• Kirk:What’s he like then, Ambassador Sarek?
  • Bones:I don’t know, I’ve never met him either, what’s he like Spock?
  • Spock:Ooh he’s er … he’s er …he’s er …
  • Bones:Good lord Jim, I think you’ve broken him.
  • Spock:No, no, no it’s just that he’s er …he’s er …
  • Bones:I think – I think what we may be witnessing here is Spock attempting to describe something with an adjective other than “fascinating.”
  • Spock:Yeah, n-n-no I wouldn’t say he was fa-fa – I mean obviously everyone’s fasc- – no, he’s not fascinating. He’s er …he’s alright.
  • Kirk:God.
  • Bones:He must be awful.

It’s been a beautiful day around here so I hiked down to my creek this afternoon. After picking up a bunch of fossils and enough beaver-chewed sticks to build my own dam I spotted this possum skull sticking up out of a gravel bar. When I first saw it I figured it would just be part of the skull since opossum skulls are so fragile and usually fall to pieces but that wasn’t the case with this little beauty! I pulled it out and not only was the skull intact but the lower jaws and most of the teeth were still with it!

I decided since it was so intact that there might still be some more bones below it so I started digging and sure enough, pulled up almost the entire skeleton out of the sand and gravel!

Super cool find! I guess my new skull bag is lucky for finding bones, haha.

The Voyage Home

This fucking movie. Spock having a hard time calculating how to take them back home, and Bones becomes so fucking concerned about him and asks him what’s wrong. And then, Spock, who just lost his memories and doesn’t quite remember his old self, feels comfortable enough to reach McCoy for advice. And if that’s not enough, McCoy then procedes to comfort him, cheer him up; that look on his face while he says “nobody’s perfect,” while straight up flirting with Spock. Also, when Spock tells Jim he has decided to make a guess, Bones tells him, “[Jim] feels better about your guesses than most people’s facts” and Spock responds with “then I’ll try to make my best guess.” 

Also, Jim and Spock being domestic af in this movie; ‘I love italian and so do you.’

I mean, the Mcspirk is fucking strong with this movie They love each other so much. 


Dressed Bones

for #Hannictober 23rd Scarves / #Goretober 23rd Bones

“Was there anyone else? Other than her I mean? I know you didn’t… with her, but was there…” Will’s words came quickly. Hannibal recalled Florence as though a dream. He paused only a moment. He had promised the truth. When they’d crawled from the ocean and shared a salty and bruising kiss, he had promised, regretfully. He would sorely prefer to spare his lover from a truth he knew would hurt him.

“There was.”

“And what happened…” Will’s voice shook. He knew he’d give less than the answer Will wanted -

“I killed him and made you a gift of him.”


The bones retained a little flesh. Flesh that had once been man but had become art. A gift. A message. Hannibal imagined they had reformed as a man and wore a scarf around a skeletal neck.

“Sadly Will, he was guilty of not being you. A poor facsimile I’d hoped might nourish me.” He spoke the words to his lover’s skin as he caressed the naked flesh beneath him. Will sighed words of love. How foolish he had been to think anyone could stand in for Will.

Dimmond had been merely bones in a scarf in both life and death.