Crafting some occultic stuff for the cosplay and just for fun. Dearest Che, what about starting to make the outfit itself at last, eh?

Runes and some old&new bone charms. Gonna make more new ones (with 2 and 3 bones) later.
Materials: wood, polymer clay, metal, acrylic paint and a bit of dark magic~

UPD: There are some problems in the mobile version: some of the photos disappear, and I don’t know how to fix that o.O
UPD 2: fixed it!

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My Dear Otho.

Haha. Alright…

It’s a 100% self indulgance picture of my one and only OC Otho Umbrous, Dishonored version. I have no idea who would he be except probably very high chaos, crafting bonecharms like crazy and of course he would have the mark, because he’s a damn sorcerer and I have no self control. Also i have some visual ideas for a blood based powers, so yup.

And I have to paint more full figures because it was a struggle.

Cheers <3

anonymous asked:

I absolutely adored dh1's creepy, plague-ridden rat-infested vibe with all the abandoned apartments and weepers and the obvious poverty in contrast to the total extravagance of the upper classes and like..I get that franchises always escalate and every arc has to be bigger and grander than the last but I'm a sucker for a story that's just about people being people, y'know?? and dh1 did such a good job of having the supernatural stuff be a creepy undertow, not a major theme which I loved

Big same, anon, I know exaclty what you mean.

And I wish “franchises always escalate and every arc has to be bigger and grander than the last“ wasn’t true, because honestly? I don’t care for that. I don’t care about climbing higher and higher as the story progresses. I know it’s not true for everyone and that’s okay, but people surviving in the city and Corvo&Emily struggling to piece their life back together as a family was exactly what got me so emotionally invested. Smaller, more personal and intimate narratives always do it better for me than grand things you got to do or stop. In fact, I believe DH1 sort of points it out when Havelock writes in his journal about Corvo’s undying loyalty to “the Kaldwin women”, making it clear that it’s all ever been about Emily and keeping her safe, more than anything else.

DH2 didn’t deviate from it completely, even though the involvement of the supernatual is undeniably much stronger. It’s still about people suffering from the authorities abusing their power - it’s just, instead of an obvious, platant power display and people being shot with explosive bolts on the streets, they’re just….left to their own devices, to die from starvation, from dust in their lungs and the bloodflies infesting their homes, while people are locking themselves up in the Grand Palace for weeks, throwing rotten food at their servants and drinking themselves to death. Compared to DH1, maybe the theme linking your targets is less solid or obvious (like it was different kind of people in power preying on the weak and poor in different ways), but I liked how there was clearly a theme of how Hypatia and Stilton were those very rare people who tried to improve the life of those less fortunate, and removing them from the picture made it worse for everyone.

But I definitely agree about having the supernatual as more of an undertone was good. Idk, I think if you’re going in too deep with the whole gods and magic lore, there’s always a high risk of writing yourself into a corner. Even the comics with this whole painting witchery felt weird for this very reason, So I really appreciated the whole magic thing being very subtle and not hogging the blanket of the narrative.

In fact, I believe it’s more interesting and much, much scarier when it’s out of your touch for the most part. When you can find a note, or a singing bonecharm in an abandoned apartment, or catch a sight of a purple lamp in one of the buildings you’re passing by, but you still don’t come closer to understanding it, and tbh you can completely miss it if you don’t look hard enough. I liked that the problems of the people surrounding you, their poverty and their struggles caused by the people taking advantage of it were always a more pressing issue you have to deal with first thing. Instead of, say, magic clashing with the developing technology and people using electricity or something like that. 


Summary: While in Karnaca, the Outsider discovered a unique talent Emily possessed. Now, back in Dunwall, he cannot help but ponder how she acquired such a gift, one he never taught her.

Relationship(s): Emily Kaldwin/The Outsider (heavily implied)

Warning: Un-beta’d. Enjoy at your own discretion.

Side Note: Updated and revised.

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starblighter skomentował(a) Twój post: You know how when you’re back in Dunwall there are…

in my first playthrough i had the bonecharm that made white wolfhounds friendly so emily just had two big ol friends and i loved it so much i headcanoned them as her pets for the rest of their lives

@arkane give Emily two ol doggos to improve her life and make it less stressful

I like Dishonored 2 for a number of things, I love Emily, but tbh I still have some mixed feelings about the way the Outsider was significantly more involved in the story and actively trying to influence it by guiding the protagonist and even giving them an extra tool in order to manipulate time. I know he had a more personal stake this time, so to speak, but still.

I simply liked it more when, despite the fact that you were touched by the Void, it was still weird and hardly accessable. In fact, talking to this god wasn’t at all mandatory and you could do an entire run without visiting his shrines, caring about his existence as little as possible. These powers are a useful tool to achieve your goals, and the whole setting gives you this…really uneasy, mysterious vibe, where it’s an age of technological progess, but something just feels off if you look very closely, with all the bonecharms hidden in people’s bathrooms, the whales and the rats surely having some connections to the other dimension you cannot quite explain. 

