human term.”

Amanda pursed her lips to fight back a laugh. It was really a very typical Vulcan response, if a little casual. Yet, she couldn’t help, but find how out of place he seemed amusing.

“Oh? And what would you find beautiful then?”

The vulcan looked at her for a long moment before glancing away. “Excuse me, I am not used to the human idea of ‘small talk’. I do not wish to offend you with an inappropriate response.”

“It was just a question. There isn’t really a wrong answer when it comes to matters of opinion.”

He looked back to her. “That is…logical.”

Amanda chuckled. “Humans manage, occasionally. I’m Amanda Grayson.”

“Sarek.” He nodded in greeting. “I find you beautiful.”

“Pardon?” Amanda leaned forward in shock, as if she was unsure she had heard correctly.

“You asked my opinion on what I find beautiful. I find you beautiful.”

Amanda smiled and looked away shyly.

“Well, if you don’t mind my saying, it’s my opinion that you have excellent taste in beauty.”