‘Bonechild’ is the first b-side from our next single 'The Story Of My Life’. The track is a noisier departure form the pop of 'The Story Of My Life’, complete with blistering guitar solo and whiplashes of distorted reverb.

'Bonechild’ will be available as part of the digital download bundle, but will not feature on our 2nd album.

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Oliver, Robbie, Brandan and Jon


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The Bonechild waits, the Bonechild sings,
the Bonechild builds with broken things.
The Bonechild waits, the Bonechild screams,
The Bonechild twists and breaks and dreams.

It’s the Bonechild in all their kinda creepy glory. A Canadian supervillain who has the superpower to messily turn themself inside out, revealing that there is far more internal meatspace than one would expect or want.

Yay horrifying superhumans?

anonymous asked:

Can you tell us any more about Bonechild? I'm really curious.

  • Bigger on the inside than the outside.
  • Kinda icky.
  • Can turn inside-out in any direction, not just through their chest.
  • Extremely regenerative and virulent - separated bits tend to remain alive until eliminated, attempting to grow into self-sustaining things.
  • Can fit through very small spaces - letterbox sizes.

nuclearinsanity  asked:

What's the deal with Shepard and Bonechild? I.e, who they're with, what they do, etc. Unless one of them's a Delta-Class Threat. Hrm. Anyways, would the alliance of all the Syndicate's Subjects and Nilhil have more than a snowballs chance of taking out 564? If they were all being controlled, if 001 is too bestial and Nilhil is too...well, Nilhil. What's up with that?

  • Shepherd is a superhero in the Canadian Benefactor’s League.
  • Bonechild is a member of a Canadian gang in the Third Network.

And there are seven/six extant δ-class threats about, so no extra at the moment.

As for the Chiasm Syndicate subjects, there are a lot of them. Technically everyone who has a permanent or very long stay in an SCU is given a serial number. This is less depersonalisation and more “it takes too long to say ‘THE DEVOURING HATE’ every time we mention this person.”

But all the subjects you’ve heard of could take on 564 and give them a pretty good fight.

Plus Nihil, and 564 is basically toast. It doesn’t really matter that Subject-001 is too bestial. They’re still intelligent, just not very human in their intelligence, which is why they ranked !NaN! on the intelligence ranking.