But it’s still beyond your understanding, and honestly, it hardly matters, because your priorities lie elsewhere. “Strange blue lamps are floating in the Void” what the fuck ever, man, people are dying from the plague, throwing up and bleeding from the eyes, people are getting thrown out of their homes by the powerful and get killed on the streets so that the more privileged ones can turn the blind eye to it more successfully. They’re dying because those in power who could help them are more interesting in shotting them and throwing their corpses in an abandoned district than actively searching for ways to cure and help them. There are entire houses and streets standing empty because some fuck decided that poor unemployed people ruin his city aesthetic. There are Heart lines about lower class female servants being the backbone of this city. And the protagonist has a personal stake at this too, not because keeping Emily alive and safe is his #1 priority (void who? outsider who?), but bc he also has first hand experience with people giving him shit for his background (being serkonan and formerly a lower class citizen). It’s kind of a big part of his character, a major part of his character, actually, and it was made clear that peope were quick to accuse him exactly for these reasons. 

That was the focus. Supernatural assassins were majorly involved in causing the story to unfold, but it’s greed and classism that caused everything in the first place.

I liked it and the way it addressed these things and I’m kinda skeptical about moving on from people and their everyday lives and class struggles in an aesthetically interesting setting moved onto an narratively weird area of the void lore and the fabric of the universe, and trying to change it. I don’t care tbh? I care about regular people’s stories more.

the bonecharm crafting tutorial
  • the Outsider: attach an iron clasp at this end, then twist to seal the whalebone in
  • Emily: *does so*
  • the Outsider: now remember, if you can't get raw whalebone from a bone charm, store-bought is fine!
  • Corvo: whoa. what are you doing. is that sustainably-sourced whalebone? from a fair trade black market dealer?
  • Emily: you KNOW it isn't, dad
  • Daud: back in MY day we couldn't even make our own bonecharms
  • the Outsider: oh here we go again
  • Daud: if you wanted a bonecharm that made you swing your sword faster, you had to dig it out of a toilet!
  • the Outsider: okay that was ONE TIME I left one in there. and nobody asked you to dig it up
  • Daud: *staring out to sea* they call to me
  • Corvo: so does this chokehold

anonymous asked:

Does Marcus ever feel betrayed or upset by the overseers who killed his family?

im still on the fence on whether that actually happens. but im very into the idea of his parents having collected runes/bonecharms and going mad after long exposure of them and marcus seeks out overseers to help them which results in the death of his parents, and then being “adopted” (if you will) into the abbey. 

im thinking if thats the case his parents started to neglect him (and themselves) as they became increasingly fascinated by the bonecharms/runes (like a smeagol type deal lol). obviously being in possession of heretical artifacts they were deemed dangerous and killed by the abbey once marcus was the one to lead the overseers he’s been chatting with to his house. 

as he grew up and became an overseer himself, marcus would have viewed such an event as a necessary evil. his parents were too far gone, and he would have used the event as motivation to become an overseer as he would view it as the outsider using his evil influence to fuck shit up, like a “ive seen the evil of the outsider first hand” type deal, one that he doesnt want repeated. he would view the abbey killing his parents as something that saved him 

mayordomogoliat  asked:

Hey ever read the Corroded Man it delves on some fairly interesting occult stuff of the Dishonored and reveals stuff about Tyvia, also tells us how the Void powers feel to different people and more stuff about bonecharms and about the interim between the games... (also what happened with Slackjaw and the old gangs). It's especially good because it reveals some of the processes behind making bonecharms and the ingredients. So much possible stuff to torture Marcus with.

i heard it sucked in regards to emily’s character but good with worldbuilding so im Torn really………. I Do Want New Stuff To Torture Marcus With Tho

the signs as dishonored things

aries: that one whaler backflip
tauros: smashed jello
gemini: edible rat
cancer: inedible rat
leo: sokolovs beard
virgo: the space between the outsiders feet and the ground
libra: that one guards apple
scorpio: a “bonecharm”  ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
saggitarius: the mask that looks like a baby
capricorn: the lord regents bald head
aquarius: that portal reference in pieros lab
pisces: delilahs ego

Okay, first, thANK YOU ALL. EVERY SINGLE ONE OF YOU. If I could, I’d plant kisses all over your heads. Second, excuuuuuuse my damn bad edit. I was playing a bit with screenshots and filters and I got carried away and I fucked up!! 

I’m so happy with all my cutiepatootie followers and that’s why I decided to do another follow forever. No bolds or italics cause all of you are my little moths <3 aaaand because this thing was a pain in the ass and i am superduper lazy

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