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10 Songs for Your Character

I wasn’t tagged by anyone, but I saw @thedosian-cabbage do this and I wanted to try it too! Here are some of the songs I have for Maxwell! (๑・ω-)~♥

1. Human [Rag’n’Bone Man]

2. Enchanter [Dragon Age: Inquisition] or Enchantuer [Dragon Age:Inquisition]

3. Dangerous [Two Steps from Hell]

4. Mage Pride [Dragon Age 2]

5. Two Men in Love [The Irrepressibles]

6. Believer [Imagine Dragons]

7. Heroes Will Rise [ J2 & Chroma Music ]

8. Uprising [Muse]

9. Centuries [Fall Out Boy]

10. World on Fire [Les Friction]

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AU. Demon Keith & Little Takashi (10/12 yo)

Story! (sorry for the typos):

They meet each other in a forest near Shiro’s grandpa home in a old town. People don’t like the forest for the legends of nasty demons (galra) the humans are protected by the Alteans (a nice demons?) they’re not angels.

Shiro is a noisy kid so when he see Keith for the first time, he was in awe bc the demon was so beautiful & small (demons are big and scary, no?).  So Shiro can’t shut his mouth and spurtle how pretty Keith was. Since then both have gradually become friends, Keith even distrusting because humans are super irrational and aggressive. Shiro didnt worry because Keith had no evil presence.

No one knew about Shiro’s new friend and he was going to keep it a secret. For several summers, Shiro visited Keith until his parents need to travel for business and need to leave the country. They were both overwhelmed. Shiro was going to lose his best friend (and crush). But he promised Keith that he would return to his side, no matter what!

Surprised, Keith smiled at him (Shiro loved the demon smiles!) And made a little pinky promise