Crafting some occultic stuff for the cosplay and just for fun. Dearest Che, what about starting to make the outfit itself at last, eh?

Runes and some old&new bone charms. Gonna make more new ones (with 2 and 3 bones) later.
Materials: wood, polymer clay, metal, acrylic paint and a bit of dark magic~

UPD: There are some problems in the mobile version: some of the photos disappear, and I don’t know how to fix that o.O
UPD 2: fixed it!

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My Dear Otho.

Haha. Alright…

It’s a 100% self indulgance picture of my one and only OC Otho Umbrous, Dishonored version. I have no idea who would he be except probably very high chaos, crafting bonecharms like crazy and of course he would have the mark, because he’s a damn sorcerer and I have no self control. Also i have some visual ideas for a blood based powers, so yup.

And I have to paint more full figures because it was a struggle.

Cheers <3

anonymous asked:

for covosider prompts how about.... exhausted Corvo visits one of the Outsider's Shrines in Karnaca. All he wants is for time to stop, so he can have a moment of rest in his lover's arms.

Corvo can’t even remember getting to the shrine—it has taken all his concentration to remain upright and moving, and he doubts he had enough energy to have any clear plans—but somehow he finds himself sitting on the floor next to one of the wooden legs, his head leaning against the purple cloth. Softly he can hear the rune humming, his bonecharms and runes humming in answer, but he can’t summon the strength to reach out for it. He’s done, finished, tired to his core, and all he wants to do it rest.

“All you need to do is call for me, my Corvo,” a voice says, and when Corvo opens his eyes he’s no longer in the rundown apartment he had closed them in. The soft, blue hues of the Void that he remembers from years past move around him, reminding him of a peaceful sea, and above him is the Outsider’s face. He’s lying in the Outsider’s lap, and while his first reaction is to sit up he stays lying. The Outsider’s hands are gently carding through his hair, and Corvo wants nothing more than to stay right there. For now it feels more like home than any other place he can think of; it feels safe.

“You can rest here, as long as you need,” the Outsider murmurs, lowering his head to press his lips against Corvo’s forehead while his thumbs stroke Corvo’s face. “I will keep time frozen, and you will sleep and find your strength again.”

“Will you stay here?” Corvo whispers, feeling like talking louder would disturb the peace. His eyes are already threatening to fall closed again, the Outsider’s touches washing away the ache and grief he has been carrying for what feels like forever.

“I will always be here for you, my beloved one. Rest, and be assured that I will hold your mind close. Nothing bad will come for you.”

With a smile Corvo closes his eyes, but before he falls to the peacefulness the Outsider promises he finds what little strength he has left and turns, burrowing further into the Outsider’s body. A hand strokes his hair, and Corvo breathes out. There is much to do, but for now he can let it all go, safe in the embrace of someone who loves him.

me on the blog: daud had a certain role in the narrative of the first game to put corvo’s views as a marked individual still learning abt his powers into perspective, but there isn’t anything to say about him left….

me on the IM: the bonecharm in jessamines room is to make your bones stronger so she wont break her hip riding corvo for her dear life